It’s the boys turn

I did promise to show you some of my best boy spanking pictures, when I have so many great guys to chose from it really is hard. You will realize of course that I can be very nasty when called upon to be and that I am extremely nasty with Kodders, but that is just […]


The Slipper for Daryl at Sarah Spanks Men

Daryl was sent to me in August by his long suffering Wife.  He had been taking another women out to lunch and although he claimed his attentions were innocent, he had also bought this lady some gifts and had lied.  His Wife therefore gave him an ultimatum.   He could come and see me and accept a […]


Sarah spanks men

First of all this is what Sarah says about her latest update:

“Lola is employed as a maid at Unladylike Manor but she is up to no good. She is a prostitute and unbeknown to Lord and Lady Stern she is entertaining clients in their home. Her activities are discovered and Lady Stern believes the […]