The Cane for Henry

I still haven’t written any Christmas cards. But, we will be eating on Christmas day as I have done an online shop which will be arriving on the 21st. I have passed my credit card to my Daughter and she has ordered her own presents. I am going to be in London over the weekend […]


Carbon-Fibre & Plastic Paddles (by Kodders)

For those spanking fans who follow Sarah Stern at Spanking Sarah and Sarah Spanks Men, no doubt you will have seen Sarah using her carbon-fibre paddle in films with both willing female and male bottoms.

This paddle was custom made by one of her regular session chaps and to be honest I’ve never seen or […]


Follow your heart

So there I was going through some older scenes at one of my most favourite spanking Websites ( and when the scene came to a close these was a message posted after the end titles and a link. I read the message which said something along the lines of ladies, if you want to appear in […]