Oh what a great week of spanking.

Why do I say that, well there are some really good sequences out there at the moment covering just about everything you could wish for in the spanking scene. The inventiveness of the story lines knows no bounds, not everything rocks my boat but I know that somewhere out there someone is getting exacted about […]

Danielle At Triple A spanking

There are not a lot of black spanking models around at the moment, that’s a real pity as I keep seeing some great looking glamour models, maybe our spanking site owners need to get out there and be a little more pro active in finding them. I have for some time now been watching […]

A photo gallery at Triple A Spanking

Fans of Danielle Hunt will love this new photo gallery recently added to Triple A Spanking. Danielle Hunt has overslept and is rudely awakened with the cane. Triple A Spanking

Danielle Hunt Strapped for Cash at English Spankers

At English Spankers this week a full length film and photo gallery Danielle Hunt has a big problem, she spends money like water and has no thought of the consequences. She is in so much debt that she resorts to calling those nice folk at Strapped for cash to get a loan. The loan is […]

Danielle Hunt returns to Real Life Spankings

Here is what Mike has to say about his latest film at Real Life Spankings. As I was browsing the spanking blogs, I noticed on the spanking spot an update featuring Danielle Hunt and Dallas Brushstrokes wrote: She responded in an email stating “Oh don’t worry, I have been spanked quite hard by some very […]

A Double Spanking for Danielle Hunt at Sound Punishment

A new film at Sound Punishment. Danielle Hunt is a dispapointment to her Housemaster. Lazy and uncaring of her studies she is summoned to his rooms to be disciplined. Her attitude earns her not one, but two, hard OTK spankings in a row onto her dusky bare bottom, so beautifully highlighted by her pristine white […]

Strapped Hands and a Caned Bottom for Danielle Hunt

Brand Spanking New at RedStripe Films. Danielle Hunt has to return to the court appointed therapist for the second part of her ‘therapy’, little does she know what awaits her. She has first to hold out her hand for a good hard leather paddling, this stings! Next, bent over the punishment stool she gets the […]

A pyjama paddling for Danielle Hunt

New to English Spankers No one likes getting up in the morning but when Danielle is consistently late for school steps have to be taken to right the situation and get this naughty young lady moving. Dragged out of her bed she is placed over the knee of her uncle who proceeds to spank her […]

A Double Caning for Danielle Hunt at Spanking Sarah

At Spanking Sarah the truth and Sarah Sly have caught up with runaway teenager Danielle Hunt. Her long lost relative is traced and tells the of her continued bad behavior and it is decided that she needs to be taught a real and lasting lesson. Sarah decides that a no nonsense double caning will do […]

The plot thickens at Spanking Sarah

At Spanking Sarah does Danielle Hunt know no bounds? In the second part of this story Danielle has run away from home and is giving a sob story to a local do good man of the cloth. He is a little suspicious and calls in Sarah Sly Private Eye to find the truth. Sarah soon […]

Spank and slipper for Danielle Hunt at Spanking Sarah

This is a further story from the casebook of sexy sleuth Sarah Sly aka. Spanking Sarah. I am just getting to like this series, the story lines maybe wouldn’t hold up against Raymond Chandler but this is all about spanking and punishment and no one does it better than our Sarah. It must be hard […]

The Cane for Danielle Hunt at English Spankers

Once again a great film with the irrepressible Daniel Hunt, my how this young lady loves a real bottom warming and I have to say that she does have one of the finest bottoms in the business, firm and just the right size to take a good hard spanking. This young lady, as well as […]

A dose of the Spanking Paddle for Danielle Hunt and Paradise

You know there does seem to be an awful lot of schoolgirl videos around at the moment, not that I’m complaining as I just love to see the ones that are as authentic as possible. I suppose it must be pretty difficult to actually get a schoolroom to shoot the videos in, even in a […]

A Mouth Soaping for Danielle at Spanking Sarah

Silly Danielle should have been known better than to call her Aunt Sarah names. She had already been slippered and things are about to get far worse for this rude school girl. She gets a bar of soap shoved into her dirty mouth and a wooden hairbrush applied hard across her bare bottom. Sarah does […]

Step Father at Triple A Spanking slippers Danielle Hunt

Just at the moment I seem to be seeing the lovely Danielle everywhere, looks like she has just gone from one spanking film to the next, her poor bottom must be suffering and she must just love to get it spanked and beaten. No complaints, she is gorgeous and she does have a rather perfect […]

A hard caning for cook Katie

At Redstripe films Katie Didit the school cook is in hot water again, her culinary skills still have not improved and the head master is boiling over. He is in a very bad mood and is determined to take it out on her bottom. Bent over he first of all paddles her end then tells […]

Danielle Hunt gets a good bare bum spanking at Spanked in Uniform

You know, this is rapidly becoming one of my favourite sites. I never really looked at it before I started doing these reviews but when you see the sum of the parts turn out so well then it has to be good. Some of our best spanking models have appeared on this site and I […]

Danielle Hunt is Spanked in Uniform

At Spanked in Uniform Stewardess Danielle Hunt was not at the departure gate of her flight so Mr. Johnson went looking for her and he found her taking a nap in the airport lounge. He told her to report to his office immediately and the yooung madam stated that she shouldn’t be spanked because her […]