None spanking sites

 OK so I know this is a blog for spanking enthusiasts but lets face it a lot of us are also interested in vanilla sex. Now I will try over the next few months to work my way through some of the thousands of pure sex sites out there and tell you just what I think of them. I am not pretending that my reviews will be exhaustive, I don’t have memberships to these sites so I will just use what I know about the business to give some indication of what you may be getting for your money. If any web site owners out there want to give me passes to their sites I will be happy to do in-depth reviews.

The first site I want to take a look at is Strand MILF, why this? Well It is a well known fact that I am in my dotage now and can’t keep up with the young things out there so I thought I will start at the more sedate end of the sexy pussy slamming sites out there.

I was wrong though, these grannies can move it a bit, I hasten to add they are not all that old, mostly middle aged housewife types, the girls we all, if we are lucky enough, have living right next door to us. After extensive and very careful perusal of the 20 FREE FILMS they offer I had to take the rest of the day off and go for a swim, it always used to work for me.

The film clips are excellent, the girls are as horny as any one of us could want and the site delivers just what it says on the tin. And what does it say? ONE NEW FILM EVERY 72 HOURS and that’s just what you get.  At the moment among the films on offer is one with a very sexy lady called June, now I have seen her in a few spanking films but I have not seen her with a big cock pumping into her mouth and just about every other orifice. There is a huge titted lady called Trudy who appears with her husband he soon has his member where the sun don’t shine, those tits are just amazing, how the hell does she stand up straight? Then we have a randy husband and wife team on holiday in Spain getting it together in what looks like a very public garden, it’s obvious they are married the guy looks as though he would rather be watching Man United play but the wife bounces up and down on his ever hard pole and does enjoy herself.  There are a couple of great dogging sequences, I must admit I do like this sort of thing and while on the subject of dogging there is a great site devoted to it at Dogging Cam take a look at that.

OK that should give a pretty good run down of Strand Milf, get along take a look at the  free films, it is a very reasonable price to join so, well, do it guys.