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Are you a web site owner? Do you want us to review your site or your films honestly? If the answer to these questions is yes then contact us and ask and it will be done. We  have two unbiased spanking fans who can look at the site and at content and who will be constructive and always try to help you achieve the very best sales for your site.

It is great that there is such a diversity of spanking sites out there, and it’s good that the variety and content of the films is as great as it is, we all strive towards the same end, to make a profitable and successful spanking site showing the very best films we can make. So lf you think a review we have given to one of your films is not fair, get in touch and tell us your view, we may not agree with you but we will print it.


We take great care to use only material we have permission to use; we know what it’s like to see our own material pirated. If you should see something here that has been posted without your permission or against your wishes please get in touch with us.