Hi and welcome to the newest and best spanking reviews on the internet. Fearless and honest, forthright and totally lacking in any bias, that about says it all.

What a load of old cods wallop, of course I’m biased, I know just what I like to see in a spanking web site and in spanking films and after 25 years of making them I think I know just what you like to see as well.

There are many web sites and many people out there reviewing and commenting on the merits or otherwise of the current crop of spanking films and the sites which feature them. Some reviews are well thought out, honest and informative and some are just cynical attempts to sell you a membership to said web site. In these hard times the one thing that we all want is value for our hard earned £ or $ and to get that you need to know just what you are looking at  and take a recommendation from someone who likes the same sort of thing you do.

With so many sites out there to chose from and money being as tight as it is it is most sensible to either find a site that you are 100% happy with and stick with it or to pick out a small number and maybe alternate your membership between these. There are always new sites coming onto the market and I will attempt to bring you a good review as soon as possible. At the moment I know of two British spanking models who will be opening their own sites son and I for one will be most keen to judge their efforts.

If you don’t like my reviews the leave a comment and say so, don’t leave abuse it won’t appear on the site and will just get your ip address banned from seeing this and other sites. If you think the reviews are helpful then please let me know, if you have seen a particular film and want to add to the review then send me your thoughts. The best way is to use the comments facility, write your review and leave your e-mail address, it does not get published.

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