The Bullet Proof Paddle for Katie at SpankingSarah

Katie is not a model.  Katie is a Lady who has recently realised just how much she adores spanking.  Unfortunately her Husband does not share her passion.   He does however, understand that his Wife needs to be punished on a regular basis.  Katie got in touch with me recently and asked if she could come along for a film shoot.  She had never even modelled before and so was understandably quite nervous. 

So, the latest film to come to SpankingSarah is as follows.   This is a bit complicated but, Mr. Stern had just been making a film for his Spankers Cook Book, it’s on and he was just discussing with the lady concerned Katy, the possibility of giving her some more spankings when I came on the scene. I soon realized what was happening and so I took over. This young lady got more than she expected as I used a number of very large, nasty paddles on her bare bottom.