Lulu Lamb makes her Spanking Debut at English Spankers

A quick blog post from me today.  I have the time as our filming today took less time than expected.  We often shoot with girls who genuinely have never ever been spanked before and as you can imagine, some of them cannot believe just how painful spanking can be.  The lady we were shooting with today was one such lady.  After her first ever hand spanking her poor bare bottom was bright red and bruised.  She went onto make a second film with a paddle but could not continue.  I expect that these will be the only two spanking films that Emily will ever make!  

I am hoping that Lulu Lamb will be coming back to make some more films.  Her spanking debut is at English Spankers this week and she is rather lovely.  Kali Redmond recommended us as great people to shoot with.  Lulu had done some spanking before but never ever on film.    I am so glad that she choose us as we made some really amazing films.  Lulu is going to be taking her exams soon for her degree so we are not sure when or indeed if, she will be back.  I am sure you will agree with me that if she doesn’t then it will be a great loss to the spanking world. 

Young Lulu Lamb comes to see Sarah but she is away and so has to talk to Mr. Stern. It turns out that she has told her new boyfriend that she will go to a spanking party with him and that she is well used to spanking but, she is none to sure. She wishes she had not boasted to him now and wants to know if Mr. Stern can show her just what might happen at such a party. Well, always happy to help he soon has Lulu over his knee spanking her tiny pert bottom but will this be the end of things?