A great new website

With so many sites closing down these days, it is very hard to make a living in the spanking business, it’s great to see a brand new site. Caned On Line  is just that, all caning films and nothing but caning. Most of these films will not be new ones but have been taken from other sites in the Strand group so you know they are going to be very good films.

One of the things I like about this site is that they have put together some great compilations of films. Some based on just one girl and some on a particular subject matter like say, schoolgirl or nurses or office girl. These films can be up to 60 mins in length so plenty of good things to watch.

As I said earlier, it is just not easy these days to keep a good spanking site going, there is loads of piracy and these guys put loads of films out for free as well as charging for it. Whilst it might be nice to get films for nothing what you have to remember is that it actually costs loads of money to make and market these things so if everyone watched the pirated stuff pretty soon no new films! So please support this and other genuine spanking sites. Bookmark this site and do take a look. CANED ON LINE