What’s in Store at Strandvideo this week – by Kodders

What’s in Store at Strandvideo this week – by Kodders

So the Stern’s are sunning it up in Spain having a very well-earned break so I will try and do a bit of a round-up this week for their great spanking sites.

This week at Sarah Spanks Men we see the return of Robert who tried to pull the wool over Sarah’s eyes on his first visit saying he’d not been spanked before, but sadly for him Sarah soon uncovered the remnants of a previous caning. Sarah promised Robert the hardest caning of his life and I guess that’s pretty much what he got in this wonderful caning scene.

Here is the scene outline:  I just love it when I get a new bottom to cane, especially when the man asks me to cane him hard and it is his first taste of the cane. This is my favourite instrument of punishment and I am something of an expert, that’s because I get so much practice I think. See how Robert suffered.

At English-Spankers this week we have the most gorgeous Aleesha Fox making a comeback to spanking after a couple of years break. I think Sarah is absolutely delighted Aleesha has chosen to go over her knee to have her ‘virgin bottom’ Sarah’s words not mine, spanked for the first time in such a long time. This is a wonderful spanking and I think Aleesha is completely satisfied by the end of this wonderful session. In a nutshell it’s simply two gorgeous ladies enjoying their kink together for all our pleasures, a truly wonderful scene.

Here is the scene outline:  One of our best loved spanking models is Aleesha Fox but she has been sadly absent for quite some time but she came to see us at English Spankers to see if she still had what it takes. We will let you be the judge of hat but we gave her a pretty hard first spanking and her bottom took as much punishment as ever so we are sure that all the fans of Aleesha will love her return to the spanking world.

At Spanking Sarah this week we have a very naughty Cheerleader teacher at St JUSTS, this new spanking model, Ambrosia Vanette has appeared in a previous film but this is the first time we’ve seen her over the spanking bench. Ambrosia does really well in this session having been spanked and slippered by Sarah and her bottom is a picture of pure delight by the end of this wonderful spanking scene.

Here is the scene outline:  Miss Phillips is the PE teacher and has a renowned squad of cheerleaders amongst the pupils. There are allegations from the PTA that she has been granting certain favours to some of the husbands and male members of the PTA. These allegations have to be investigated and the appropriate punishment carried out. The school slipper will help in that matter.

At Red Stripe Films this week we have mature schoolgirl Kazy taking a lovely over-the-knee punishment in this a digitally re-mastered vintage spanking film. You will adore her big pure white regulation knickers which actually don’t stay on for very long as she finds herself taking some lovely bare-bottom punishments in a spanking followed by a firm leather paddling.

Here is the scene outline:  This is a real classic film. Mature Kazy wanted to get her first spanking and she wanted to do something a little different. She wanted to be dressed in her old school uniform and she wanted to tease the headmaster. Well we were very pleased to film her and to make a great hard spanking and paddling film for her which she is sharing with you.