Blog roundup

It just gets better and better, what? No not the economy and not the horrible weather but the spanking, yes that’s the thing that keeps me going, I don’t know about you. Maybe there is something missing in my life but I just love to watch spanking films and as I write about them on this blog, it’s a good job that I do.

A big thank you to Kodders who has been filling in for me whilst I have been a way for a while, now he is another big spanking fan, I am sure you can tell that by the things he writes. He also does a great twitter feed, you can follow him here @333Spool333  He does write mostly about the naughty guys who are getting punished so I will leave that to him.

Right what’s new out there, lets take a look.

Two scenes here to tell you about: Aleesha Fox is making a welcome return to the spanking scene after a long absence. She has just received her first spanking for quite a longtime and I know she felt it. Now she has the choice of paddles, which will hurt the least. Unfortunately she picked the wrong one as you will see when her panties are removed and she gets her bare bottom well punished.

Next we have the second part from the Spankers Cook Book Young Katie was supposed to be helping Mr Stern put together a film for his spankers cook book but it was soon discovered that she couldn’t cook. Mr. Stern gave her a severe OTK spanking but that obviously was not enough. It did not take long to find a leather paddle and this soon had young Katie thinking about her cooking abilities. This is the first ever paddling for Katie so lets see just how she takes it. It is always good to see a new lady getting her first punishments and English Spankers do seem to find the very naughtiest girls. The age range and the styles of the girls varies just the right amount to keep you interested all the time.


One of the best loved British spanking ladies Nimue makes a welcome return in this film. It’s always good to see this young lady and for those who follow her adventures you will know that  she is a busy young lady but has not been getting many spankings lately. That has to be put right: Nimue came to see us as she was not sure if she could still get into the whole spanking scene. She just wanted a chat really and we were happy to oblige her. She soon realized that the only way she would find out if she did still enjoy to be spanked and punished would be to get right down and give it a go. Well we were not setup to film on that day but we do have our security camera and so without telling Nimue this she got over the knee and took a good long, hard and bruising spanking. This is exactly as it happened and we think it’s pretty much a real turn on.


Another lady first introduced to the spanking scene right here, the beautiful Tindra Frost I understand that many more films are planned with this young beauty so just keep looking: Tindra Frost is an exchange student teacher employed by me at St. Justs. It comes to my notice that she has been posing for lewd pictures for an adult magazine and web site, not only that but the boys of the upper 6th have obtained copies and are treating it as a great joke. I will have to make an example of Miss Frost. The school strap applied to her bare bottom may  be just the start of her punishment. I will show no mercy to this young lady.