A spanking round-up at Strandvideo – by Kodders

So the Stern’s are still sunning it up in Spain having a very well-earned break.  I’ve heard from Sarah and Mr Stern over the last few days and the news is they are both totally relaxing and enjoying the sun and of course doing the occasional tour here and there. I’m sure their batteries will be fully charged when they return to Blighty.

Here is a round-up for the latest great spanking scenes from Strandvideo.com

At English-Spankers this week we have a brand new spankee, the most gorgeous blonde and buxom Katie who is the latest wannabe Master-Chef to contribute to Mr Sterns ‘The Spanking Cook Book’. Katie has assured Mr Stern that she is a wonderful cook but unfortunately her first recipe doesn’t quite go to plan and she ends up making a terrible mess all over the kitchen. No surprise then that she ends up over Mr Stern’s lap for a lovely firm very first over-the-knee spanking on her gorgeous bare bottom.

Here is the scene outline:  This is the very first time that buxom young Katie has been spanked and she is going to be helping Mr Stern in the kitchen as he works on his ‘Spankers Cook Book’. It turns out that she is not too good in the kitchen and so ends up over the knee for a hard spanking on her large firm bare bottom and also a little slapping with the spatula. Good and hard for her first time.

If anyone can make a yellow plastic raincoat look sexy then it can only be Amelia-Jane Rutherford new at Spanking Sarah this week. Amelia is paddled by Sarah with one of her thickest and most brutal leather paddles which is a custom made implement.  Just when Amelia thought it couldn’t get any worse Sarah introduces the plastic ‘bullet-proof’ paddle which is a most formidable implement indeed, apparently shatter proof, which doesn’t stop Sarah from trying to break it over Amelia’s bare-bottom.

A spanking 4some this week at Red Stripe Films as two gorgeous ladies are teased and punished together by two male tops who use them for their pleasures teasing them whilst they are tied up naked and no doubt humiliated. Hard punishments which include a lovely all over body flogging whilst one of the ladies is tied to a big four-poster bed, pin-wheels, strapping and lots of lovely hard caning. The ladies cannot refuse when the men caress their naked bodies all over to reveal just how hot and horny the proceedings really are.  A very hot and sexy film.

Here is the scene outline:  This is a rather special film made with two housewife friends and one of their husbands. The two mature ladies are tied, teased, spanked, paddled and caned. The caning scene is especially hard, Val is alone and is caned as her husband watches on. Many long hard strokes, and this is a really great film.