Tindra Frost gets the Paddle and other spanking updates

I can’t believe it is Friday again!  Time is going by so fast.  I will be getting ready to go to Spain this time next week.  I am hoping that we will get some much needed sunshine.  We are going to try not to work whilst away but we will obviously still be answering any help desk tickets relevant to the sites.   In saying that, we cannot even when we are in the UK be available 24/7.  Most of our help desk tickets are due to people not putting their password or user names in correctly.     We have been doing a lot of filming recently and have a some fantastic films coming up over the next few months.  Some of these ladies are brand new to spanking, others are well known spanking models and some are into the scene but never before been filmed.  I am pretty sure that you will enjoy our latest content.  

Some great films have become available this week, remember, we post full films not parts of them and you get a full film plus photo stills each and every week.   Sarah Spanks Men has over a hundred films now and our other sites all have around 300 full films!  That is a lot of spanking content for a very low membership.  If you prefer not to join a membership site then all our films are available at Clips4Sale or Spanking Library.

Henry is back at Sarah Spanks Men this week and he has really progressed.  When he first came along to see me he was a relative newbie to spanking and couldn’t take very much.  I have made sure that I have pushed his limits each and every time we have sessioned and he can now take a hard caning which is rather lucky.  I was rather cross when he arrived at my house the other day with a cheap and nasty looking plastic sex doll!!  This was apparently to replace my favourite doll he broke when I was a child.  Luna Rose was visiting and got to witness the punishment.  A painful and humiliating lesson for Henry. 

Latest film at Sarah Spanks Men

At English Spankers this week the lovely Tindra Frost is back after getting her first real spanking.  This is the beginning of what we hope will be a continuing career in spanking for Tindra. Having just taken her first spanking she is now ready to go further. She is given a paddle and starts to paddle her own bottom, Mrs. Stern is not happy with the result and takes over and after making this young lovely strip naked the resulting paddling is much harder

Watch Tindra Frost get the paddle at English Spankers

It is the cane for Kali Redmond this week at SpankingSarahMrs Redmond and her poor excuse for a husband are both being punished by me in my capacity as headmistress of St. Justs, this is in line with our new policy of punishing the parents when their off spring have been naughty. Mrs. Redmond has been paddled on her bare bottom but now I have to administer the cane her husband watches on, he also will be punished later.

Kali gets the Cane at SpankingSarah

Last but by no means least, a great classic film at RedStripe films this week.  I am always amazed at just how many request we get to bring these films back onto the sites.  This is a true classic spanking film, it comprises three different stories featuring Joe and Donna. Loads of spanking, wooden paddle and of course the cane. These two girls were the very tops of the English spanking scene and when you see them you will know why. Good stories and excellent punishments

Classic film now at RedStripe Films