I know that as far as the spanking purists are concerned there should be no direct connection between sex and the act of  spanking or giving punishment. I am going to say right from the outset that I think that is a load of bull! We all love sex, and if you are reading this you most likely love spanking as well so what is the problem in combining the two.

Looking outwards, I know that many men in particular find it hard to find a spanking partner, a lady who really does want to join with him in spanking games and who enjoys it as much as he does. Why do we assume that there are more men into spanking than there are ladies? Maybe it is a natural reticence that stops us from broaching the subject with them, in my experience there are plenty of ladies out there who do love to get and to give a good spanking.

Finding them is the problem, so, once you have found one it is almost certain that if you made the contact through an advert on a spanking contact site like Spankme UK it will be purely for spanking, that is almost always the main thing when ladies advertise, spanking only, no sex, and of course as gentlemen we always abide by the ladies wishes. Once the relationship is established then, yes it may move on to a sexual basis, in the physical sense, this will be a consensual move and progress but shows that sex and spanking do of course go together it’s only that outwardly it is difficult to bring the two together. If you as a man were to place an advert saying something like ‘Lady wanted for spanking and sex’ the likelihood is that you will not get any replies, you may say it’s hard enough to get a reply to just a spanking advert.

The way that lots of men get to indulge their spanking fantasies is with a professional spankee or dominant, depending on what you are looking for. Once again and almost certainly the main rule set out will be no sex! That is totally understandable, the lady is offering a spanking or a dominant service and that is all. Now it maybe once again that this progresses to a sexual relationship and indeed I know a number of cases where it has led to very happy marriages and partnerships.

Thankfully we are still able to join spanking web sites where we can as members download and watch some amazingly good spanking films, these films are all made with girls who are into spanking, they do not do it if they don’t like it or don’t want to, it is just not a thing that a girl who is not into being spanked would ever consider.

This all shows that there are many ladies out there who love spanking and, when the time is right love to have sex as a part of their spanking experience. Those of us who visit spanking clubs or parties will be well aware that there is almost always a no sex rule and this goes for couples as well as the single men and women who attend these events. The sex has to wait till they are home, but once again the spanking will be followed by sex. I speak to lots of couples at these events and always I get the same answer, when they get home the sex is just great and when at home in privacy they combine the two.

So, that’s why I know that sex and spanking go together and it maybe that it is not always full sex, it’s quite usual for there to be the suggestion and some sexual acts. I have an example in the film sample at the bottom here. This is of a happily married couple who play games to bring that extra spark into their sex life. They did approach the film company to make this film for themselves but have agreed to sharing it. If you want to see the full film it can be found here.