David returns for another Cold Caning

Kodders, Mr Stern and I all write posts on this blog.  I guess we need to add some categories so you can see who has written which post.   It must be pretty confusing as we all have such different writing styles and although we all love spanking, we do have very different view points on it.  I guess until we work out how to let you know which of us is writing then I will just sign of at the bottom.  It is again going to be a very busy week.  We have two shoots planned plus lots of sessions.  Fortunately we will be back in Spain shortly and I am going to try and get some well earned sun and rest. 

I started offering commercial spanking services back in 2010.  I cannot believe just how quickly the years have gone and I cannot even begin to guess just how many people I have seen within that time.   I still play with some of the very first people who came to see me and have formed great friendships with some.  Of course people in this industry come and go for various different reasons.  I met David when I was still a submissive so he was very surprised when we got back together a few years later and I had turned into quite a formidable top.  Over the years we have had various sessions and met at parties and he has come along for three cold caning films.   It had been two years since our last filming session and he was incredibly nervous (with every reason)  I do hope it isn’t another two years before I get to cane him again but if it is, it will be worth the wait.

So, new this week to SarahSpanksMen.  David returns for another cold caning.  The one thing I really do love is to give a cold caning. This is a caning given to the bare bottom without the benefit of there being a warm up spanking. It is one of the most painful ways of giving a caning and that is just what David came to see me for. There is no messing about here, just the cold caning and one very painful bottom