Happy Valentine Day.

It has been a tough start to the year.  I really am not made for the Winter and I am in desperate need of some Sun.  Unfortunately, circumstances will not allow me to go back over to Spain until March and it seems such a long time away.   Despite ill health I have been busy shooting more content for our great sites and have some fantastic girls and guys lined up for your viewing pleasure for the next few months.  Some brand spanking new faces and some of your favourites have made a return.   I am particularly proud of our latest series on Spanking Sarah.  St Justs is a school with a difference.  I am educating the parents one spank at a time to try and ensure that their children behave.  If you haven’t already, go take a look.    If you don’t like to buy a site membership then please remember that all our films and some special compilations are available at Clips4Sale or Spanking Library.

We shot with a new model called Ambrosia on Saturday.  Ambrosia had never been spanked before but was keen to give it a try.  We loved filming with her and you will see a lot more of this lovely lady on our sites over the next few months.  She makes her debut at English Spankers this week.  Mr. Stern is a well-known disciplinarian and as well as punishing naughty housewives at the request of husbands it is not unknown for ladies to come to see Mr. Stern to take their very first steps into the spanking world. This is what happened in this story, Ambrosia had come to see Mr. Stern, she wanted to experience her first spanking but she did not know that Kodders was pretending to be Mr. Stern. He told her some story and soon she was over his knee getting her very first taste of a spanking from this impersonator. She did get spanked hard but justice would certainly come.

At Spanking Sarah Satine Spark makes a welcome return.  I love shooting with her and have done so for many years and hopefully will carry on for many years to come.   It is unbelievable how despite the passing of the years, Satine still looks absolutely amazing.  A few years ago we made a great film where Satine brought our Noah home as a puppy and Mr Stern was not impressed.  How could we resist not revisiting this storyline when we brought Poppy into our home?  There has been a previous case of Satine Spark bringing stray dogs into the house and she had been warned never to do this again but as usual she did not listen. Tis time however it is far worse, she has paid £200 for a new puppy, and was not even her money. To say that Mr. Stern was not pleased is an understatement. Satine ended up over his knees getting her bare bottom well spanked and deservedly so I am sure you will agree.

Laura is back at RedStripe Films this week to get the cane from Doctor Stern.  Lazy Laura has already found out just what the doctor ordered and spent some painful time over his knee. In an effort to make her see that work is a better solution to good health than lazing in bed he takes from his doctors bag a nasty looking cane. This he says will help in the healing process. That it may but now she will need to let the marks heal from her poor caned bare bottom.

It has been a while since I have filmed with Luna Rose but she is back after a two year break and was eager to help me punish Henry at Sarah Spanks Men As you may know, I have known Henry since schooldays and when I was very young he broke my best doll. Well he has been punished for that but he did say he would buy me a new one. I was so pleased when he turned up and said he had a new dolly for me that is until a saw it! Both me and my friend, Luna could not believe our eyes, a nasty sex doll. Well that was it, I set about his bottom with the aid of Luna and we soon had him howling like a baby.