The Cane for Henry

I still haven’t written any Christmas cards. But, we will be eating on Christmas day as I have done an online shop which will be arriving on the 21st. I have passed my credit card to my Daughter and she has ordered her own presents. I am going to be in London over the weekend so hopefully I will get a chance to buy the rest of the presents I need. All is not lost and I am getting there.

Henry came along to see me a few weeks ago to make some films. This was the first time he had ever done this and it was very interesting to hear how he got into spanking and CP. He is a relative newbie and until visiting me he had never had a real caning. Obviously that was a situation I was keen to resolve.

Poor Henry, no sooner have I tried out my collection of paddles on his bare bottom than I tell him I want to get some caning practice in and that his bottom will be the chosen target. He cant argue with me, he wouldn’t dare or it will just get worse. How much worse it could be you will have to guess after watching his caning. Come and have a look at the full film at Sarah Spanks Men