Kiki Paddled at Spanking Sarah

If you search the net for a year you will not find another spankee as beautiful, sexy and so in need of a spanking as Kiki,  and she is appearing in a real great film with my other favourite lady Spanking Sarah. It really does not get much better. I wish I new how Sarah keeps finding these lovely ladies, please tell me… No I suppose not but now to the film.

Schoolgirl Kiki complains of not being well but Miss Bright (Sarah) is not too sure. It does cross her mind that Kiki is none to fond of the great outdoors and has dodged other field trips.  A visit to the hospital confirms her suspicions, Kiki has been drinking. This is a breach of school rules which she can’t take lightly and decides to deal with on the spot. The doctor played to perfection by Mr. Stern is rather concerned about the marks on Kikis bottom from an earlier spanking but Miss Bright is having none of it. A spanking and a paddling bent over bottom in the air and in the very revealing diaper position right in the middle of the emergency dept will solve the problem of the drink and the attempt to dodge the trip. This young lady gets a salutary lesson and a painful bottom. 

Spanking Sarah Kiki gets the paddle, now what next for this lovely, lets see much more of her Sarah.