School Girl Sally gets the Slipper at English Spankers

Looking around the web sites this morning it just struck me, there are so many new and very pretty girls coming into the spanking scene. Being a bit of an all round perv I have noticed how many of these new lovelies are coming from the vanilla glamour and sex scene, regular glamour models. It must be the economic climate, everyone is looking for more work and some are finding the spanking world to be the way forward.

Now I don’t know just how much these ladies enjoy the spanking work or if they go back for a second or third shoot, that I suppose will be the test, you may do it once for the money but you certainly would not want to repeat a bad experience. The one site that does seem to keep coming up with these glamour girls is English Spankers. I don’t know where they find them but they do have some real beauties. Non more so than this weeks lady. Now I have seen her before on English Spankers web site so she proves the point, if they like the experience they will keep coming back and the more we see of young Sally the better.

At English Spankers  young Sally is in trouble. She has been spanked at school by her teacher and now she has to endure a questioning at home on the reasons for the spanking. There is also a rule at home, and this is the part that Sally does not like. If she gets spanked at school then she will be spanked at home and she knows the punishment is always worse at home. She has to kneel on the bed and is spanked on her white school knickers, these are then removed and she raises her tender young bottom for a good session with the slipper. 

English Spankers Auntie Sarah slippers Sally