Kami Robertson strapped at Spanking Sarah

This is a story that you hear all the time so it’s great to see it being enacted on a web site. When I say this happens, what I should have said is that it happens up to the point where the driver of the taxi might think about giving his cheating passenger a good spanking but there it stops, I think! Anyway, I like to think that it is possible and so for me this story line works. With the lovely Kami Robertson the one who is getting the thrashing I don’t mind any story line but don’t tell Spanking Sarah that.

On to the story now, Kami Robertson wanted a ride in a taxi but did not want to pay for the pleasure.  This was to be very painful for her when the Taxi driver demanded his money and decided in lieu of payment that he would take it out on her bottom and other intimate areas instead.  Another  great spanking film at Spanking Sarah.

Kami Robertson strapped at Spanking Sarah

I have made mention before about this great seris from English Spankers, I happen to think this is something they should develop into a real business. I see they do have a website, http://www.cashstrappedgirl.com/ as a web site it’s disappointing but the germ of an idea is there so maybe if they see this they will think about development of the story line and the way it is treated. As a part of the punishment and the efforts to modify the behaviour of these ladies their punishment will appear on a web site, sound plausible?  I for one like to think that it could possibly happen. I do know that loan sharks very often get off with ladies who want to borrow money but with the Strapped for cash idea there is a certain amount of education involved, if you don’t like being punished don’t max out your credit cards. Try it with your lady and let me know what happens! There is trouble for Janna this week at English Spankers, she borrowed some money from the strapped from cash guys and ‘forgot ‘ to pay it back.  They took none to kindly to this and came back to pay her another more painful visit

. Janna Strapped for Cash at English Spankers

I am a great fan of the adult schoolgirls especially when they have good real uniforms and when they do try to act the part. So far so good but when I looked at this film of Rebecca I thought no way is this girl anything like a school girl. This set me to thinking, hard I know but sometimes the old grey cells are put to work and I thought to the  dim and distant days of my misspent youth and realised this is what I wanted the girl in class to be like, not that I would ever have known just why I wanted it. No she is a big girl, she is very cheeky, she is packed to the top of her cheeky face with sex appeal and it just come over in this well made film. For me you can keep all the fancy acting, this girl was regressing and she took her very hard punishment extreemly well, a nice firm bottom, which I am assured was getting a beating for the first time, turning red and well bruised. Loved it so will you.

Rebecca has been caught outside after a tripp to the local village by the rather miserable form teacher at Redstripe films and he is none too impressed, I don’t think that anyone or anything would impress this miserable curmudgeon but there must be people in real life like that..  After a scolding it is skirt up and knickers down for her first ever spanking  and then a dose of the heavy school spanking paddle on to her  very fine large bottom. One of those bottoms you look at and just know you want to spank. 

The Paddle for Rebecca at RedStripe films