Dreams of spanking

It is always nice to see a new spanking site, especially when it is one that takes a totally different look at the kink we know and love so much. There is no set way of ‘doing’ spanking and there is no set format for a spanking web site.

So onto the new site, this is the latest offering from the lovely Pandora Blake and whilst I have not been able to take a good look around it yet I have spoken to some who have and so have a range of opinions and I have watched a few of the films.

This site is a new  concept from Miss Blake and along with the fairly standard  M/F spanking site story lines, well acted and well costumed from first site, we find some  M/M spankings as well. Will this put people off the site as a whole? It is easy to say I would hope not and, if you don’t want to see good looking guys being spanked by ladies or other guys then don’t go there but as I say I have spoken to a few hardcore spanking fans and they really don’t seem to mind.

If one were to look at some of the free spanking contact sites out there it is quite easy to see that when a guy can’t find a lady to deal with him he will take it from a man. Now that is not a universal truth and I don’t put it out as such but, well it’s a fact of life. For me, I don’t mind, it is a part of this site and let’s hope it works, I know a few other webmasters and site owners are watching closely to see what happens.

Pandora Blake and Amelia Jane Rutherford spanked and caned at Dreams of Spanking

Pandora describes the site as, well let her tell it, “We understand that you want to see authentic scenes which tap into the heart of your spanking kink – but that you also want to feel confident that any material you watch was ethically and consensually produced. That’s why Dreams of Spanking guarantees ethical, fair-trade production, founded on principles of enthusiastic consent behind the scenes, and fair pay for both male and female performers. We promise to provide scenes of genuine corporal punishment, hard spanking and intense discipline with a sex positive, performer-driven and gender egalitarian ethos”.

Now I guess that most spanking site producers would say the same about ethics, consent and fair pay and might even take offence at the suggestion that they offer anything but, I will leave them to argue that one.

The site itself, and I am talking only about the outside, is very well presented, good thoughtful artwork based on blog type  software with plenty of top quality pictures and good descriptions of the films. I have had the opportunity to watch a few sequences, some at the full top quality .wmv  rating and some at the standard download settings.

I had hoped the top quality ones would be better as the standard .wmv download is not great but it is not quite up to some of the top quality films already out there in the best UK websites. When there are sites putting out full HD films and are charging less and offering more it does mean that other things being offered have to be that bit better.  The MP4 files were as one would expect a lot better quality but on my desktop player a little jerky. I have yet to see one on a true MP4 player.

I am guessing that a lot of the shooting has been done using natural light, now that is great, something to be encouraged and something that the best modern cameras can cope with but not on their own! Video cameras, no matter what do need light, without it things look flat and the colors, lowlights and highlights can’t be appreciated.

The camera work once again as with so many sites, not just spanking, is not great, it’s one thing to have a good quality camera it’s quite another to know how to use it and how to put shots together. I have never been a fan of fixed camera positions but I know that when working on a tight budget with a small crew it is difficult and it’s even harder to find someone who has actually learnt the art of using a movie camera. I thought that some scenes had one camera and some two, I would stick to one camera and get it right. 

Adele Haze and Jimmy Holloway star in ‘Her Ladyships Breakfast’ at Dreams of Spanking

The editing is not bad, its modern and thankfully free of nasty gimmicks, the titles are outstanding, and fit the overall image well. Just one other point on the production which could have been looked at in the editing stage, the sound is not great but once again, better than most.

As I said earlier when there are sites putting out full HD films with good story lines well acted and are charging less and offering more it does mean that other things being offered have to be that bit better. Well what about this site is better?

The costumes and settings for the most part  are good, they really do bring some great atmosphere to pretty standard spanking stories. The acting? Well I have long been a fan of Thomas Cameron and his very agreeable manner, and just as expected from Pandora she has the cream of our British spanking models appearing alongside her and Thomas.

When you have the best people there is no excuse you have to get good films and here we do have good films never mind my few small gripes about the technical side of things. The spankings and other punishments and discipline sessions are good and believable, there is no doubt that this site is for real and you know that’s just what I like about it.

No one does this sort of thing as well as the British, forget the Americans, they have no idea how to make a spanking film, they have no idea of how to get it to that stage of eroticism that we want to see, the believability factor has to be there in this site it is.

Should you join it? Most definitely, it’s a good honest site doing just what it says on the tin. The only downside for me, I think it’s expensive for what is on offer at the moment but get along take a membership and see for yourself

If you love Pandora Blake and I know many of you do, then take a membership. You can join for a five day trial to start with 

Jimmy Holloway and Sebastian Hawley at Dreams of Spanking