Spanked Cheeks

Spanked Cheeks does on the outside look to be quite promising as an action packed spanking web site. There are loads of pictures and films of some of my favourit spanking models and loads of pictures of some great looking ladies I don’t know. I don’t however like the system of putting up 3 min clips instead of the full fim, I can’t really work out the logic there but they must know what they are doing. Another problem I have with the site is that the only picture I can show you is the one here and I can’t give you any information about the film as there is no synopsis and no free clip for me to look at.

All that said, I understand there is loads of material inside the site and from what I am told there are some pretty hot spankings! I think it really is worth going to the site, have a look at the pictures and if you like what you see take out a membership. Spanked Cheeks is part of the same company that run Vixen Ladies so if you like to see some good looking guys getteng their ases beaten by some very delectable babes this could be the place for you. They have a special offer at the moment you can join their five main sites, they say that gives you about 75,000 pictures and 3000 video clips for just $54.99 Can”t be bad!