Angel gets a good hard dose of the paddle at Spanking Sarah

I have already raved about the first part of this great film from Spankingsarah but now I have had a chance to see the second bit I am just amazed. Now I am an experienced and seasoned spanker of ladies bottoms but the the methods employed by Sarah really do get me thinking that I may be going soft in my old age.

Burglars, beware!  If you break into Spanking Sarahs house you are in for more than a short sharp shock!  You will get a long and prolonged painful punishment delivered with all the force this nasty lady can muster and given without mercy, not just to the bottom but the hands and the front of the thighs as well. I recon that they had great fun making this series of films, the location is great and the acting from all participants is just tiptop. The spankings are just what we want to see, hard effective and given in just the right way. The girl is humiliated, spanked and taken to tears.   Make no mistake, the plastic paddle hurts like hell especially when it is applied to the hands, legs and already sore bottom. 

Amber beaten at Spanking Sarah