A special offer for Christmas

We thought we should publish this as it seems to be such a great offer from Spanking Sarah. It’s not very often that film producers get the chance to reduce prices, I know that most of them already cut the price of membership to their sites to the very minimum. I have taken a quick look at the Spanking Library site and have to say there are some great films there already reduced and I understand more will be added during the day.

Over to Sarah:

I have an amazing pre-Christmas film sale to offer. No, I am not usually so generous but just once in a while it is nice to be able to reduce the price of things for you.
I have reduced the price of loads of full length films on my SPANKING LIBRARY
to $5.00 that’s about £3.27 or  €4.60 each.
There is a full range of films from all our web sites and I am sure there will be something for everyone.

All you need to do is go to my SPANKING LIBRARY and look for the reduced price films. NOT ONLY THAT. If you see a film you want and I have not reduced the price just send me an e-mail to this email address quizor12@gmail.com and I will reduce the price of that film to $5.00

Now this offer will be for a very limited period but I hope that you take the chance to take a look at some of our films, we have many episodes from UNLADYLIKE MANOR, The SPANKING MANSION, THE SEXY CLEANING COMPANY plus our school time series and many more featuring the top spanking models in the UK as well as some of our best glamour models being spanked for the first time. I also have a good selection from my SARAH SPANKS MEN site, all at this amazing price.

No one else will make such an offer and I can only run it for a few days but if you have not joined one of our web sites or seen any of our films this will be a great chance to come up-to date. All our films are shot in full HD and go onto our sites as top quality MP4 files so they can be played on any media including smart phones and tablets as well as desk tops.

This is my Christmas offer to you, so take advantage of it today.



The candy cane

Just a quick mention of the new film on Sarahs Mens site. Now I have never tried the cane, yes I have given it a time or two but I really don’t like pain, maybe that makes me a bit of a wuss! Anyway, I have just had a peek at the last two films on this site and I am amazed at just how much some guys can take and seemingly enjoy.

Sarah has got herself a new cane, now to me it looks like a stick of candy, she calls it her candy cane so you get the idea, anyway, it does not look as though it would hurt a fly but then she started using it on the hapless James, now remember this guy has just taken a hell of a whacking from two very nasty looking paddles and survived to tell the tale but now he is getting stroke after stroke with this stick of candy and boy he is not liking it. All I can say is, this candy cane must be hellish painful and nasty. Keep it up Sarah may you always have such a strong arm. You can get this film and loads of others and of course the picture sets and other free goodies by joining Sarah’s site or if you just want to download this film or others she has then you can go to her Spanking Library or her Clips 4 Sale site .


Mature Spankees

I know that I have raved about Susanne Smart, for me the very best mature spankee around on the net so I thought it was about time I featured someone else. Luckily I was invited to a very exciting photo shoot this week with the nice people from Redstripe films. Now they have featured quite a number of mature ladies over the years and they have now come up with a new stunner.

With the unlikely name of Lulu Lush I needed to be impressed, I am a bit cynical about fancy names and was hoping that she would live up to at least the Lush bit and she did. A very attractive lady was just in the middle of her very first ever spanking when I arrived so I sat quietly in the corner till the sequence was finished, when I say quietly in the corner that’s not quite true I did move around a bit to get the best views of her husband dishing out quite a good spanking.

At the end of the first scene I did get a bit of a chance to chat to this lovely lady and found her to be vivacious and very chatty, and she wasted no time in telling me just how much she was enjoying the shoot. She has been glamour modelling for just a short while, mostly doing shoots from her home and from photographers studios and said she needed a bit of a change and maybe a challenge. She is very well blessed in the “boob” department and was in great demand for busty mags and films. Neither she or her husband had ever been involved in any spanking whatsoever and when she spotted the advert from the Redstripe Team she was not sure at first about giving it a go but thankfully, after chatting to them she agreed and so here she was.

Did she find it painful was my first daft question and that got the answer I expected, “Yes, bloody painful,” She then added ” but it’s quite nice and I want to go further.” So she did. The next scene was a paddling, and in this Mr Stern was giving instructions to the husband on how to punish a naughty wife with a leather paddle. I was amazed at the whacking  Lulu took, her husband certainly did not show her any mercy and whacked her cute bottom just as hard as he could. I rather fancy he may be sleeping alone for a day or two but none the less it was good for the film.

The shoot ended with her being asked if she could take the cane, she did not know but bent over and presented her bottom and said “let me try it”. Well I was given the honour of giving her the very first stroke of the cane, quite hard I thought but she said “do it again and harder.” Well I was not able to as there was the problem of marks on her lovely bottom. Did she want to take a full caning for the film? yes was the answer and so it was I got to watch the full caning scene. Sufficient to say it was great, she seemed to love it and the film crew were well pleased with the days shoot.  I asked her afterwards, would she do it again and she said she said she was just about to arrange the next shoot. So, I had quite a day, Lulu had a great new experience and there are some amazing films to come on Redstripe Films soon I suspect. Thanks to Redstripe films for the preview stills.


From Sarah Spanks men

Kodders is a very busy guy these days, not only does he manage Sarah’s blog for her men spanked web site but I now notice he is appearing in some of her films. I had a brief preview of the film coming out this week on Spanking Sarah and I have to say he gives a more than creditable performance. Will he become a fully fledged member of the Unladylike Manor team? Well if his spankinmg of Suzanne Smart was anything to go by I think we will be seeing more of him.

Anyway, I have pinched his blog so I hope he does not mind. If you want to follow his exploits on twitter you can do so here @333Spool333

Oh yes, lovely to see James back at Sarah Spanks Men. In past scenes such as The Maintenance Spanking (file SSM-054) and The Reckless Driver Parts 1 & 2 (file SSM-030 / 033) to name but a few, you may recall James being sent by his wife to visit Sarah for some ‘correction punishment sessions’ and guess what, well on all accounts it seems to have done the trick, he has been good, so what’s he doing back with Sarah this time?

The new scene ‘Does Size Count’ opens with Sarah announcing a fun game which she has in mind, called ‘Big verses Small’ brandishing two wooden paddles, one small but quite thick, and one very large paddle but surprisingly thinner than the smaller one, and the objective of the game is to determine if size does matter !! WOW, what a fantastic experiment, just needs a willing bottom for Sarah to conduct her research.

James is given the opportunity to look and feel the paddles as Sarah poses the question which one he thinks might hurt the most before Sarah puts them into practice. She suggests that a hand spanking to warm things up may corrupt research results and so it would probably be better to go straight in with a cold paddling….who else would be that considerate in the pursuit of experimental perfection…only Sarah I guess.

James undresses whilst Sarah wafts the paddles through the air getting her swing ready for what’s about to happen next !!

Sarah alternates the first few strokes between the two paddles to try and gauge a difference in response, however it seems both paddles are having a similar desired effect on James’s bottom…I wonder if this will prolong Sarah’s research to ensure she’s ticked all the right boxes !! Sarah continues with the bigger paddle and poses the question to James, “is it striking both bum cheeks at the same time”? I think judging by the noise coming from James with each stroke, it most certainly is and the sound this paddle makes is just wonderful, a really lovely low thud as it strikes both buttocks together…just perfect.

So big paddles is put to one side for a moment to have a go with little and immediately James is struggling with the first few thwacks, this is one mean small wooden paddle for sure and it’s probably down to the extra thickness, I think little might just be in the lead for the severity part of Sarah’s research.

As James’s poor bottom continues to go a lovely shade of red, Sarah notices some cane stripes which weren’t put there by herself and quizzes James over them, cripes…not only is she carrying out exacting spanking research but she’s also a spanking forensic scientist too, my word this lady has it all.

So what were the findings regarding big vs small, well it turns out the smaller paddle was more painful but I think it was quite a close call. As Sarah concludes, size doesn’t always matter.

So why not go to Sarah Spanks Men and decide for yourself….have fun !!


Unladylike Manor Episode 9

Episode 9 of Unladylike Manor is now out on the Spanking Library and jolly good it is to. Two of my favourite ladies apart from Sarah are Katy Didit and The lovely Clover. Let Sarah tell you what happens. “Clover and I hatch a plot to incriminate Katy, the two girls get Katy drunk, Clover will get into bed with her, there is a strap on and lots of bare flesh but what happens in the night. The next day I give Clover something she really wanted and indeed asked me for. Mixed up? well watch the film and all will be revealed. There is a great clip on the Spanking Library or you can see the full series on Sarah’s web site.


Redstripes at Redstripe

Well and why not, this great site is sometimes overlooked on my blog when in reality it has some great films. They have a Spanking Mansion section which I particularly like, the films there tend to be more ‘edgy’ and stray into the BDSM and wider sexy scene but still with loads of spanking.

There offering this week is of the Lovely April May being caned, now this is a real caning with real reactions, this young lady is obviously not used to being caned and certainly not as hard as this, plenty of red marks but top marks to Redstripe Films There are well over 300 full length films on the actual site but if you want to download just this weeks film then take a look at the free clip here and then if you wish you can download the full film.


Spanking just gets to be more fun

I refer to the re-launch if that’s what I can call it of Unladylike Manor the spanking soap running on Spanking Sarah’s site. All the episodes, 34 to date, are being updated in quality to MP4 and great they look to. There is a new one out each day for immediate download on Sarah’s Spanking Library site, just go along and look at the great free clips there and I know you will want to see the full films. Most are around 20 mins in length so are great value. The film out to today has Sarah and Katy Didit both getting one hell of a paddling from Mr Stern. It’s not often these days that we see the lovely Sarah bend over, she is now much better known as a true bossy lady!

I understand that there will soon be some new stories out featuring one of my favourite ladies Suzy Smart, can’t wait to see these as I just love to see her bending over, I do have some preview pictures earlier in my blog posts so could not ask for anymore.


Sarah spanks men

First of all this is what Sarah says about her latest update:

Lola is employed as a maid at Unladylike Manor but she is up to no good. She is a prostitute and unbeknown to Lord and Lady Stern she is entertaining clients in their home. Her activities are discovered and Lady Stern believes the story she tells about her customer being a burglar! I Ask you, would you believe it? Anyway, this gives lady Stern, that’s me, a chance to join in and they both give the unlucky Bob the burglar a good hard beating and other rather nasty treatments. He has a painful bottom, cock and nipples by the time he is kicked out. The full Unladylike Manor series can be seen at httP://www.spankingsarah.com

I have noticed that Sarah is now doing quite a lot of this cross shooting, so she has a lady being punished and as a part of the same film she has a man punished, now at the moment she is putting these onto separate sites. I fully understand the reasoning behind this, not every lover of ladies being spanked wants to see a hairy arsed guy getting his bum belted. So, until the day that we have full integration this is as good as it gets. The way that she links the stories is usually pretty good, for instance, this weeks update on the Sarah Spanks Men site, referred to above will I am assured link into the update on Sarah’s own site so if you do like to see both then it’s made pretty easy for you. Sarah also tells me this is one of the reasons she has kept the join price to her men’s site so very reasonably priced.

Thanks to Sarah I am able to give you a sneak preview of the update on her site this week, as I say it does link in very well with the film on Sarah Spanks Men. Here is what Sarah says about this film:

Lola is back to her old tricks, entertaining clients at Unladylike Manor but she is about to be found out. Lady Stern, that’s me walks in on her spanking a rather weird and kinky client and is none too pleased. I decide the time has come to teach Lola a real lesson. I produce a cane and after the client and I have given her a good spanking I lay into her bottom with the cane. This caning is for real and Lola does not appreciate this punishment. If you want to see Lola spanking her client you can do so at http://www.sarahspanksmen.com

So there we have it, It is a compromise in a way but we do get to see a real story played out to the full and in a way that should please every one. The other thing I want to say on Sarah’s sites is to mention the quality of the productions. They are produced in full HD and are now available on her sites as MP4 files so this means I can now play the full films straight off on my phone if I wish.  I have been following this Unladylike Manor series from the first and I am suggesting to Sarah that she puts the collection out on CDs. She I understand Is not so sure as this hands the pirates a ready made commodity to sell and they already take enough liberties with the spanking producers work. But, let her know if it’s something you would like to see and maybe she will change her mind.


Handy Spank Cam

As it says in the title, a handy site to see all your favourite hand held camera sequences in one place. Some of the very best spanking films now shot in ultra close up with little or no rehearsal or editing. You get to see the action just as it is happening, some of the shots and angles you will not have seen before, a different perspective on the old spanking game. I love the last update with a fab new model Rachel Leigh on the spanking scene, I don’t think she is much into being spanked myself but she does take it very well.

This is quite a rude film she does get whacked in some pretty wide open positions, I am not quite sure just how she does get her legs so far back and open at the same time. For all that the spanking action is good as are all the other great films on this site. You may already belong to a site where some of these films feature but there will be loads of new ones you wont have seen before on Handy Spank Cam and it’s very cheap to join with a new film going up every week.


Spanking Sarah

There are one or two changes I have noticed at Sarah’s site this last couple of weeks. I have already mentioned the return of my favourite soap Unladylike Manor but this week it has just got naughtier than ever before. Lola is now working for Mr Stern, although I feel she will not be keeping the job very long as she is back at her old game, yes THAT game. Her first client in her new abode really does get his monies worth and so will you if you take a look at this film. When Sarah first started the site she did feature quite a lot of full sex scenes but she now says that to shoot these scenes takes too long as she cant find reliable men who do not want to be paid a fortune and who can do the job. In this scene though no problems and it is a nice lead into the start of the new series which I hope will be featuring the lovely Suzanne Smart.

OK that’s the first thing, I also notice that Sarah has on the site now a direct link to a quick download site, yes this is a legitimate one not one of the pirate ones where you will get loads of virus and get your credit cards ripped off! This works fine and it with the latest films she is putting up it will also take you to a free preview clip, something she does not show on her site directly So, if this is of interest, and it should be click this link to get a quick idea about the latest film with Lola.


The best spanking soap

Now I am not in general terms a lover of “Soaps”, they do in fact leave me wanting a return to the stone age so that I do not have to watch the banal rubbish and misery they sling at their adoring audiences every night of the week. Coronation Street ended for me with the death of the lovely Violet Carson (Ena Sharples) That’s when the soaps were just starting and they were different and you could relate to them. The one thing they did not try to convince you of was that the life of everyone featured in the program was so bad that yours, no matter how terrible, had to be better. That’s enough about the current crop of soaps and now onto the more important matter of the Spanking Soap.

Like it’s TV counterparts Unladylike Manor has as it’s raison d’etre the need to and the ability, to keep you watching episode after episode. The spanking soap is pretty rare, it has to be different from the every day spanking film, it has to has a good solid story line and it has to have the ability to keep changing the action and whilst keeping the core cast it needs to bring in new actors from time to time.

When Remington Steel devised the plot for Unladylike Manor he was drawing on his experience at making feature length films for the “legitimate” market  and also short scripted films for the adult TV companies which,  despite the paucity of their story had to have a beginning, middle and end.

The plot is simple; You have a family, Lord & Lady Stern they are wealthy and they are able to indulge their passion for spanking young ladies. You then need a villain, Lady Stern, she likes to indulge a little too much in the bottom spanking side of things and because of this has to find a way of luring victims into her den. The love element, Lady Suzanne is attracted to Lord Stern and will do anything for him and frequently does. The below stairs staff, here we have the redoubtable Katy Didit heading the cast and keeping her hands on the various staff members, they never seem to stay very long. The dastardly plot, Lady Stern wants rid of his lordship and plans to poison him and to blame Lady Sue.

Well there you have it. I can’t possibly give away all that happens over the 32 episodes but I can say that they feature almost every top spanking model in the country and loads of young ladies who made their debut in these films and lots of ladies you just wont see anywhere else.   The series is now in it’s latest guise and shows the Stern family in The Poverty Years. They have been reduced to moving out of the manor house and Lady Stern has to find a way to earn money from the ladies she still manages to draw into her world of sex and spanking. Lord Stern luckily finds a butler with the unlikely name of Kodders but it’s not long before things start to go wrong. The new series will be running on Sarah’s web site, the first of the new series went up last week so now would be a good time to get a membership and catch up on what you have missed and keep up with the unfolding plot which I am assured has many surprises.


In praise of the bigger spankee

Below is the latest post from English Spankers and it got me to thinking, there just are not that many big boobed spanking models around, more’s the pity.

Yes I have to say it, next to a nice firm bottom I do love to get my hands on a pair of huge firm boobs! Ah well… This is the very best thing for me therefore, a lovely young girl by the name of Kiki Vee who has a tremendous pair of beautiful boobs and she just loves to get her bottom spanked. Now you can’t beat that.

In this story she has been out all night at a spanking party and her guardian did not know where she was and waited up all night for her, well you would. When she finally gets home the truth of where she has been is revealed and she is in trouble.

Underneath her coat, nestled between those beautiful boobs she has a rather large spanking paddle and this is put to good use on her bare bottom. Loads of good close shots of the really hard paddling she gets and of course some lovely shots of those beautiful boobs. Have a look at the film at English Spankers

OK So, I decided to take a look through my extensive picture collection and came up with what I think is quite a treat for the big boobed spanking lover. All the pictures are from films currently on the English Spankers Redstripefilms Spanking Sarah sites. 



A double treat

Sarah at Spanking Sarah is always coming up with something new and I really do like her latest idea. She is combing her shoots and putting them across two very different sites. How you may ask. Well take this weeks film, it starts with Kevin being given some very extra special treatment by his private nurse, she brings him strong drink, lets him get his hands on her bare boobs and then ends up by spanking him. So far so spanky, this film will be shown on Sarah Spanks Men whilst what happens to April the naughty nurse will be shown on Spanking Sarah.

What does happen to April May? She gets discovered spanking and paddling the unfortunate Kevin and has to endure some of the same herself. She has to put her legs astride Sarah who is sitting on the bed, put her bottom in the air and take a damn hard thrashing on her exposed bottom. Not a very edifying position but a damn fine one for a sexy spanking of this beautiful girl.

This way, we get the best of both worlds, if you only want to see the F/M spanking then go to Sarah Spanks Men if you like to see the lady punished then go to Spanking Sarah, If like me you like them both then, well join both, Sarah’s men site is very cheap to join and you may be surprised at how erotic the content is. Keep it up Sarah.


Handy Spank Cam

A couple of quick updates and the first is at the new site Handy Spank Cam, this site features a selection of full length films from a range of other sites but all shot with a hand held camera getting right into the sexy spanking action with giant close ups and in full HD. The latest update to this very cheap site is the very beautiful Ashleigh, now I have seen Ashleigh in a number of films but never as naughty as this. She made this film just the way she wanted to do it and starts off with a leather paddle on her thighs and then gets out her amazing big boobs and uses the paddle on them. Now this is different for me so I kept watching and off come the rest of her clothes.

Wow this girl is hot and on this film she was horny! She shows the lot as she uses the paddle on every spankable part of her body. A real sexy girl who was not only in need of a good spanking but gave herself one. My sort of lady.


Celebrate the difference

Now I am getting on in years a bit and love to look back at the years of spanking fun I have enjoyed and the lovely ladies who have helped to make my life a happier one. I was looking through my vast collection of spanking pictures and put together something, in pictures which I think helps to celebrate two things. The lovely warmth of the mature lady spankee and the vivacious naughtiness of the younger ladies who grace our spanking films.

Where to look, so many to sort through and after a whole evening of scanning pictures, comparing this pose, that film, this reaction I decided on these two ladies, just for starters as there will be others coming, who for me reach the epitome of the spanking film lovers perfect spankees. When I say this I am of course referring just to my preferences, you may have others and yours may well be different. For my mature lady I have chosen the amazing Suzanne Smart and for my younger lady the beautiful Satine Smart.

Both ladies have appeared in many films mainly on Spanking Sarah and English Spankers.  They have distinguished themselves with their acting ability and their love of the spanking game. When they are appearing in a film you just know it is going to be good and that you are in for a real treat. Take a look at the sites and then take a look at some of the films, see if you agree with me.



Well spanked men

I thought I would just  do a short feature on Sarah Spanks Men, this site runs alongside Spanking Sarah and sometimes there is a cross over of stories, quite a good idea I think, makes for interesting story lines and it’s quite clever the way Sarah edits them to go between two different sites.

The site has been running for about a year now and has developed into a really good vehicle for Sarah’s obvious love of administering severe punishments and her interest in making films which are different from the run of the mill. There is a new film posted every week, all the films are full length stories, they have a start, middle and end… you laugh but lots of sites do not put complete films out every week preferring to put short clips each day. I find this to be particularly annoying. If a film is worth making then let us see it in its entirety I say.

Looking through the films the one thing that strikes me is that Sarah gets a real variety of victims for her spankings, all the films tend to be set in a domestic situation, she has not made the effort to cross over into the more BDSM style of films, apart that is from a few sent in by members. She sticks to what she knows and likes herself and I think that is for the best.

The site is very easy to navigate, there are no clips on the outside, Sarah says that she does not want people who may stumble on the site accidently to be too offended by the content. For myself I would like to see a clip sometimes but I fully understand the reasoning. Inside the members area there are a couple of sections, one to access the films and the other to see the very good quality stills that go with the films. There are also links to the free content pages which is shared with Sarah’s other sites. This is quite a good idea and a real bonus. The early films are in the wmv format but I notice that all the new ones are full HD in the MP4 format. I much prefer this as it makes the films easier to view on mobiles and tablets and of course on Macs.

The main thing about this site is the authenticity, Sarah choses her spankees well, they all take a really good hard punishment session and they all seem to want to return as she features many of them more than once. Alongside the site Sarah has a blog this is run by one of Sarah’s closest friends Kodders who, as well as running the blog, features in some of the films. He does a great job with the blog and he is pretty convincing in the films as well. He seems to like the whackings he receives on a regular basis.

I note that of late Sarah has been using other very attractive ladies as the spankers in the films, I do like this idea, it keeps the whole thing fresh and alive and it’s always nice to see other lady spankers who mostly seem to end up naked!

So, if you like to see men being well whacked by lovely ladies this is the place for you. Get along to Sarah Spanks Men and take a look, it’s cheap to join at the moment but I understand the price may be going up soon. Have a look at some pictures taken from the site, this is just a small illustration of the various films.



Blog roundup

I want to start this week with a look at English Spankers. Once again they have a great sequence featuring the lovely Ella Hughes and nasty Spanking Sarah. Sarah plays the part of the nasty woman so well, almost second nature you might think, you might think it but don’t let her hear you say it! In this right up the blogger illustrates just how important the acting ability of these amazing ladies is and how the whole film can swing on the full participation of the whole cast.

This is an amazing film and just goes to show what happens when you let the girls chose their own story line. Ella Hughes and Sarah Stern were filming for us and they came up with this story. Now I happen to think it’s a great story, Sarah hires a young lady from an agency, this young lady has to be naturally submissive and will have to submit to a really hard caning, some face slapping and some nasty pinching of her nipples. Ella just loved the whole idea and contributed some of the more extreme ideas, just goes to show, a naturally submissive girl will decide on her own fate, as painful as it certainly will be.

This is the introduction to the film on the web site but I just do want to add to that. It’s sometimes easy to forget that the lovely ladies we are working with on our films are not professional models and most of them have absolutely no drama training at all unless it was something they did at school. We though expect them to appear in front of our cameras and give a great performance, usually without scripts which means they have to adlib and to play off each other. I don’t know about you but I think that for the most part they do this admirably, OK Oscars maybe won’t be awarded but sometimes they should be. Without the hard work and commitment these girls put into every film none of us would have much to enjoy.

Looking back at this film I think that Sarah and Ella gave two amazing performances, Sarah nasty and manipulative, using her voice and her strength of presence to the full and Ella, diminutive, frightened and portraying all the emotions that to someone in that situation would come naturally. So, lets all say a big thanks girls to our wonderful models and think sometimes about the hours of enjoyment they give with their performances.

Next lets look at Redstripe Films, this site has a very eclectic mix of films ranging from schoolgirl sequences through to mature housewives and of course the Spanking Mansion section where they do tend to go a little into the BDSM scene. Well it is good to try to cater for all tastes. Their update this week is featuring Lola Marie along with the London Tanner. Hmm quite a combination I would have thought.

There are some people you just love to have in your spanking films and one of my all time favourites is the London Tanner. This well known maker of the very best spanking implements is quite a film star and whenever I offer him the chance to spank a young ladies bottom he always jumps on his Harley and turns up at my door the next morning. When I said to him that he would have to spank the delicious Lola Marie well, there was no holding him back so here is the first part of the story. Now as you may know he has developed a scam to get young ladies along to let him spank them, he puts out an advert saying he is looking for his long lost niece and that he has a large legacy to leave to them. When the poor unfortunates turn up he persuades them to let him spank them, as part of the identifying process.

Well Lola fell for it, well why not it’s as good as any other story, and she ended up over his knees getting her bottom well tanned over the top of her skin tight trousers. Once these were removed the red marks from the Tanners fingers were clear to see. After a good OTK spanking he made Lola get into the revealing diaper position and continued with his good works. Now how is this going to end? Find out here at Redstripe Films.


Sarah Spanks Men seems to be keeping up the great quality and diversity of the films it features and this week we have Lola Marie but in a totally different guise to her Redstripe performance. This is the first time I have seen Lola in a dominant roll and whilst she plays it a little tongue in cheek I think this goes along perfectly well with the attitude and manner of Kodders the rising star in the spanking filming and blogging world. He has a great sense of fun and enjoyment in all the films he makes and I think it reflects well in this hand held film. Kodders has written the review below so it may be  a bit biased!

Part 2 of Lola-Marie already at Sarah Spanks Men? You are being spoilt that’s all I can say.

Well this is part 2 to the film from last week (Lola knows what Lola wants). The new film is called Lola gives it out. In the first film I was spanked for not bringing along any money. This leads onto the new film where I openly admit to Lola that I really enjoyed her spanking punishment and that I’ve been online and bought a few implements and would she consider another corporal punishment session?

Armed with a Taws, a large leather paddle and what can only be described as a flap-paddle with a wooden handle, Lola gets to work. I’m placed over the bed where I receive a number of hard strokes with the Taws. The whole time Lola is taunting me, teasing me. Actually she continues this all the way through the scene. My boxers are removed as Lola continues her perfect punishments, now with the large leather paddle. When she switches to the third implement it kind of catches me a bit off-guard !! She doesn’t hold back either and this larger paddle thingy really packs a punch.

She announces a treat for me, not sure what she has planned as she starts to undress, once again removing her gorgeous attire. Now beautifully naked Lola straddles my back and continues to paddle my bottom as she sits on top of me. She continues this hard punishment, and where most would give rubs with their hands between thwacks, Lola decides to bend over and rub her hard nipples all over my rosy red sore bottom. Her hard nipples on my red-raw bottom felt very naughty indeed. The scene concludes with me being kicked out the room in shame with Lola, still naked, relaxing on the bed looking as gorgeous as ever.

We all had so much fun making these films for you to enjoy. Mr Stern has been working really hard perfecting his hand-held HD camera shooting techniques buying lots of different gadgets to really make these films come to life. The camera angles, zooms, the steady shots using a number of different stead cam gimbals, he really is pulling out all the stops to ensure these newer style hand-held films are as ‘top notch’ as possible. I think he’s winning and doing a wonderful job with them.


Oh, by the way, if you do happen to use any of these file hosting servers where they have pirated films take a look at this salutary post on Spanking News.





Best British Spanking

From Sarah Gregory to Spanking Sarah and a quick review of her current film. She has a great film this week featuring herself with the amazing Amelia Jane Rutherford, the epitome of the lovely English rose in  my humble opinion! Amelia looks great in any outfit but to see her in skin tight jodhpurs is mind blowing. Sarah does keep the jodhpurs pulled up for a good stretch of the spanking which Amelia is getting but I would love to have kept them up all through… OK I like ladies who do horsy things so that’s fine. Anyway take a look at this top quality film on Spanking Sarah.

You do not use a big hard whip on a horse and Amelia Jane Rutherford should know that. When she returns from her morning ride that lesson is going to have to be learnt and it seems that she needs to learn the hard way. You know me, I am very patient and quite willing to teach this nasty young lady what it feels like to be beaten. I start off over the top of her jodhpurs but soon decide she is getting too much protection from these so they will have to come down. My hand on her bare bottom soon makes its impression and Amelia protests loudly, to no avail, she will get the punishment she deserves.


Top marks to AAA Spanking

I thought I would start this weeks look at the best of British spanking sites with a visit to AAA spanking and have a look around their site. Well I have to say there are an amazing array of films out there and the HD quality is excellent, certainly as good as any I have seen.  The stories feature some really pretty girls as well, the lovely Sarah Gregory seems to have a heavy presence there which I for one do not have a problem with. The only small gripe I have is that there seems to be an over preponderance of American girls, they are all lovely but, well I do like the lovely English girls. Anyway, have a look at the details from a few of the great films on AAA Spanking/

This is a very sexy spanking video starring legendary fetish model Candle Boxxx. She met the equally alluring Sarah Gregory (who was voted Top Female Spanker, 2014). It was filmed at one of the recent Fetishcon Parties and they made this entertaining and hot spanking film with a twist. Candle thought it was just a naked OTK spanking, which it started out that way… however, Sarah changed tactics and insisted that as she was filming for Triple A – her man John loved wheelbarrow spankings and that she should try it out too! Candle had never been spanked in such a revealing position before and she had no idea how embarrassing or humiliating it would be until she was actually getting spanked like that. Check out the close, beautiful chemistry between the ladies and how nothing was left to the imagination in this erotic girl on girl intimate spanking & paddling video.

This was an unusual & humiliating discipline session for Stevie Rose who was on a long punishment schedule learning the basics of doing as she was told, in this case, Stevie had to wear pull ups like a baby girl because she had been wearing provocative panties & short skirts to attract boys back at the house. Finding a loose pair of worn panties was the final straw when John sat down on his sofa. She was summoned & searched… her defiant attitude & the fact she had slutty denim shorts on without panties only made things worse! She was spanked over his knee… & as this was a house of discipline, implements of correction were never far away. Unfortunately for Stevie that room contained a hairbrush & a nasty 3 tailed leather strap she hated as it would heavily mark & sting her bare bottom. The final part of her contrition involved her changing into the ugly pull ups she should have been wearing & this felt especially painful over her very sore red bottom.

Joelle had snuck into the staff room late at night to take back some cookies to her room for a “midnight feast” as she was starving and fed up with the strict diets imposed on the girls at the boarding school. However, she had greedily consumed some cookies on the way back to her room before snacking on the rest, leaving a trail of crumbs for Mr Osborne to discover. He tracked the staff room incursion back to Joelle’s bedroom and confronted her over the theft. Cane in hand, ever prepared, Mr Osborne knew Joelle had no excuse. She took a hard no nonsense caning and spanking punishment over her pajamas and on her bare bottom!

Well I hope you will take a trip out there to AAA Spanking and have a look at the great quality trails available and the site join prices have just been reduced so must be worth a membership.



Spankings and more

This was a pretty full blog post so I have just put it in its entirety, seems fair enough to me. Read on!


Welcome to Sarah’s latest blog post, I am sorry it is a bit late this week and that I have had to do it for her but she asked so politely; Mr. Stern do my blog or your in trouble! How could I refuse. but she has been so busy, no not only spanking bottoms although she has done a fair bit of that but having been on holiday she has literally hundreds of emails from you to catch up with.

We had one which really did annoy me, this is a copy of it:

There is a large banner on you website which promises a membership for £11 per month. http://www.spankingsarah.com/firstfilm-page.html http

http://www.spankingsarah.com/join.html But it doesn’t work. Clicking on ‘join now’, the offer is £16 per month. It’s misleading, to say the least. Archive Your site offers access to an archive: http://www.spankingsarah.com/freespankingfilms05.html as if they were part of the site. But it turns out that these films are only available from Clips4Sale. They are not on your site. On this page: http://www.spankingsarah.com/freespankingfilms01.html there is a banner which reads: ALL FILMS HERE ARE IN THE MEMBERS AREA Buty selecting any one of them takes one to the ‘JOIN’ page with no other option. There is absolutely no way to access the Archive as a member despite the promises. It may be that no-one cares as long as the subs roll in. But I’m fed up with these lies and this stupidity on websites that no-one cares about. It must be tragic to rely on idiots such as your current web programmers to control access to your hard-won content. Tony

Well he was wrong on all counts, all banners work, all our archived films are in the members area and in fact he was wrong with his criticism so our web master sent him a nice polite email pointing all this out. He did not apologise but sent me another email once again complaining about the banner advert offering the lowest price membership at only £11 per month, he said Sarah was lying and the banner was misleading. The web master pointed out to him that had he read the banner he would have seen the full offer and indeed it is for the low fee of £11 per month. He also said that he hoped that he would be big enough to say sorry to Sarah. Well as you can imagine to date she has had no apology, is this another case of the anonymous bravery one sees so much on the internet. There is still time for him to say sorry and prove to me he is not a total arse! We do love to get emails from members and from other spankos but I do expect people to be polite, just because one can hide behind an email address is no excuse for rudeness or bullying tactics. Politeness costs nothing as my old Gran used to say.

Most of the emails we get from you are great, if something is wrong with the web site then it does help me if it’s pointed out to us, things on line do sometimes work in a strange and mysterious way and things can foul up.

You will notice that from next week all our new films will be encoded in the MP4 format. This is because we are now using full size HIGH DEFINITION to give you the very best possible viewing experience and so that those of you with tablets and phones will be able to watch the films easier. You must however download them to your own computer to play them, we do not offer a streaming server. I would love to but it is just too expensive to run. I hope you enjoy the new format so please let me know. The best way to contact me direct is via my help desk at STRAND HELP DESK

Right it’s time to tell you about our latest film:

This is the second part of the story featuring the lovely Jess. Jess is now due the cane, she really annoyed me with her attitude when I was told she was having sex with my best friends wife. I had thought the paddling I gave her would have taught her a bit of humility but she was having none of it. I made her take off all her clothes then after giving her a good telling off she had to bend over for a very hard application of my cane. This girl I really do love, I still don’t know if she likes being punished or not, she certainly takes it well but she is so cheeky that I sometimes wonder about her. Still enjoy the film and the 300 other on the site at Spankingsarah