Does it feel like summer in the UK, well the answer is a big NO. It beats me how the English manage to keep so happy when the weather here is so poor., when you get rain for most of the year and winds of gale force almost every day. Well that maybe a bit of an exaggeration but that’s how it feels. Thankfully though there are lots of great spanking films for you to watch no matter where you are and some of the very best producers are English.

Lets have a look at what is out there to brighten up the days this week.

At English Spankers they have a new young lady, this is the second part of a story featuring her, she is called Amelia and in the first film she got a real hard paddling on her lovely bottom and in this one she gets a hell of a caning from Spanking Sarah. Now you may know that I do love to see new girls entering the scene and I always think you should introduce them to it quite gently, well they obviously do not see  things the same as me over at English Spankers because this young lady gets a real whacking from the paddle and a very hard caning, certainly not a gentle introduction. Amelia, I have to say seems to take this punishment very well and I just hope that we will be seeing more of her, she is young, pretty and certainly has a beautiful bottom, the rest of her is amazing as well so bring her back soon.

After watching Sarah over at ES lets take a look at what is on her site this week and it’s one of my favourite girls Lola Marie. Now this young lady can get pretty naughty as you may know, see some of the earlier films on Spanking Sarah. In this film she offers her body to a couple of rough looking builders, they decide not to take up her first offer but do accept the next one and that is to give her a paddling. Now if she thought they were going to be gentle with her she was mistaken, the pair of them really do get into the swing of things and lay those paddles across Lola’s pretty bottom with some sort of force. I must admit to feeling a bit sorry for her by the time they had finished whacking. There is more to this story but that will come out when you see the film.

There are some good new compilation videos out at Clips 4 Sale this week. These really do represent good value and I want to list just a few of them. CHANGES
Two beautiful ladies are to appear in the local dramatic arts theatre. When they get their costumes they try them on and then stat to make love. They are discovered by their producer who orders them to punish each other. This is just for starters, the real punishment comes when they are ordered to report to a special teacher for further instructions They have to change into school uniforms and then they are spanked and caned ferociously by a sadistic Mistress. They are taken to their limits and beyond. Hard caning nasty marks and amazing sexy undies and period costume make this a must watch film.


Three lovely young girls all experiencing their first punishment sessions in these full length films. Helen, innocent until after her first OTK spanking realizes that she quite likes the pain and plucking up her courage asks if there is more she can experience. Her beautiful pert bottom soon feels the effects of the leather paddle and the humiliation of the positions she has to adopt. Summer & Leigh, two very different girls, both naturally cheeky and both in need of some strict discipline. Over the course of these three films they experience hard spankings, the leather strap and paddle and then the exquisite pain that only comes from bending over the punishment stool for a good hard caning.

More later in the week but for a more in depth look at what’s new and some good free clips take a look at the Strand Video site. You can also find details of custom made videos here and links to a good hard sex site.
Next comeN


What’s new in spanking

Well everyone seems to be on holiday at the moment but I will give just a quick roundup of what is out there. I do keep referring to the Strand Video site. Here they seem to be keeping pretty much up to date with the large amount of material they are publishing every week, I don’t know how they do it but it always looks good and it’s top quality wit a nice mix of material so do get along and take a look. They also have some good clips you can play direct from the site.

There is a great film on English Spankers. Now I know this is not a new film but for me it is one of the schoolgirl classics. Katrina getting one hell of a punishment from just about the nastiest school mistress you ever did see. This is one of those films that you should have in your collection. Here is their write up:

Two films for the price of one, this week’s classic film is a real hard school story. Young Katrina gets paddled over her blue school knickers whilst bent over the punishment bench. Her knickers are removed and the leathering just continues till she is close to tears. Now this nasty mistress decides she needs to cane her unruly pupil and the position is resumed and the cane, a heavy senior cane is used to thrash this poor girl. Top film with the best school time action.

On Spanking Sarah we have the second film wit a very new young girl and I am still waiting to watch this one, just have not had time yet but if it is as good as the first part then we are in for a treat. Sarah does find more new young beauties to introduce to the spanking scene than anyone else and I for one always scramble to see the first films from these beauties. Here is what Sarah says about the film:

This is the second film with our newest young spankee Amelia and she is a real naughty girl. I had just given her a spanking under the shower and now she is messing about playing with toys when she should be off to school. I know just how informative a session over the knee having your bottom slippered can be and so that is exactly what happened to her. No, she did not like it but I really did lay into that cute bottom.

That’s it for now but just a quick mention of Sarah Spanks Men. This site is going from strength to strength and the beatings she is handing out to her male victims are getting harder every day. Take a look, there are over 100 films now I think and the site is quite cheap to join, excellent value for money. This is what Sarah has to say about the film now being highlighted:

Nigel is going to be my subject as I try out a new cane. I have a huge collection but I do like to know just what each and every one of them feels like. Nigel has in his time experienced quite a few canings but I intend that my new cane will make a real impression on him. I use this new one and to give him something to compare it with I chose one of my old faithful canes that is a real stinger. Let the fun begin! Well for me, but for him a whole lot of pain.






Some great compilation programs

I have been reviewing some more of the great compilation films around at the moment, these represent extremely good value for money and for the most part they seem to be at DVD quality but without all the hassle and cheaper. Some are based just on one girl and some on a single theme, like uniforms, caning, nurses, domestic and so on. I have picked a few and give below they write up that goes with them.  All these compilations can be downloaded from two reliable download sites, don’t be tempted to go to the pirate sites as you will get hacked or viruses! Try these for instant downloads: Clip Store   or Spanking Library

Housewife Punishment 64 mins
The first part of this series are two film stories from Mr. Sterns private collection. As one of the best known disciplinarians in the UK he gets called upon by husbands who simply can’t instil discipline in their wives. Thy have usually arrived at the conclusion that they need help and they call Mr Stern. He always videos these encounters and now you can see some of them. Joanne is a 28 years old housewife and her husband wants her to be punished. She has agreed to try this as a means to sorting out their marriage. In the first part she is spanked by her husband under instruction from Stern, in the second film she is bent over a chair and paddled hard by both her husband and Mr Stern. She is left well bruised and marked and sorry for her behaviour. The next two films feature big busted housewife Andria, she is caught by her husband as she is taking part in a dirty sexy web cam show. Not pleased by his wife showing off her body he throws her over the table and after spanking her he takes a leather paddle to her bare bottom and gives her a hell of a whacking. He then decides that as there is money to be made he will encourage her by putting on punishment shows for the webcam customers. Dressed in sexy undies Andria has to take a whacking with various paddles and floggers for the audience as well as displaying her ample charms.

Lauren Langley Complete punishment 49 mins

Lauren Langley is one of our top glamour and porno models who has starred in many films but until we shot her, she had never been spanked. In this amazing film you will see everything she shot for us. From her first interview at our studios to her first hard over the knee spanking, then onto a bare bottom paddling and the final punishment a good caning that left her beautiful bottom marked and red. In-between all this we see her posing for our cameras, doing a session with her vibrator and the final scene where she said a big thank you to our photographer by giving him an amazing blow job. Lucky man. Don’t miss out on this film, its all good hard spanking action and some good hard sex.

Zandia Lee A very Rude Wife 50 mins

This lady was introduced to us by her husband, she wanted to try a bit of spanking but it was not his thing. He told us she was naturally cheeky, rude and not very well behaved and it would give him a lot of pleasure to see her getting some really hard punishment. We decided to use the fact that she was a bit naughty in these four films. She starts out as a trainee mistress in a senior school who does not know how to discipline her charges, the headmaster soon has her over his knee spanking her by way of instruction. She later comes to him dressed in a school uniform, daring him to go further, well he does and the school paddle soon has her screaming and her first rears. The next film s see her trying to seduce the film maker, this is the rude part of her nature, as you can guess punishments swiftly follow and she is exposed in the most humiliating way for a paddling. Nothing is hidden and some great close up action of her bottom turning red.

Well that’s about it for now, later I will post a review of the sites and feature some new films. Keep smiling and most of all keep on spanking!


Round up of the best spanking of the week

Just a very quick round up of the blogs for this week starting with a new story from Sarah Spanks Men, this site goes from strength to strength and so do the films, I have to say, I would not want to be on the wrong end of one of Sarah’s punishment canes!

In this story Sarah introduces Lola Marie to the spanking of men. This is a long story, Lola Marie tried to do my builders out of some money, she offered sex instead but it all went wrong and they ended up beating her and spanking her. I caught them at it and then I caned Lola. You can see this story on my other site. In this story you get to see the revenge I let Lola extract from these two builders who had taken advantage of this poor innocent girl. I let her use two different paddles on their bottoms till I felt they were sorry for their actions.

Turning next to Spanking Sarah we have another episode of that fab spanking soap Unladylike Manor and in this one poor maid Suzanne, a firm favourite with so many of you gets it hard.

At last I have sufficient reason to cane Lady Suzanne who, because she lost all her money and went to prison is now my maid. I must admit, I do love to ill-treat her, well she is so beautiful and is a rival for my stupid husbands affections. Kodders The butler fetches my cane, I get Suzanne to strip and then I cane her without any mercy, just the way I love to inflict punishments in this amazing story, the latest in my spanking soap.

English Spankers this week sees the second part of the story with lovely glamour model Satine Spark.

Satine has been playing on her web cam but she does not realize the seriousness of her game. She has been demanding that men send her money. This must come to an end and Sarah knows just how to do this, a very humiliating slippering. First of all in the traditional bent over position but then in the very exposed diaper position where everything Satine has got is on show and not only that is available for the slipper to cause her extreme pain.

Ending with Redstripe Films and a real classic with a lady I remember well but I know our newer viewers will not. Allison Jane makes one of the best adult schoolgirls ever but in this film she takes on a different role with just as much effect.

This is another of our true classic films featuring a lady who is no longer in the spanking business but who did used to love a good hard spanking and caning. In this, we think one of her best films she gets stripped naked apart from stockings and is then flogged with a rather naughty small leather flogger. Once this is complete she is thoroughly caned on her beautiful large and firm bottom.



A good news week

Well it does make a change to be able to report some good news in the midst of all the mind bending rubbish being spouted by your British politicians at the moment! For those who don’t read the UK news let me just say that there is a debate as to whether the UK stays in the European disaster called the common market or goes its own way just as it has done for hundreds of years quite successfully. I think everyone is fed up with this so the more important news is that Pandora Blake who runs Dreams of Spanking has won her appeal against the state sensors ATVOD. Go to Spanking News and read all about it. Congratulations Pandora.

Now to the new spanking films out this week. For me the best by far has to be on English Spankers where Kiki Vee is the new plaything of Mistress Sarah Stern. Kiki is just one amazing lady, very beautiful and blessed with an enormous pair of firm lily white boobs. Well, they were white till Sarah started beating them with her riding crop. Now I know what you will say, this is not strictly action which comes within the spanking scene but for me it just has to be included, there are more and more people doing it, or so it seems from what I see online that we need to widen the category to include this and maybe one or two other things.

Fear not however for when Sarah tires of the verbal threatening of young Kiki and the beating of her beautiful boobs she makes this poor girl bend over, she then produces what I think is the biggest heaviest spanking paddle I have seen and whacks Kiki’s firm but small bottom with it…Hard! Kiki takes this prolonged beating well  but it is obvious that she is experiencing the full pain one would expect from this implement but it is equally obvious that she does not want to stop it. Just as well for next Sarah brings out a wooden paddle, once again not just a wooden paddle but a well constructed heavy one designed to give pain. It is often said by those who don’t know that the implements used on spanking film shoots don’t really hurt, fakes maybe? Let me disabuse them of that, these implements do hurt and I am sure if you still don’t believe it that Sarah would be delighted to prove the point to you. For me, I believe! If you want to see a clip from this film and maybe download just the sequence then you can go to this Clips4Sale site


What a good spanking week

It’s been one of those weeks for me. Not felt too good but with so many things to do I did manage to struggle to the computer most days. A call to the doctor did no good, no appointments till a week next Thursday! Could be dead by then so  had a good scream and moan and think I may be kicked out of the practice now. Oh well such is life…or death.


Back to those things which I hope interest you and the biggest thing is that all the STRAND group of web sites have revised their billing forms and now offer a very very much reduced join price if you join two sites at once. So you pay the full price for one site but extremely well reduced for one other.  Thanks for that, it’s always good to be able to save a bit of money and get to see more spanking.

Sarah’s men’s site seems to be getting some really good stuff on their now. Her regular sub Kodders seems to be branching out and now runs her blog, take a look at it you will find it here. This is all for those guys who love to have  a nasty woman beet the shit out of them. Not my thing, my wife did try to get me top try it but by the time she had stopped laughing at my spotty arse we had to give up. In this week’s story Kodders and George get a right sorting out and leave her home well marked up.

English Spankers has the second part of a story featuring two ladies who are a genuine couple and so very welcome. It’s the turn of Lucy, a complete newbie to spanking to not only get spanked but to feel the full effect of a rather well used riding crop on her delectable bare bottom. I really liked the way her lover Rascal comforted her and you could feel a real empathy there. Don’t forget to look at the join form on English Spankers to fin out which site you can get a cheap membership for.

Spanking Sarah this week features that very much loved spankee Jasmine Lau. Sarah quite wisely tried to do something a bit different here so she gave Jasmine the camera and told her to make her own film of her spanking herself. After a slow start she really did get into it and I really enjoyed it. I am told that the next part of this is going to be a real surprise but I have to say I am happy with the first part.

There are many girls I have watched over the years as they entered the spanking scene, made films, went to clubs and generally got into things. One of these was Nimoy, crazy name crazy girl but what a girl. I was very fortunate to have been one of the first to deal with this young madam and a great pleasure it was to. This film on Redstripe Films  is a true classic as it is possibly the first she ever made. I can’t say that for sure but to me it certainly looks like it. She takes the part of a very nasty teenage school girl and plays the roll perfectly, well she would as she could not have been more than 18 at this time. She gets a hard spanking from the Head Master, another well know veteran of the spanking scene. I love this film just as I really admire Nimoy for doing her own thing in the scene and starting her own very alternative web site.




Blog Round Up

I am a great fan of the lovely, mature spanking model Suzanne Smart, for me she has it all. What a pretty lady, talented, great body, loves to get into roll play and the main thing she obviously enjoys what she is doing. Sometimes you look at a film and think, OK they made a film but I’m not convinced that the participants are putting everything in to it. I am all for authenticity and that’s what she gives. She does put everything into the parts she plays and I noticed this particularly in the Unladylike Manor series of films where she seems to get beaten by just about everyone.

This weeks update on English Spankers has her taking a quite long and severe paddling, flogging and whipping, over all her body from that very nasty Mr. Stern. She has asked him in his capacity as a person of influence to have her bad driving conviction removed from the records, this he has done and in return she has offered him full use of her body to indulge him his favourite pastime. The film is well shot and as I say, Suzanne really does give it everything and boy, can’t you see the difference when someone really does like doing what they are doing.

Next and a special mention to Lucy and her husband Adrian, they have made a series of their own films and the last one is out today on Restripe Films. This has been a very entertaining series from this spanking happy couple and I have to say that Lucy really has amazed me. She is a submissive young lady who takes a good beating but not before she has been very cheeky to Adrian. The cheek seems to come naturally as do the punishments he hands out to her so I guess they have a pretty interesting home life.

Spanking Sarah this week has another episode from that amazing spanking soap, Unladylike Manor. This episode sees the final scene with the new PA April May. Lady Stern appears dressed in her very sexy nuns costume, I have seen this in earlier episodes and have to say Sarah, you look SOOO sexy! Certainly does it for me. Anyway, back to the film, April falls foul of the lady of the house, well we expect that to happen but then she does have to bend over to take one hell of a good hard caning. The cane is delivered accurately and very expertly by Sarah leaving a nice array of straight lines across Aprils delectable bottom. So, what’s not to like? Nothing at all, loved it and I think this is Episode 43 so if you have not seen it yet catch up with it on Sarah’s site or you can get individual episodes at her clips site




There is a newish site I really like, it is part of the Spanking Sarah group and what they have done is to take all the handmade sequences from all their other sites and to put them together in this one place Handy Spank Cam. Now what they mean by Hand Made is that all the sequences are shot using hand held cameras but in such a way and with such style that you actually think it is you there with the camera.

They incorporate into this also a lot of the very popular POV style shooting which once again takes you right into the heart of the film. The other good thing I like is that the films are not like the usual shaky stuttering efforts that we see but are obviously shot using very expensive steady cam gear. So, as I said it is a newish site, it does update every week and you will be getting I understand some hard-core sex films as well as the usual ladies and guys being spanked, caned and other wise punished. The site at the moment has over 40 films but the membership price reflects this at only £10 and that price you can keep forever even when, as they will, increase their prices.

The latest update features the popular big boobed glamour model KIKI VEE, I simply love this girl and know that she really is into the spanking scene and it does show as she gets into some very painful trouble in this film. Other girls to have featured include, April May, Rascal, Ashleigh, Bemby and a very sexy scene with LOLA MARIE


Round up of the sites

Summer is here, well for the week end at least so maybe we will get our first BBQ of the year in. After spending so long in Spain it is hard to be back in the UK if only for a few weeks. You know I used to love England but with what is happening with the political situation, extreme right wing government, austerity, prices going up all the time, censorship of porn, persecution of UK web site owners I thought it’s back to my main home in the sun! OK we have a lot of the same problems there but at least it’s warm and the wine is cheap.

Back to work though and I have to tell you and show you just what is happening on the spanking scene. lets make a start.


This is the continuation of a certain story line and it just gets better, featuring two lovely girls who are new to the spanking scene doing what they seem to like. Well, one seems too like it the other seems to be suffering a bit. Rascal and her lover Lucy are booked in to do a spanking film shoot but when they arrive it is obvious that they have been practicing on each other. The producers are none too happy about this and tell them that they will have to go straight into one of the harder parts of the film without a warm up spanking. They do not like the idea of this but have little option. Rascal is the first to bare her bottom for a damn hard over the knee session and then straight into a nasty riding crop.


Another young lady who is very new to the spanking scene and she is a real young looker. Redstripe used to feature the older lady but I for one don’t object when they vary the content. This young lady fits the part she is playing here perfectly. Alex is a small very quiet girl well that is what she would have us all believe. The truth is that she can be a bit of a bully at her senior school and that has to be dealt with at home. A stout slipper is maybe the way to make this young thing see some sense of reason. Knickers removed she is made to bend over for a long hard slippering and her tears will not stop it.


Just the very best site on the net, for me this site has everything, the very best girls, good hard story lines, it’s well shot and full of surprises and loads of bonus content. I like this new mini series they are shooting, Mr Sterns Spankers Cook Book. I don’t know if he will ever publish the book or even if he will get it finished judging by the incompetent help he seems to keep getting but it is loads of fun watching him trying to get it together. Mr Stern is trying to make another episode of his film of the spanking cook book in production. This time he is assured that the young lady he has hired is a good cook and knows all about everything to do with the kitchen. What she did not say however was that she was vegetarian and today they are supposed to be cooking steak Trouble is brewing and she will be on the receiving end of his wrath and his hard hand.




Spanking roundup

There is a range of good stuff out at the moment, lots of very pretty ladies and great spankings. Lets make a start with Redstripe Films they always seem to try and go for something a little different and I have to say this week they have a real cracker of a spankee. The very lovely Kiki Vee, crazy name lovely girl with great big firm boobs. If you are like me and associate big firm boobs with tight bum cheeks then this is the girl for you. I happen to know that she also loves to get her boobs and her bottom well beaten. In this film she will be getting a bit of everything.

Kiki the maid was supposed to be cleaning out the food cupboards whilst her mistress was away from home, well I suppose you could say she was doing that but she was very provocatively dressed flaunting her big boobs for all to see as was found out when returning home unexpectedly. She soon confessed that she was after the husband, well that will not do so the mistress set about teaching her a lesson with the biggest leather paddle she has. Bent over the kitchen table she soon felt the pain on her hands and bottom. A great spanking film, provocatively filmed with his lovely spanking lover.

English Spankers comes up with surprises all the time and this film is no exception. This web site has featured for me, some of the best spanking scenes I have watched, it really makes a difference when the people behind the sites know there subject and love what they are doing. That is our guarantee of getting excellent films to watch and not just the usual old grind that seems to come from so many sites. 

Young Lindsay is on her bed playing with her pussy, giving it some very rapt attention she does not notice her guardian enter the room. For some strange reason he is not best pleased and decides she will get her lovely backside spanked and spanked hard. I do know that this is the first and I think only spanking film made by Lindsay and her bottom turns a lovely shade of red very quickly. Not content with that, she has to report to the sitting room where she is whipped over the top of her fishnet tights and then on her  bare bottom. Seemed a bit harsh to me but there you go. Once again a good hard spanking film with a very attractive and new spankee.


The Journey

Sometimes a film comes along that makes you realise that there are some pretty good producers in the spanking industry,  they turn out consistently good films with stories you can watch and follow and which have evidently been correctly shot and edited. The Journey is one such and I understand it was written by the lady  featured in it. Suzanne Smart has for a few years now been amongst my favourite spankees, she does not do a great number of films, seeming to pick chose just the things she feels comfortable doing and good for her. Back to the journey, this is a compilation of three parts all coming together to take us through her journey into pain and a degree of loneliness. I found it fascinating and very watchable. Suzanne is a natural talent and I don’t mean just in the spanking parts, she carries her part as naturally as if it were for real, OK and maybe it is and I just loved it. This is what it’s all about:

Most acclaimed CP film of its time follows Mary on her journey into pain. This script was written by her and for her and we know you will enjoy the experience. 68 Mins of the best CP action. This is a dark story about a cheating wife and her descent into a kind of hell. She will suffer pain and humiliation at her husband’s hands and the hands of others.

This film tells the story of her remorse at being caught out being dishonest, the punishment decided upon and administered by her husband comes hard and fast and without mercy. BE WARNED this story goes to new places we think you will love it . A SPANKING MANSION FILM After being punished at home by her husband Suzanne has a visit from the Disciplinarian, she does not know what to expect but fears the very worst, The beatings start, a wooden paddle, a leather strap, a multi stranded whip and a huge leather paddle that rocks her whole body with pain.  She is to take at least 30 strokes of the cane, each stroke to be delivered full force and deliberately designed to show her husband’s displeasure. She is soon bent over, put into the receiving position, waiting as the cane is made ready. Suzanne has come to a sort of realization, she needs to be punished, this maybe the reason for her bad behavior, she craves the pain and the humiliation she knows will come with the punishment.  She is secured, blindfolded, whipped, flogged and her whole body made to feel the pain that comes with a total submissive punishment. A real good story and it can be found at the Spanking Library and Clips4Sale as well as at the Redstripe Films


Your favourite housewives on one program

I must say I am  getting to like these extended programs and compilations, reminds me of the days of DVD’s, does anyone still buy them? The latest is a selection of great housewife punishment scenes with some ladies I know you love to see getting it hard. On this program there is Danny Loveday, Shanelle who I understand only does the topping now so always good to see her perfect bottom getting tanned. Then ther eis sexy and naughty Nimue mature housewife Annie and a lady I have not seen before called Kerry and she certainly does take a real hard cold caning. anyway the program runs for around 62mins and can be found at The Spanking Library and Clips4Sale This is the text describing the action:

Housewife punishments Vol 1 Comp-19

This is a collection of spanking, paddling and caning films all featuring housewives and shows them in a variety of situations. We have some great over the knee spankings with a young wife who just takes her punishment. She is then placed in the diaper position and her legs spread for an embarrassing spanking. Our next wife Shanelle is dressed in her 1960s dress and undies as she is bent over in the kitchen and spanked. Next a mature wife who comes with her husband so that he may learn how to punish her. Great undies as she is spanked OTK and then given a good hard paddling. A young wife has to report to the institute for correctional punishment. She is given an internal to make sure she has no drugs before being placed over a punishment bench and cold caned. Next our mature wife is caned, hard by her husband who really does get into the swing of it. Our last sequence features a cold caning, no messing just bent over the block and caned long and hard. A classic collection of housewife punishment films.


New Compilation videos

I did want to bring more of the new longer running compilation programs, these for the most part are featuring one lady or one subject. I have picked out a few you may find interesting from the many different ones out there.

The first I want to show you features a story from Sarah Sly Private Eye, yes the name says it all so this is what happens. This is Sarah’s first case as a private eye and it is a most unsavory one but let her tell you about it.

Sami’s husband contacted me and told me she was working for a porno film company. I hotfooted it along to their studio where I filmed her in dirty sex acts before bursting in and ejecting the filthy photographer. I then set about teaching this young lady a lesson she would not forget. First she gets a hell of an OTK spanking before I get my heaviest paddle and use it on her bare bottom. I tell her to report to my office the next day for more corrective punishment. In my office I subject her to a prolonged thrashing with paddles, whips, riding crops and floggers. I make sure to cover every part of her body, this young lady gets the full treatment.

My next case is very unpleasant, I am called to a private hospital by the matron who fears that some of her elderly patients are being blackmailed and threaten into changing their will into the favor of a certain young nurse. I plot up in one of the rooms and actually catch this nasty piece of work in the process of threatening poor old Paul. I soon get a hold of her and I will tell you I made her suffer. I give her a spanking she will not forget, ending with her laying over Paul’s legs so he can witness this at close quarters.

The next is a follow on from the previous story but taking it a whole lot further.

I am next called to a school where one of the teachers is using excessive corporal punishment, only the headmaster can spank and cane the pupils and the head master is not best pleased now he has been told. He agrees to punish Miss Blake the teacher by giving her a humiliating spanking and then a thorough caning on the bare bottom.

Next is a series of three films featuring a very naughty young runaway. She has been placed in a secure home but will not obey the rules and finds herself being spanked, paddled and slippered. She decides to run away and finds a local priest who falls for a sob story she gives him. It is not long before I track her down and the truth about her criminal past, her behavior at her previous home and some petty crimes she has committed whilst with the priest all come out. She is subjected to a prolonged and serious session of punishments including a strapping, paddling and a severe double caning. Excellent all action compilation.

Last for this update, something very different and very heavy. Be warned it has some hard BDSM and sex scenes but I really do like it.

Be warned! This is an extreme film so be warned! Yvette is part of a local neighbourhood club where mature couples organize sex and punishment evenings. It is her turn to be the submissive one and she gets the full treatment. She is secured and paddled, she is flogged, she has her tits tied and beaten. Laying on a bed candle wax is dripped onto her large bottom already marked from a number of beatings she has received. Another dominant lady puts on a large strap on dildo and fucks the hapless Yvette mercilessly as she is on her hands and knees. She is then put over a punishment stool and fucked from behind whilst another cock is rammed into her mouth. She is suspended and clips are used on the spread lips of her pussy and around her large breasts. Whilst suspended she is fucked from the rear. Three guys and a bitch woman have their way with her in this very hard film with a real nasty surprise ending.





Extended Length Compilations

Loads of new things out this week and I just wanted to tell you about a new series of Extended length compilations only available at the moment from a couple of places. These are films covering either specific genre like caning, uniform, schoolgirl etc. or a particular girl. There are quite a few out there but I am outlining just a few and where they are available. ONLY AVAILABLE FROM THESE TRUSTED SITES:

Spanking Library  and Clips4Sale

School Punishments Compilation 01 Running time 57mins

First on this program is Katrina, she is given to the care of an extremely nasty mistress. She is bent over the school punishment bench where she is spanked over regulation knickers before they come down and she is paddled on her bare bottom. The headmistress then takes a full length school punishment cane and thrashes this poor girls bottom leaving it welted and covered in stripes.

Film 2 features Sarah who is discovered smoking in her uniform at home. She is cheeky and so she is to be spanked. First on regulation white knickers and then on her bare bottom with knickers pulled tight up. This was her very first spanking

Film 3 Features CJ & Emily CJ is the teacher who has punished pupil Emily and a complaint is made to the headmaster. He gets teacher and pupil together and slowly the truth emerges. The result is that both are punished. Bent over the school desk they are spanked and paddled and then caned soundly

Film 4 Features Donna, she has just returned from school and still in uniform she is overheard using profane language. This results in a well over the top punishment. She is paddled OTK and then given a prolonged and severe caning.

Sex and punishment compilation 01 Running time 56 mins

The first film features mature housewife Allison. Her husband has requested the disciplinarian to attend his wife, she is refusing him sex and is generally badly behaved. He has left the method of punishment to the disciplinarian. It is decided that she will be spanked and then caned on her quit large but firm bottom. She does not want this and is truculent and very unhelpful from the very start. It is necessary to be firm and not to take any messing as her panties are removed and the spanking is given. She is then told she will be caned and caned hard. Once again she adopts an attitude but the cane strokes are delivered.

In the next film Allison has not seen fit to mend her manners and so she is given another caning and then told she will have to submit to full sex. She has to go onto her knees and give oral sex to a stranger before being fucked and made to take the cum into her open pussy. She is completely subjugated and punished

Film three features another housewife, this is June and she is cheating on her husband. She starts outside in her garden by giving the Gardner a blow job before going inside and having full sex with him on the kitchen table. Unbeknown to the couple the husband has returned home and catches them at it. He shows no mercy as he takes his wife and proceeds to punish her with a spanking on her bare bottom.

Caning compilation svcomp-04 Running time 43 mins

The first sequence shows Bettina in the headmasters study, she has been spanked and paddled and now she is to bend over for the cane, To say that she does not like the cane is an understatement. She really feels the pain and she lets us know. Great school uniform.

The second sequence has Jo in the office, once again she has been spanked but now she has to go over the caning horse for a good swishing with the office punishment cane. Her pert tight bottom absorbs every stroke as the caning gets underway.

Next a short sharp shock for Susan, bent over the spanking bench a caning is delivered in the no nonsense way we expect from a serious caner. A flick of the wrist and a hard stroke lands on her big bottom.

Now to Allison Jane, a very submissive lady she knows she deserves to be punished and takes her caning in this manner. Bent over the bed in a hotel bedroom once again this is a no messing caning.

This next is an early film of Nimu, it is in fact her first film caning and she shows just what has made her one of the top UK spankees. She loves to be punished but she was not expecting such a fierce caning.

Mature housewife Annie is the next to bend over, she is argumentative and belligerent and she does deserve this hard caning delivered by her husband without mercy.

Film 7 has Sarah Collins receiving a very nasty caning from her boyfriend. The looks on her face tell a whole story as he speed canes her.

Our last caning is of Val, this was part of a long two girl experience featuring our first spankee Susan. Here we have taken the long and painful caning delivered to Val, nothing more to say, a hard and efficient caning.

There are many more to come in this series and I will bring them to you later. All the films are available individually on the various web sites like English Spankers and Spanking Sarah



Blog roundup

Lots of good things out there in spanking land this week so lets get right down to it. I do like to see a nice, natural loving spanking, still quite hard but from a different aspect and there is nothing better than when the girls doing it actually are lovers, so that takes me straight to


This is what Fiona has to say: One of our newest young spanking models enjoyed her first shoot so much she asked if she could bring her girlfriend along to shoot with us, we of course said yes and were pleased to meet lovely, sexy Lucy. They wanted to do something which reflected their life together so it was a very natural and sexy film we finished up with. This was the very first time that Lucey has been spanked or paddled and she was in truth a bit scared but you will see that she soon got into the whole thing and did enjoy the somewhat painful experience. A lovely film but with some good hard spanking and paddling. I think it is maybe the first film we have featured with girlfriends doing there own thing. They tell me that they liked the experience so much that they are spanking each other at home. I think that’s just great to expand the thrills into your personal love making.

Next we have Sarah and her amazing site, always something interesting here as this lady works so hard to make her films as hard as possible and to continue to find some of the best new girls around. So here is what Sarah has to say.


This is the continuation of the story I started telling last week. I usually do leave a break of a week between two part stories, just so if that was not your thing you get to see something different but in this case I had a load of requests to put this second part up. I think it has something to do with the fact that it is a caning film and they are always the most popular
Kiki has been well paddled after admitting to molesting a girl at her place of work and her boss has left it to this girl to decide if Kiki should receive more punishment. The girl says yes, she is adamant that she wants Kiki to be caned and caned hard. There is no way out for Kiki, she has to bend over and take a long hard caning on her bare bottom. Now Kiki does love to get her bottom spanked and paddled, she even provided her own paddle for last weeks film but the one thing she does not like is the cane. I think you may realise that from the film.

Now we come to Redstripe Films and Sandra has a real good one for us. This features a young lady we do not see too often but I really do like. I know she does live the spanking lifestyle and loves to get a good spanking and I quite like this naughty story, the only one she has done like this.



Rachael is one of those girls who is very happy with her own company and who certainly thinks that what she does in the privacy of her own bed is her business. Sean has different ideas, she should be out and about doing other things and being very much a prude he does not agree that ladies should be able to pleasure themselves with dildos and other toys. When he catches Rachael playing with her dildo and getting very carried away he is not best pleased and shows this in no uncertain terms by putting her over his knee and spanking her bare bottom very hard.

Well there we go, a good selection of good spanking films and don’t forget, if you want to see clips from any of these films or indeed just buy the single sequences you can go to this trusted download site


Blog round up

Another week ends and there are some real spanking goodies out there I must say. I thought I would start this week with a blog from AAASpanking. John is always an interesting guy to read, he puts it like it is and his blog is entertaining. He is currently running a completion to find the best or most improved web site out there. Take a look at the blog, I cast my vote for  Spanking Sarah but you put your vote where you will.

I am not sure if I like competitions , web sites are all different and I think we all know those where the owners are really trying to give us something a bit different and a bit better and those who just dish out a video they shot on their phone whilst they had nothing better to do. It’s the same with the talent who appear in the films, you may get a girl who is a great actress and can realy put over the story but does she do it for you in the spanking department? That for me is where it matters. I have to say I am a bit biased, I do happen to love our English girls, for me they are absolutely the very best, Yes I know that there are many great spanking starlets in the USA but, well maybe it’s something as simple as the use of language, the terminology, the nuances,  something anyway that does not ever sit quite right with me.

There are at least a couple of UK sites now based out of the USA, more for safety from ATVOD reasons than anything else I suspect and good for them but I do hope they keep to their majority use of our beautiful English girls.

Back to Spanking Sarah and her blog post this week. I have already covered this sequence in an earlier post but I think it’s interesting to see what Sarah has to say:

I think that all of our films are pretty amazing,  we shoot with so many girls brand new to the industry.  Once they have filmed with the very best then they often go on to film with other Producers.  April is one such girl.  We have made many films with April but I do believe that this is one of the very best.  You will soon see her on other sites but I doubt whether you will see her quite like this.

It is quite hard to try and make original spanking films.  We try to be unique, not just with our choice of models but with our storylines also but it obviously is hard to always think of new things to do.   We know we are a market leader – why else would other Producers be rallying to get shoots with the girls we have introduced to the industry?  We are risk takers – most of our models have never ever been spanked before.  We always ask them for their input and if there is anything they want to try and do then we are always happy to facilitate.

April wanted to try her hand at self spanking.   In a few short months she had gone from a complete spanking novice to enjoying it so much that she wanted to do it herself!  I know lots of people who self spank but none of them do it as sexily as April!  The girl is very bendy and can get herself into all sorts of positions as viewers of this spectacular will see.    Over the years we have made several self spanking films with many different models and I can honestly say that in my opinion this one is the very best of the lot.  The fact that Mr Stern is such a good cameraman and editor helps but April absolutely excelled all expectations in this full length film.

April choose several different implements that she wanted to beat herself with and decided that she wanted to make this an almost a POV  with the watcher being part of the whole experience.  She talks to you as she smacks herself and she does not hold back.  This film has to be seen to be believed and you can view it by joining SpankingSarah for as little as £11.00 per month.  Don’t want to join a membership site?  You can by the film at Clips4Sale or at Spanking library.

We are filming with three new models this month, watch the blog for updates on how they get on with the wonderful world of spanking. 

That was a pretty forthright statement from Sarah and I suppose that there are always those who make that extra effort to gout and find the people but then I certainly can’t fault anyone else who tracks down the same person and, because they are so good, wants them on their own site.


Self Spanking

You have to ask, why would you spank yourself? In my case I would need to do a lot more than just ask I would need to be mad to even think about it. BUT that’s me. It could be that from another point of view and from another person it is a very pleasurable thing to do and something to while away the hours between Jeremy Vile and Beast Enders. Why am I even discussing this you may ask? Well the reason is I have just left my old mate Ernie the editor and he is working on an amazing bit of film featuring a young lady I do like to see as often as possible and indeed have seen around quite a bit recently, the ever lovely April May. She has been filming with Spanking Sarah  and asked them if she could do a self spanking scene. Apparently they thought Oh dear, we have been whacking her too hard and she wants to tame it down a bit so, OK go ahead.

When you see this film you will realise that nothing was further from Aprils mind. She looks like a sex goddess, instant turn on, then she starts to spank, slap, paddle and even whip herself. Now you would think that this would be a good chance to tone things down a bit, April is not the sort of girl to get carried away but she really does go to town on this video. She gives herself a real hard slapping about and it’s obvious that she is loving it. All the time she is talking to us and describing her feelings.

The girls at Spanking Sarah said this was just the best self spanking scene they had ever shot and I have no cause to doubt this. It’s erotic, it’s hot its hard it’s rude it’s April May at her lovely best. If you don’t look at any other film this week get along to Spanking Sarah and check this out. There will be from Tuesday a clip on their Clips4Sale site



Blog round up for the new year

English Spankers

I do hope you all had a great time at New year. This time of the year is notoriously miserable so why not cheer yourself up by joining English Spankers? We can’t guarantee you any sunshine but we can guarantee that you will not regret your membership for as little as £11.30 per month you can watch over 300 films and matching photo galleries. If you don’t like joining membership sites then don’t worry. All our films can be bought on an individual basis at Spanking Library or our Clips4Sale site.

The first film of 2016 is a great one and stars the lovely Lola Marie. She made her spanking debut with us quite a few years ago and we loved her. Lola Marie is an amazing young lady who can take a huge amount of punishment.

When we filmed with her last year she mentioned that she had yet to join the Sexy Cleaning Company! She was quite upset not to have been included in this Hall of Fame so we decided that we needed to change this sooner rather than later.

Lola Marie looks pretty amazing in her Maid Uniform and soon shows Mr Stern her cleaning skills. Predictably, he has her reaching up high and bending low so he can get lots of upskirt and down shirt shots with his camera.

Once he is satisfied with her cleaning skills, he gets to the main part of the Sexy Cleaning Company interview. Can Lola Marie take a good hard spanking? Well, we all know the answer to that question is a resounding Yes but it would be a short and rather boring film if we just took her word for it wouldn’t it?

Mr Stern convinces Lola Marie that in order to make the grade as a sexy cleaner than she needs to take not only a good hard bare bottom hand spanking but a good dose of the crop as well. Lola agrees to take the spankings and drapes herself over the knee.

Her bottom looks rather amazing in her sexy knickers but it is not long before they are taken down so that her bare flesh can feel the full force of Mr Stern and his hard and heavy hand. He does not do much of the spanking anymore but when he does he certainly makes sure that the recipient knows that she has been spanked! A prolonged and painful spanking is followed by a good cropping which certainly leaves it mark. To watch the full film and many hundreds more go and join English Spankers

Spanking Sarah
I have a really great start to our new year of spanking films. What do you get when you take a good story, Amelia Jane Rutherford and the London Tanner. Putt them all together and film the result? I will tell you, you get a great spanking and leathering film to start off the year.

This is a new episode in an occasional series we do featuring stories from my private detective agency. Now I don’t rally own one so do not get me watching out for unfaithful wives or husbands, I might just find one. This series has some good stories and this sis no exception. Amelia Jane Rutherford is working with me in my private detective agency and is out to help a housewife in trouble. Her husband is spending far too much time in his garden shed and she needs to know what he is up to. There are strange goings on and lots of noises she does not understand. Amelia breaks into the shed and discovers it is the workshop of a leather manufacturer and as he returns she is in line to find out just what sort of leather goods he is making. Co-starring the London Tanner and Portia Rue. That’s the story and the London Tanner gets to use one of his favourite straps on one of our favourite ladies.

Now membership at my site is for as little as around £11 per month, that’s not bad for over 300 full length films plus pictures and other members product. If you feel that you don’t want to join a membership site then you can download my films at my Spanking Library or my Clips4Sale store. These are reliable places you can download top quality films from, so please take a look, you can also see free clips on the stores.



What a lovely day

Good morning on this lovely Christmas day. The sun is trying to shine and not a trace of snow, well not where I am but spare a thought for those poor folk who have once again been flooded out of their homes and what a day to be in that state. We wish them well and hope that despite everythin else they manage to have a good Christmas.

One bit of good, heart-warming news. The NHS quire have the Christmas number one spot, good for them and good for Justin Bieber who helped them on the way, no need for him to have done that but just shows the boy does have a heart. Can’t tell that to my teenage daughter at the moment though, she goes to all his concerts in the UK and fancied a “meet and greet” with her idol, but not at £1500 a time. Come on Justin, you are a rich guy don’t let your promotions people rob the kids.

OK and back to the spanking and it’s Christmas so I don’t have too much time to write things so it’s a Roundup of the blogs.

First up is English Spankers
Well it’s almost the end of another great spanking year and we at Spanking Towers want to thank all our loyal members who have continued to support us despite the economic downturn and the proliferation of pirated material on the internet. We sometimes get sustained attacks on our sites from these individuals who just want to rob hard working people, sad folk that they are they think it right to steel the fruits of other people’s labours. During the past year though we have been able to trace some who were pirating and some who were downloading and we have some satisfaction in the outcome of actions taken!

If you want to see good new spanking films then please don’t buy from these talentless scumbags, not only will the product be not of the same quality but you could and almost certainly will end up with your credit card cloned and a virus on your computer. We do try to warn people and believe me it is happening. You can but our legitimate films now, individually at such a reasonable rate as to make it a stupid exercise using pirate site.

We have started putting together compilations of films, some over 60 mins long and these can be obtained from our two instant download sites HERE & HERE These sites are safe, secure and you get the film just as we intended.

This week we have a great film with a lovely lady called Lulu Lush, here are the details:

Big boobed Lulu Lush has just been spanked by her husband and she tells us all about it before setting out to show us. As she is paddling her own bottom reality suddenly goes out of the window and her husband is there with the leather paddle in hand and is giving her already red bottom a hell of a paddling. She says she likes it but, well I am not so sure, she did get it hard and it is her first ever paddling. Gear real husband and wife punishment film. Take a look at our site now with well over 300 original films right here

It just remains to wish you all a very happy, spanky Christmas and spare some time to be nice to someone not as well off as yourself. Fiona,Sarah,Mr. Stern and the crew in Spain.

Next we have the Lovely Spanking Sarah’s blog

It’s not even Christmas yet and I still have things to do and I still have not got a present for Mr Stern. Now I know what he wants but I am not sure that I want to spend the whole of Christmas with a sore bottom so he might have to make do with a new shirt instead. I have loads of baking still to do, we have the lovely Kodders joining us this year for Christmas so I will have to keep him in order and you know what that means! We have lots of family and that’s especially nice, as your kids get older you can so easily lose contact with them.

We have been so busy, we are going to come to the UK for Christmas, it’s just not the same in Spain, although I do like the New Year celebrations there. I know that all our films for the Christmas week are now on the web sites and I think we have a great selection. On my own site I have another episode of Unladylike Manor. I do love this series, it gives us a chance to do some real stories and have a bit of fun as well as get in loads of great spanking. We are looking for a new location for next year to progress the story so if anyone has a nice manor house and would like to share it with a house trained film crew and some very delectable spankees please contact us here and we will tell you all about it.

This weeks film can be seen in my site which has a very reasonable membership price or you can download it from my instant download site. So it just remains for me to wish you all a very happy Christmas, and of course to thank my loyal members for their continued support and interest and a special big thank you to all those guys who have appeared on my Sarahspanksmen site. You are a great bunch.

Love Sarah

And so to  Redstripe Films and Sandy’s blog

A very happy Christmas morning for those who have the time to read my blog on such a day, I do know there are some of you who will not be having a house full of guests and have the time to look around the internet and hopefully at my little Christmas blog.

I do have a very special film for you this week with the two loveliest girls in the spanking world, Pandora Blake and Leia Anne Woods, they are naughty schoolgirls who have just returned from a rather tame spanking party and set about persuading the headmaster, played by Thomas Cameron to give them a special hard spanking. There are some girls who are spankees who do it because they can just take a spanking and there are others, like these two ladies who do it because they love to be spanked. The difference really does show up. This is a classic film and the spanking is top class and the acting is top class.

You can see this and all my other films at Redstripe Films or you can go to my Library and get an instant download of any single film. You will also find there some extra-long compilations so if you like schoolgirl films there are I think about two hours of good punishing viewing.

So, it’s a merry Christmas from me, don’t drink and drive and don’t eat too much. Have a great festive day and watch out for me in the sales on boxing day.


Last but certainly not the least it’s Sarah Spanks Men




Something different Spanking wise

It’s Christmas so why not do something different. I spoke to Remington Steel and asked if he could send me some pictures of some of the ladies I used to love seeing in spanking films but now, sadly do not seem to be around.  The first is Martine she is cheeky and very pretty and did like to get her bottom spanked so I have no problem showing these pictures with thanks to English Spankers I hope to feature some more up to Christmas, makes a change from all those words and it’s nice to look at pictures instead of videos all the time!