More New Spankees

There are not that many new young ladies around at the moment but Strand do seem to get the very best of them. I have previously Mentioned Lulu Lamb and her first film. Well she is back on English Spankers now in the second part of that story.

They say: Lulu Lamb has just had her first spanking at the hands of Mr. Stern and as he gets ready to paddle her lovely bottom Sarah Returns and wants to take over. However, Mr. Stern wins out and gets to give Lulu her very first paddling. She goes over his knee for a real stinging session.

I have to tell you it is a real good hard paddling and my, does she take it well. The big bonus here is that she is so pretty. I just hope to see more of her as soon as possible. By the way, if you want to see some great free clips from Strand and their various sites just go here.





A look at Redstripe Films

So many websites with so much fantastic spanking content that to write about just one is not easy. I have however picked out one I really do like. REDSTRIPE FILMS is run by a housewife called Sandy and whilst she does not do so much filming these days she still makes sure that the site features some very different content.

Focusing mainly on the older lady and those who maybe a little “different” Sandy says that for a while the site did lose its way but she is now getting it back on track. Well I can tell you it is packed with some of the very best films around. I am particularly fond of the older lady, the mature housewife and the enthusiastic amateur spankee. She features a number of films straight from the husbands of some of the ladies and also a good selection of those with ladies who maybe only made just the one film

There are also a good number of sex and spanking films, I know that some people don’t like to mix the two, indeed unless it is an intrinsic part of the story I tend to feel a bit that way as well. I am pleased to say though that she seems to get the mix just right.

There is also a section inside the site called the Spanking Mansion. Now this I really do love, it features the more way out and inclusive side of the CP scene. With some excellent stories from Nicky Montford, Aleesha Fox and my favorite Suzanne Smart. This is one amazing lady and I would love to see a site dedicated just to her. If you have not seen any of her films then it is well worth the cost of joining just to see her in some incredible spanking action. She is typical of the sort of lady featured on this site but she goes the extra mile. Writing most of her own scripts she experiences all the nasty painful things she wants to.

Sandy manages to find those ladies who really are naughty and cheeky and I would say that the update this week features one such. Rachael is really bratty and whilst she has featured in a few films she has not been over exposed. Sandy has three of her films lined up, starting this week with her playing a naughty schoolgirl, well very naughty as you will see. She ends up with a hard spanking and I think it was well deserved. I think that just for the natural naughtiness of Rachael and the excellent spanking action you should take a look at Redstripe Films

So, an excellent site packed with full length films and pictures at a very affordable price. Get along and take a look.


It’s not all plain-sailing on a spanking-shoot-film-set (by Kodders)

…so there we all were this weekend shooting some great new Spanking Scenes for Strand Video. We had a lovely spankee, Ambrosia come along whom you may have seen before at  Spanking Sarah as the cheerleader punished as St JUSTS. She has the most spankable lovely bottom.

Sarah ran through her ideas for a number of scenes, fed us our lines and places whist Mr Stern was busy setting up the technical side of the house, you know the kind of things, lights, cameras, sound, set, props etc.

Ambrosia went off to wardrobe to get ready and I ran through the scene ideas again in my head.

So we’re all ready for the off…quick sync of video and sound and ACTION !!

In fact it was Sarah who toppled first as she said a bit of a joke line which left us all in fits of laughter although Sarah found it very hard to compose herself it wasn’t long before we were giving Take 2 a shot.

…back on track the scene unravelled…oops what on earth is Kodders saying, that’s not in the script he’s just making it up as he goes along and has the entire scene heading in the wrong direction……….CUT !!

So Sarah got us all round for a recap and explained it wasn’t rocket science and could we have another bash, and we’re back off again..ACTION !!

So with the lovely Ambrosia over my lap with Sarah in close proximity, I realised the spanking position and angle was quite difficult for me to reach, plus Ambrosia was jiggling around like a yoyo, luckily Sarah happily stepped in and shared the spanking action. There’s a wonderful double paddling scene too but I won’t say too much as not to spoil the surprise.

At the start of the third scene I think it was, as per the script I departed the set whilst Sarah continued with the spanking plot which I thought would be a perfect opportunity for me to make tea and coffee for these fine thespians about to conclude on set, CLINK, CLANK, BANG, CRASH damn those pesky studio microphones are sensitive, a rather irate Sarah shouting through an open door managing to successfully engineer my noisy escapade as a line in the script….well done Sarah for saving the day.

After a couple more hiccups we managed to film I think four amazing spanking scenes which will no doubt be live for all Strand Video members to enjoy in the very near future.

Yes there are hiccups, laughter, retakes and just tons of fun on set, and an incredible passion by Sarah & Mr Stern at Strand Video to bring to you our members and supporters the best spanking action, scenes and stories for your entertainment and pleasure. 


A great new website

With so many sites closing down these days, it is very hard to make a living in the spanking business, it’s great to see a brand new site. Caned On Line  is just that, all caning films and nothing but caning. Most of these films will not be new ones but have been taken from other sites in the Strand group so you know they are going to be very good films.

One of the things I like about this site is that they have put together some great compilations of films. Some based on just one girl and some on a particular subject matter like say, schoolgirl or nurses or office girl. These films can be up to 60 mins in length so plenty of good things to watch.

As I said earlier, it is just not easy these days to keep a good spanking site going, there is loads of piracy and these guys put loads of films out for free as well as charging for it. Whilst it might be nice to get films for nothing what you have to remember is that it actually costs loads of money to make and market these things so if everyone watched the pirated stuff pretty soon no new films! So please support this and other genuine spanking sites. Bookmark this site and do take a look. CANED ON LINE


The Bullet Proof Paddle for Katie at SpankingSarah

Katie is not a model.  Katie is a Lady who has recently realised just how much she adores spanking.  Unfortunately her Husband does not share her passion.   He does however, understand that his Wife needs to be punished on a regular basis.  Katie got in touch with me recently and asked if she could come along for a film shoot.  She had never even modelled before and so was understandably quite nervous. 

So, the latest film to come to SpankingSarah is as follows.   This is a bit complicated but, Mr. Stern had just been making a film for his Spankers Cook Book, it’s on and he was just discussing with the lady concerned Katy, the possibility of giving her some more spankings when I came on the scene. I soon realized what was happening and so I took over. This young lady got more than she expected as I used a number of very large, nasty paddles on her bare bottom.


Lulu Lamb makes her Spanking Debut at English Spankers

A quick blog post from me today.  I have the time as our filming today took less time than expected.  We often shoot with girls who genuinely have never ever been spanked before and as you can imagine, some of them cannot believe just how painful spanking can be.  The lady we were shooting with today was one such lady.  After her first ever hand spanking her poor bare bottom was bright red and bruised.  She went onto make a second film with a paddle but could not continue.  I expect that these will be the only two spanking films that Emily will ever make!  

I am hoping that Lulu Lamb will be coming back to make some more films.  Her spanking debut is at English Spankers this week and she is rather lovely.  Kali Redmond recommended us as great people to shoot with.  Lulu had done some spanking before but never ever on film.    I am so glad that she choose us as we made some really amazing films.  Lulu is going to be taking her exams soon for her degree so we are not sure when or indeed if, she will be back.  I am sure you will agree with me that if she doesn’t then it will be a great loss to the spanking world. 

Young Lulu Lamb comes to see Sarah but she is away and so has to talk to Mr. Stern. It turns out that she has told her new boyfriend that she will go to a spanking party with him and that she is well used to spanking but, she is none to sure. She wishes she had not boasted to him now and wants to know if Mr. Stern can show her just what might happen at such a party. Well, always happy to help he soon has Lulu over his knee spanking her tiny pert bottom but will this be the end of things?


Caned on line A NEW WEB SITE

It’s always good to see a new website these days with so many having to go out of business. This one however is quite different from the usual, it is VERY niche! Yes as you will have gathered from the name it features caning films and pictures only.

Now I have it on good authority from those who make films that the ones that are the most watched are the caning films, these are the ones that are most asked for by the members of sites. So, what does this site have. For a start in the free area it has a bright, attractive, clear and easy to follow design, with pictures to represent the films and a short description to follow each. These days in common with most sites you will not find free clips on the outside of the site, this is just to keep them away from those who should not be looking, but I can tell you the quality of the films is excellent and everything you would expect. Inside the members area there are a number of different sections for films, pictures and one for bonus content. This I understand will cover films from amateurs, pictures that don’t quite fit the spec of the site and most important some extra long bonus films. These will be compilations and can run for in excess of 60 mins. I hope you have a good broadband speed as these are in very high quality.

The films are sourced from across the range of the Strand group of sites and also some that do not appear on any sites at all so a real mixed bag. The subject matter ranges from domestic punishment to secretaries, uniforms including nurses and school and some good double caning sequences. I have to say though I am very keen on the longer films, it’s great to be able to download one that has maybe six sequences on it with just the caning scenes.

OH! I almost forgot to say, the most important thing, it costs only around £8 to join this great site…

So there, please hop along and take a look see, it’s called


Blog from Sarah Spanks Men – Late Arrival by Kodders

So I had a brief chat with Sarah earlier tonight, the Sterns are back from their holidays but are working harder than ever to ensure we are kept entertained with wonderful spanking content for all their wonderful sites having done lots of new spanking shoots in the last couple of days, and more planned in the next few days. They do work so hard but I think it shines through in the amazing content and fabulous films they bring us. Here are my blog scribbles from the wonderful new scene at Sarah Spanks Men….enjoy.

Welcome Ray to Sarah Spanks Men, his first time at the site and another new bottom for Sarah to inflict her most wonderful punishments…

…and form the off all is not well, you see Ray is over an hour late for his first session and didn’t bother notifying Sarah pending his late arrival. So there’s Sarah sat waiting in her most wonderful psychedelic dress, which looks absolutely amazing I have to say, with no bottom to spank.

Ray eventually pitches up with some rather lame excuse and from the look on his face sat listening to the tone of Sarah’s voice, I think the penny’s dropped and he knows he might be in a spot of bother.

Sarah is so cross that she’s decides to dispense with what would have been a warm-up over-the-knee hand spanking and decides to start with a ‘full on punishment’  Sarah’s words not mine. I can’t help but notice a fine array of implements at the end of the sofa which I guess Sarah has already chosen as part of Ray’s chastisement one being the most wonderful Trojan custom made wooden paddle. This is the largest wooden oak custom paddle which was specifically designed to be quite thin but big enough to thwack both bottom cheeks simultaneously. It’s a most formidable implement.

Sarah beings to run through her chosen implements which include a tiny baby crop which  is very stingy indeed, one of her favourite leather tawses a nice XXH choice, the custom-made leather paddle which is a most brutal implement which you may have seen being used on Amelia-Jane-Rutherford’s gorgeous bottom in a very recent scene as Spanking Sarah where Amelia was punished wearing her yellow plastic raincoat (a most wonderful scene), and of course the Trojan as previously mentioned. (Picture added for your perusal).

Ray is told to strip and present his naked bottom ready for his punishments. Sarah wastes no time in getting to work with the tiny crop and immediately Ray is in all kinds of trouble. I kind of know where he’s coming from as I’ve had this implement used on me and it’s pure hell so I am not surprised Ray is dancing about the place.

This tiny crop is producing the most amazing marks on Ray’s bottom with a most amazing soundtrack.  Sarah switches to the custom leather paddle which is having the desired effect, yes that is it seems Ray isn’t quite ready for a paddle like this, remember it is a custom one, not something you can buy off the shelf. Sarah has to put this paddle down and change to the tawse. I think this is a little easier on Ray as he seems to be enjoying this a little more.

..and finally it’s the Trojan. This paddle is so big it almost looks out of scale to everything else and it never fails to disappoint when being used on a willing naked bottom. A final stroke with the Trojan and Sarah concludes the session is complete. By the look of Ray’s now very well punishment bottom and the array of sounds produced during his first punishment it seems he is in total agreement.

A wonderful first time on film for Ray and I guess he won’t be late again in the future.

Here is the scene description: I can put up with most things from the gentlemen I punish and discipline but the one thing that really does get me very cross is when they arrive late for an appointment. This is the mistake that Ray made on his first visit to me and he was to pay heavily for it. he is a very friendly guy and i must admit, I did feel bad about the having to punish him so harshly. he was not expecting me to film his punishment, I was not expecting to but I thought it was just one more humiliation for him.


Blog roundup

It just gets better and better, what? No not the economy and not the horrible weather but the spanking, yes that’s the thing that keeps me going, I don’t know about you. Maybe there is something missing in my life but I just love to watch spanking films and as I write about them on this blog, it’s a good job that I do.

A big thank you to Kodders who has been filling in for me whilst I have been a way for a while, now he is another big spanking fan, I am sure you can tell that by the things he writes. He also does a great twitter feed, you can follow him here @333Spool333  He does write mostly about the naughty guys who are getting punished so I will leave that to him.

Right what’s new out there, lets take a look.

Two scenes here to tell you about: Aleesha Fox is making a welcome return to the spanking scene after a long absence. She has just received her first spanking for quite a longtime and I know she felt it. Now she has the choice of paddles, which will hurt the least. Unfortunately she picked the wrong one as you will see when her panties are removed and she gets her bare bottom well punished.

Next we have the second part from the Spankers Cook Book Young Katie was supposed to be helping Mr Stern put together a film for his spankers cook book but it was soon discovered that she couldn’t cook. Mr. Stern gave her a severe OTK spanking but that obviously was not enough. It did not take long to find a leather paddle and this soon had young Katie thinking about her cooking abilities. This is the first ever paddling for Katie so lets see just how she takes it. It is always good to see a new lady getting her first punishments and English Spankers do seem to find the very naughtiest girls. The age range and the styles of the girls varies just the right amount to keep you interested all the time.


One of the best loved British spanking ladies Nimue makes a welcome return in this film. It’s always good to see this young lady and for those who follow her adventures you will know that  she is a busy young lady but has not been getting many spankings lately. That has to be put right: Nimue came to see us as she was not sure if she could still get into the whole spanking scene. She just wanted a chat really and we were happy to oblige her. She soon realized that the only way she would find out if she did still enjoy to be spanked and punished would be to get right down and give it a go. Well we were not setup to film on that day but we do have our security camera and so without telling Nimue this she got over the knee and took a good long, hard and bruising spanking. This is exactly as it happened and we think it’s pretty much a real turn on.


Another lady first introduced to the spanking scene right here, the beautiful Tindra Frost I understand that many more films are planned with this young beauty so just keep looking: Tindra Frost is an exchange student teacher employed by me at St. Justs. It comes to my notice that she has been posing for lewd pictures for an adult magazine and web site, not only that but the boys of the upper 6th have obtained copies and are treating it as a great joke. I will have to make an example of Miss Frost. The school strap applied to her bare bottom may  be just the start of her punishment. I will show no mercy to this young lady.




A spanking round-up at Strandvideo – by Kodders

So the Stern’s are still sunning it up in Spain having a very well-earned break.  I’ve heard from Sarah and Mr Stern over the last few days and the news is they are both totally relaxing and enjoying the sun and of course doing the occasional tour here and there. I’m sure their batteries will be fully charged when they return to Blighty.

Here is a round-up for the latest great spanking scenes from

At English-Spankers this week we have a brand new spankee, the most gorgeous blonde and buxom Katie who is the latest wannabe Master-Chef to contribute to Mr Sterns ‘The Spanking Cook Book’. Katie has assured Mr Stern that she is a wonderful cook but unfortunately her first recipe doesn’t quite go to plan and she ends up making a terrible mess all over the kitchen. No surprise then that she ends up over Mr Stern’s lap for a lovely firm very first over-the-knee spanking on her gorgeous bare bottom.

Here is the scene outline:  This is the very first time that buxom young Katie has been spanked and she is going to be helping Mr Stern in the kitchen as he works on his ‘Spankers Cook Book’. It turns out that she is not too good in the kitchen and so ends up over the knee for a hard spanking on her large firm bare bottom and also a little slapping with the spatula. Good and hard for her first time.

If anyone can make a yellow plastic raincoat look sexy then it can only be Amelia-Jane Rutherford new at Spanking Sarah this week. Amelia is paddled by Sarah with one of her thickest and most brutal leather paddles which is a custom made implement.  Just when Amelia thought it couldn’t get any worse Sarah introduces the plastic ‘bullet-proof’ paddle which is a most formidable implement indeed, apparently shatter proof, which doesn’t stop Sarah from trying to break it over Amelia’s bare-bottom.

A spanking 4some this week at Red Stripe Films as two gorgeous ladies are teased and punished together by two male tops who use them for their pleasures teasing them whilst they are tied up naked and no doubt humiliated. Hard punishments which include a lovely all over body flogging whilst one of the ladies is tied to a big four-poster bed, pin-wheels, strapping and lots of lovely hard caning. The ladies cannot refuse when the men caress their naked bodies all over to reveal just how hot and horny the proceedings really are.  A very hot and sexy film.

Here is the scene outline:  This is a rather special film made with two housewife friends and one of their husbands. The two mature ladies are tied, teased, spanked, paddled and caned. The caning scene is especially hard, Val is alone and is caned as her husband watches on. Many long hard strokes, and this is a really great film.


What’s in Store at Strandvideo this week – by Kodders

What’s in Store at Strandvideo this week – by Kodders

So the Stern’s are sunning it up in Spain having a very well-earned break so I will try and do a bit of a round-up this week for their great spanking sites.

This week at Sarah Spanks Men we see the return of Robert who tried to pull the wool over Sarah’s eyes on his first visit saying he’d not been spanked before, but sadly for him Sarah soon uncovered the remnants of a previous caning. Sarah promised Robert the hardest caning of his life and I guess that’s pretty much what he got in this wonderful caning scene.

Here is the scene outline:  I just love it when I get a new bottom to cane, especially when the man asks me to cane him hard and it is his first taste of the cane. This is my favourite instrument of punishment and I am something of an expert, that’s because I get so much practice I think. See how Robert suffered.

At English-Spankers this week we have the most gorgeous Aleesha Fox making a comeback to spanking after a couple of years break. I think Sarah is absolutely delighted Aleesha has chosen to go over her knee to have her ‘virgin bottom’ Sarah’s words not mine, spanked for the first time in such a long time. This is a wonderful spanking and I think Aleesha is completely satisfied by the end of this wonderful session. In a nutshell it’s simply two gorgeous ladies enjoying their kink together for all our pleasures, a truly wonderful scene.

Here is the scene outline:  One of our best loved spanking models is Aleesha Fox but she has been sadly absent for quite some time but she came to see us at English Spankers to see if she still had what it takes. We will let you be the judge of hat but we gave her a pretty hard first spanking and her bottom took as much punishment as ever so we are sure that all the fans of Aleesha will love her return to the spanking world.

At Spanking Sarah this week we have a very naughty Cheerleader teacher at St JUSTS, this new spanking model, Ambrosia Vanette has appeared in a previous film but this is the first time we’ve seen her over the spanking bench. Ambrosia does really well in this session having been spanked and slippered by Sarah and her bottom is a picture of pure delight by the end of this wonderful spanking scene.

Here is the scene outline:  Miss Phillips is the PE teacher and has a renowned squad of cheerleaders amongst the pupils. There are allegations from the PTA that she has been granting certain favours to some of the husbands and male members of the PTA. These allegations have to be investigated and the appropriate punishment carried out. The school slipper will help in that matter.

At Red Stripe Films this week we have mature schoolgirl Kazy taking a lovely over-the-knee punishment in this a digitally re-mastered vintage spanking film. You will adore her big pure white regulation knickers which actually don’t stay on for very long as she finds herself taking some lovely bare-bottom punishments in a spanking followed by a firm leather paddling.

Here is the scene outline:  This is a real classic film. Mature Kazy wanted to get her first spanking and she wanted to do something a little different. She wanted to be dressed in her old school uniform and she wanted to tease the headmaster. Well we were very pleased to film her and to make a great hard spanking and paddling film for her which she is sharing with you.


New Spanking Clips Store – by Kodders

Just when you thought Clips4Sale and Spanking Library were the only spanking clip stores available from, the most wonderful Sarah Stern just happens to have opened a new one at

So what’s it all about? Well it’s quite simply really, these wonderful authors who produce the most amazing spanking content, constantly uploading new and exciting stories and creating new spanking mini-series such as St JUST’s, Unladylike Manor, The Spanking Cook-Book and The Sexy Cleaning Company, finding new spanking models for our delights, thinking up new themes and series for our entertainment are also constantly working in the background to make it as easy as possible to get this wonderful content to us in the easiest ways possible, in the ways we like to buy content and in a manner that suits our pockets, all-in-all looking after an ever growing fan-base supporting spanking communities and providing the best possible interface for you to enjoy your kink in the easiest and most hassle-free manner.

This new site is designed for just that. The kink you want and enjoy is here, the models you want to see are here, the scenarios which make the whole thing real and totally enjoyable are here so in a nutshell Sarah Stern ManyVids is going to be a very easy ‘one-stop-pay-as-you go’ shop for all your spanking download and all your spanking needs when visiting to buy wonderful spanking content.  

It’s new and it’s growing by the day. Make sure you visit the site so you don’t miss great offers and access to the best spanking clips on the web.



Tindra Frost gets the Paddle and other spanking updates

I can’t believe it is Friday again!  Time is going by so fast.  I will be getting ready to go to Spain this time next week.  I am hoping that we will get some much needed sunshine.  We are going to try not to work whilst away but we will obviously still be answering any help desk tickets relevant to the sites.   In saying that, we cannot even when we are in the UK be available 24/7.  Most of our help desk tickets are due to people not putting their password or user names in correctly.     We have been doing a lot of filming recently and have a some fantastic films coming up over the next few months.  Some of these ladies are brand new to spanking, others are well known spanking models and some are into the scene but never before been filmed.  I am pretty sure that you will enjoy our latest content.  

Some great films have become available this week, remember, we post full films not parts of them and you get a full film plus photo stills each and every week.   Sarah Spanks Men has over a hundred films now and our other sites all have around 300 full films!  That is a lot of spanking content for a very low membership.  If you prefer not to join a membership site then all our films are available at Clips4Sale or Spanking Library.

Henry is back at Sarah Spanks Men this week and he has really progressed.  When he first came along to see me he was a relative newbie to spanking and couldn’t take very much.  I have made sure that I have pushed his limits each and every time we have sessioned and he can now take a hard caning which is rather lucky.  I was rather cross when he arrived at my house the other day with a cheap and nasty looking plastic sex doll!!  This was apparently to replace my favourite doll he broke when I was a child.  Luna Rose was visiting and got to witness the punishment.  A painful and humiliating lesson for Henry. 

Latest film at Sarah Spanks Men

At English Spankers this week the lovely Tindra Frost is back after getting her first real spanking.  This is the beginning of what we hope will be a continuing career in spanking for Tindra. Having just taken her first spanking she is now ready to go further. She is given a paddle and starts to paddle her own bottom, Mrs. Stern is not happy with the result and takes over and after making this young lovely strip naked the resulting paddling is much harder

Watch Tindra Frost get the paddle at English Spankers

It is the cane for Kali Redmond this week at SpankingSarahMrs Redmond and her poor excuse for a husband are both being punished by me in my capacity as headmistress of St. Justs, this is in line with our new policy of punishing the parents when their off spring have been naughty. Mrs. Redmond has been paddled on her bare bottom but now I have to administer the cane her husband watches on, he also will be punished later.

Kali gets the Cane at SpankingSarah

Last but by no means least, a great classic film at RedStripe films this week.  I am always amazed at just how many request we get to bring these films back onto the sites.  This is a true classic spanking film, it comprises three different stories featuring Joe and Donna. Loads of spanking, wooden paddle and of course the cane. These two girls were the very tops of the English spanking scene and when you see them you will know why. Good stories and excellent punishments

Classic film now at RedStripe Films


The Paddle for Lolani at English Spankers

At English Spankers Lolani returns home after attending a spanking party in her town. Her housemate thinks that maybe it’s something he can enjoy, more so when she reveals a bag full of spanking implements and her already red bare bottom. He soon has her bent over, her panties off so that he can deliver a good solid paddling onto her bare bottom. He seems to like to get her into the naughtier poses for her spanking. Long legs spread open.

Latest film at English Spankers


Cold Caning’s – don’t mind if I do !! (by Kodders)

Well Sarah is right, I guess the three of us have different writing styles. I do like to inject some humour into the stuff I write, a bit like when I film with Sarah, I do love to lark about a bit right up until the point where I get punished and Sarah usually quickly rids me of my laughter.

There is a wonderful new scene at Sarah Spanks Men this week. It’s a kind of threequel in some respects as it’s the third cold caning for the same gent, and I think his hardest cold caning to date.

These are my blog scribbles for the Sarah Spanks Men blog where there are lots of other great blogs written by both myself and Sarah. 

So what is it about a cold caning that makes you return time after time? This is David’s third cold caning at Sarah Spanks Men. His previous cold caning’s on film are files ssm-012, ssm-052 and of course the brand new film ssm-121. You can tell the time between sessions from the film number themselves. I’ve added a couple of pictures from the previous two films as well as the new one, and a handful of other wonderful pictures all taken from cold caning’s at Sarah Spanks Men.

David’s sessions are very similar. Same place, same spanking bench, same gorgeous Sarah of course and same scenario, totally naked over Sarah’s famous spanking bench and caned from cold, no warm up whatsoever, so why do it, why submit yourself to this severe punishment?

The answer is quite simple if you’re a bottom like myself (Kodders), because it’s one of the most wonderful, gratifying, challenging, fulfilling, pleasurable, satisfying experiences ever. There are of course other factors to consider for example the anticipation and excitement waiting for the session to begin, waiting for that first stroke as you are naked, bent over in submission, the first strokes being some of the hardest to get through but once past this point every further perfect cane stroke received simply sends your endorphins into raging torrents as you start to fly higher and higher. I adore a cold caning, I adore being caned by Sarah and it just so happens one of Sarah’s most favourite things in the world is to deliver a cold caning.

In the past Sarah was herself a submissive often taking wonderful punishments. There are some wonderful archive films at Spanking Sarah if you want to see Sarah taking a wonderful spanking, paddling, birching and / or caning. Sarah points out at the beginning of this film that’s it’s ‘pay back’ time for David for the time he spanked her bottom.

Sarah has chosen three canes for the session, the first one is quite swishy which is leaving beautiful stripes on David’s bottom from the very first stroke. Sarah switches to her second cane which is a straight-handled nylon coated cane which is a very severe cane indeed. David is really struggling to get through these strokes, at Sarah’s amusement of course !! Finally Sarah uses a cane which is becoming one of her favourites, a straight-handled senior dragon cane.

A flurry of hard strokes with the swishy cane on a now very stripy bottom and Sarah concludes things.

What a wonderful scene and as Sarah mentions in her closing address, I’m sure David will be back for another cold caning soon. In fact, why not try it for yourself if you think you can handle it.

Best of  luck of course !!


David returns for another Cold Caning

Kodders, Mr Stern and I all write posts on this blog.  I guess we need to add some categories so you can see who has written which post.   It must be pretty confusing as we all have such different writing styles and although we all love spanking, we do have very different view points on it.  I guess until we work out how to let you know which of us is writing then I will just sign of at the bottom.  It is again going to be a very busy week.  We have two shoots planned plus lots of sessions.  Fortunately we will be back in Spain shortly and I am going to try and get some well earned sun and rest. 

I started offering commercial spanking services back in 2010.  I cannot believe just how quickly the years have gone and I cannot even begin to guess just how many people I have seen within that time.   I still play with some of the very first people who came to see me and have formed great friendships with some.  Of course people in this industry come and go for various different reasons.  I met David when I was still a submissive so he was very surprised when we got back together a few years later and I had turned into quite a formidable top.  Over the years we have had various sessions and met at parties and he has come along for three cold caning films.   It had been two years since our last filming session and he was incredibly nervous (with every reason)  I do hope it isn’t another two years before I get to cane him again but if it is, it will be worth the wait.

So, new this week to SarahSpanksMen.  David returns for another cold caning.  The one thing I really do love is to give a cold caning. This is a caning given to the bare bottom without the benefit of there being a warm up spanking. It is one of the most painful ways of giving a caning and that is just what David came to see me for. There is no messing about here, just the cold caning and one very painful bottom



I know that as far as the spanking purists are concerned there should be no direct connection between sex and the act of  spanking or giving punishment. I am going to say right from the outset that I think that is a load of bull! We all love sex, and if you are reading this you most likely love spanking as well so what is the problem in combining the two.

Looking outwards, I know that many men in particular find it hard to find a spanking partner, a lady who really does want to join with him in spanking games and who enjoys it as much as he does. Why do we assume that there are more men into spanking than there are ladies? Maybe it is a natural reticence that stops us from broaching the subject with them, in my experience there are plenty of ladies out there who do love to get and to give a good spanking.

Finding them is the problem, so, once you have found one it is almost certain that if you made the contact through an advert on a spanking contact site like Spankme UK it will be purely for spanking, that is almost always the main thing when ladies advertise, spanking only, no sex, and of course as gentlemen we always abide by the ladies wishes. Once the relationship is established then, yes it may move on to a sexual basis, in the physical sense, this will be a consensual move and progress but shows that sex and spanking do of course go together it’s only that outwardly it is difficult to bring the two together. If you as a man were to place an advert saying something like ‘Lady wanted for spanking and sex’ the likelihood is that you will not get any replies, you may say it’s hard enough to get a reply to just a spanking advert.

The way that lots of men get to indulge their spanking fantasies is with a professional spankee or dominant, depending on what you are looking for. Once again and almost certainly the main rule set out will be no sex! That is totally understandable, the lady is offering a spanking or a dominant service and that is all. Now it maybe once again that this progresses to a sexual relationship and indeed I know a number of cases where it has led to very happy marriages and partnerships.

Thankfully we are still able to join spanking web sites where we can as members download and watch some amazingly good spanking films, these films are all made with girls who are into spanking, they do not do it if they don’t like it or don’t want to, it is just not a thing that a girl who is not into being spanked would ever consider.

This all shows that there are many ladies out there who love spanking and, when the time is right love to have sex as a part of their spanking experience. Those of us who visit spanking clubs or parties will be well aware that there is almost always a no sex rule and this goes for couples as well as the single men and women who attend these events. The sex has to wait till they are home, but once again the spanking will be followed by sex. I speak to lots of couples at these events and always I get the same answer, when they get home the sex is just great and when at home in privacy they combine the two.

So, that’s why I know that sex and spanking go together and it maybe that it is not always full sex, it’s quite usual for there to be the suggestion and some sexual acts. I have an example in the film sample at the bottom here. This is of a happily married couple who play games to bring that extra spark into their sex life. They did approach the film company to make this film for themselves but have agreed to sharing it. If you want to see the full film it can be found here.


A first spanking on film for Tindra Frost and other spanking updates

It has been a really busy week.  Mr Stern has had a Birthday and we had a huge party to celebrate.  Friends and family joined us from as far away as Cumbria and Cornwall and it was so lovely to see so many people.   Vanilla and spanking friends mixed well and nobody let the cat out of the bag about what we do!  It is always a worry when friends and family from different parts of your life meet.   The party was on Saturday but we had a houseful of guests from Friday until Sunday.  We also had people staying with local friends, relatives and neighbours so breakfasts were very busy affairs!  As was the use of our shower.  Unfortunately my washing machine choose Friday to break down.  It has been fixed today so I have a lot to catch up on.  We also have our youngest puppy in heat which is causing all sorts of problems.  Apart from that, everything is running smoothly. 

We pride ourselves on bringing you new girls to the spanking scene.  I do love filming with established models but I do love the fact that our sites are totally different from many others.  Some of our ladies go on to have very successful spanking careers, others only make a few films.  Tindra Frost had done some self spanking on web cam and had done a caning photo shoot but she had never been spanked before.  I loved shooting with her and I know you are going to love her.   We have already arranged to do some more filming so if you would like a particular storyline please let me know.

So at English Spankers this week Tindra Frost makes her spanking debut.  Tindra is another girl very new to the spanking scene, she had however at one time tried self spanking and she did it in front of her web cam. We liked this idea so after we had interviewed her we got her to show just what she did. We thought it was great but we just had to give her an extra spanking and this, I can tell you was much harder

See Tindra Frost make her spanking debut at English Spankers


At Spanking Sarah we welcome back Kali Redmond.  Mr Stern first filmed with this wonderful lady many years ago and she has recently returned to the scene.  Kali adores being spanked and is a very good actress which helped the latest film for St Justs very real.

Kali Redmond and her husband have been called to see the headmistress at St. Justs Academy, she is not pleased with their sons behavior and puts it down to the bickering and fighting between them. The head knows just how to sort this out, she is going to punish both of them, starting with Mrs. Redmond. She has a new spanking bench and this young lady is soon over it feeling the power of the school strap on her bottom

New film starring Kali Redmond and Kodders at Spanking Sarah 

At RedStripe Films we have a fantastic classic film with some amazing mature women.  We know that everyone has different spanking tastes so we try to cater for everyone.  Two mature ladies have checked into a posh hotel for a weekends pampering and luxury but Annies husband knows the butler and gives him a special task. He is to present the girls with a spanking paddle and then use it on both their bare bottoms until they are close to tears. He warms to his task and this is the fascinating story of just what happened.

Classic film at RedStripe Films


Kodders takes control and other Spanking Updates

It has been a week since I last blogged.  Time goes by so quickly!  In saying that, I have been really busy shooting and in session and of course, everyday life gets in the way as well.  I have been spending quite a lot of time in London of late, my Daughter got accepted in all five of her University choices which was great but it means five open days to look and see which would be the best for her.   I have also had to make several trips back and forth to the Dentist.  I will let you into a secret, I am absolutely petrified of the Dentist!  I physically shake as soon as I sit in the Dentists chair.    Anyway, let me tell you all about the great updates we have on our sites this week.

Most of you know Kodders in his submissive role but he is slowly learning how to spank as well as take spankings and do you know what?  He is actually quite good at it!  At English Spankers  Kali is not a very good wife and her husband has need to punish her for the first time. He has spanked her OTK but now decides to make use of a leather strap paddle he has acquired for just such a problem. He gives her a very painful punishment on her bare bottom, young Kali reflects on her misdemeanors as she bends over and takes her swats.

Latest film at English Spankers

We are back at St Justs this week at SpankingSarah with one of my all time favourite spanking models.  I absolutely adore filming with Amelia Jane Rutherford and try to ensure we do at least two shoots a year with her.  It was fantastic to catch up with her recently.   This is the second visit by Amelia Jane Rutherford to St. Justs and after her first painful session with headmistress Sarah Stern she is a little fearful of what is to come. It does not take long to find out, there are still lessons to be learned and now Amelia is to get a fearful session with the schools slipper paddle on her bare bottom. An exceptional punishment for this lovely lady.


New Spanking Models

Those of us who are looking for a nice bottom to spank know just how hard it can be to find ladies who have the same outlook on life, I don’t mean they want to spank our bottoms but that  they want a good spanking. I must admit that because I have had a very close connection to the spanking world for many years I have never found it particularly hard but I do know from talking to people at spanking parties and munches just how much of a heart breaking problem it can be.

It is just not easy, you meet a nice new girl and take her out for the evening, how do you and should you even broach the subject of spanking? Well as I say from my quite well acquired knowledge I have found that more girls than one thinks actually do like being spanked or at least could have an interest in the subject. Now right from the start lets establish that you do not then grab hold of said lady, throw her over your knees and spank her to tears, that’s likely to lead to the court house.

You have to start from the very basics, get to  know your lady first, it’s just not a first date thing, once you have had a few dates and if she is the sort of lady you may like to spank find a way to bring up the subject. Now lots of ladies I have met and who have their own partners tell me that the most usual way is for the guy, that’s you, (no I am wrong, it could just as easily be a lady so I will take that back), the most usual way is to make a joke, something like ‘do that again and I’ll spank your bottom’. If this gets a frosty retort then maybe this sort of fun is not what they are looking for, if on the other hand there is a gleam of interest then you can at some other occasion take it further when she or he does it again, saying ‘ what did I tell you last time, I do keep my word so here goes’.

If the person turns on their heels and runs, once again not for you but if there is no rebuff then you could have met the person of your dreams. I do want to stress at every level, you NEVER force your attentions on anyone, never push them, if they have an interest, they will also want to convey that to you so look for the signs.

Another way is to have spanking website open on your computer, if they show an interest then download a movie form the members area and watch it together, if they do that then you are well on the way to having a joyful evening. In my younger days there were loads of newspapers with dating pages and in some of these you could be pretty specific about your requirements, you could not put words like ‘punishment, spanking, caning’ but you could use the right words to convey your likes and dislikes. Knower days it is a whole lot easier, there are online dating sites, now I have to say that for the most part I do not think much of them, you certainly will not be able to put spanking into your requirements, and I have always found them pretty dubious venues to go to, it’s funny, go online and look at these and there is always a lady or gent just down the road from where you are and they are really interested to get in touch with you. Once you have paid your few pounds they seem to have disappeared!

The other way is to try one of the kinky contact sights on the web, some of these are free, some you have to pay for. You can try Spanking Personals, here you will find that most of the ladies want paying for their services, well no bad thing how much does an evening out for two cost these days? You will also find some genuine people looking for a spanking or other kinky friendship but once again, take care, establish proper contacts, don’t just give everything including your security away in an e-mail and make commitments and put yourself in any danger. Whatever you do on line you have to take the normal precautions one takes in life. Talk to people, it’s not enough to just exchange emails, words count so much more. I know that if you persevere you can find the person you seek.

Place your own advert but remember, know one is going to want to read a whole page full of things you want, no matter how interesting you may think you are. Be general, have an interest in what they might want, be prepared to look at things from their point of view and if you do get to have a meeting, once again, take precautions, always ensure someone knows where you are going, meet first time in a public place, no dingy hotel bedrooms or the back of someone’s car. Take things easy and good luck.