It’s the boys turn

I did promise to show you some of my best boy spanking pictures, when I have so many great guys to chose from it really is hard. You will realize of course that I can be very nasty when called upon to be and that I am extremely nasty with Kodders, but that is just because he is a very naughty man who just so deserves to be punished. So here goes, my top spanking men pictures for the year now past. Please enjoy them and rest assured, there will be loads more in the coming year and to see the films you need to go to Sarah Spanks Men

Please don’t forget to book mark and keep your eyes on the Spanking News web site. This is important when things are being done to stop you seeing your favourite spanking and porn websites and stores.




The end of a spanking good year

Yes another one drawers to a close so how can we show just what a great time we have had filming for you. Easy, loads of pictures and film clips. So lets start with some of our favourite pictures of naughty girls being punished. No need for stories but all the related scenes can be found on our web sites, links at the side.


The Cane for Henry

I still haven’t written any Christmas cards. But, we will be eating on Christmas day as I have done an online shop which will be arriving on the 21st. I have passed my credit card to my Daughter and she has ordered her own presents. I am going to be in London over the weekend so hopefully I will get a chance to buy the rest of the presents I need. All is not lost and I am getting there.

Henry came along to see me a few weeks ago to make some films. This was the first time he had ever done this and it was very interesting to hear how he got into spanking and CP. He is a relative newbie and until visiting me he had never had a real caning. Obviously that was a situation I was keen to resolve.

Poor Henry, no sooner have I tried out my collection of paddles on his bare bottom than I tell him I want to get some caning practice in and that his bottom will be the chosen target. He cant argue with me, he wouldn’t dare or it will just get worse. How much worse it could be you will have to guess after watching his caning. Come and have a look at the full film at Sarah Spanks Men



A serious Threat




Are you aware that your freedom to view what so ever you chose on the internet is being curtailed by the British Government?
Are you aware what your Members of Parliament are doing in your name and this is not limited to the right wing Tory government but is backed also by the Labour party?
The Investigatory Powers Bill is on track to becoming UK law after being approved by the House of Lords, despite facing strong opposition. What does this mean for you:

To prove you’re over 18, you’ll have to type in sensitive personal details such as your legal name, credit card details, date of birth, address or phone number. That data will be visible not to us, but to whatever age verification system we use. Private companies will be involved they are free to operate unregulated, and without having to safeguard the security and privacy of your personal data. It will force internet service providers (ISPs) to store people’s web history data (known as Internet Connection Records, a list of websites you visit, but not the individual webpages you click on) for up to a year. Spy agencies will also be granted the power to collect bulk personal datasets, including information of people not suspected of any criminal activity. They will also be permitted to undertake large scale hacking operations, though they must first obtain a warrant from the secretary of state.

Web users in the UK will be banned from accessing websites portraying a range of non-conventional sexual acts, under a little discussed clause to a government bill currently going through parliament.

The proposal, part of the digital economy bill, would force internet service providers to block sites hosting content that would not be certified for commercial DVD sale by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC).


“Many of the sexual activities prohibited from R18 [the BBFC’s most explicit certification] are normalised and accepted aspects of healthy sexuality, and are proudly celebrated by the feminist, queer and ethical porn movements internationally,”


It is contained within provisions of the bill designed to enforce strict age verification checks to stop children accessing adult websites. After pressure from MPs, the culture secretary, Karen Bradley, announced on Saturday that the government would amend the bill to include powers to block non-compliant websites. In order to comply with the censorship rules, many mainstream adult websites would have to render whole sections inaccessible to UK audiences. That is despite the acts shown being legal for consenting over-16s to perform and for adults in almost all other liberal countries to film, distribute and watch.

Free speech campaigners labelled the move a “prurient” invasion into people’s sexual lives. “It should not be the business of government to regulate what kinds of consensual adult sex can be viewed by adults,” said Jodie Ginsberg, chief executive of Index on Censorship.

Pictures and videos that show spanking, whipping or caning that leaves marks, and sex acts involving urination, female ejaculation or menstruation as well as sex in public are likely to be caught by the ban – in effect turning back the clock on Britain’s censorship regime to the pre-internet era.


“There has been no discussion of the censorship provisions of the digital economy bill by MPs during its committee stage, where debate has largely focused on age verification rules. But sources within the adult industry seemed aware.”


The scale of the restrictions only became apparent after the BBFC, which has since 1984 been empowered to classify videos for commercial hire or sale, agreed to become the online age verification regulator last month. A spokeswoman for the BBFC said it would also check whether sites host “pornographic content that we would refuse to classify”.

“In making this assessment, we will apply the standards that we apply to pornography that is distributed offline,” she said. “If a website fails on either of these [age verification or obscene content] tests then a notification of non-compliance will be sent to the site.”

There is no definitive list of sexual acts proscribed by the BBFC, but many adult film producers who have worked with the regulator have been forced to cut scenes, said Jerry Barnett, a free speech campaigner and author of Porn Panic!, which details the rise of a new pro-censorship movement in the UK.

“Although it is nominally designed to enforce the [Obscene Publications Act] guidelines of the Crown Prosecution Service, in practice it draws far tighter lines, many of them inexplicable. The ban on female ejaculation is a particularly strange example,” he said.

The censorship regime has led to bizarre understandings between the producers and regulators, Barnett said. One is the “four-finger rule”, which limits the number of digits that can be inserted into an orifice for sexual stimulation.

This whole act is going to make the UK the most heavily censored country outside North Korea and put us on an equal footing to tin pot dictatorships which find arbitrary reasons to stop its citizens viewing the internet of their choice. Please sign and share the petition against the censorship of legal adult content. You can find out more information from the open rights group We take this infringement on our human rights very seriously, so should you. The passing of this legislation opens the door to wholesale blocking of websites the government do not approve of, not only this, they are infringing upon your freedom to please yourself what you see or hear.

To summaries: Parliament has voted to create a new national censor, that can block websites without a court order. The government wants it to censor adult websites that don’t offer “age verification”—and censor “non-conventional” content on those sites that do

Send your response

The Digital Economy Bill now has powers to force Internet Service Providers to block erotica and pornography websites that don’t verify the age of their users. It can also tell those sites what kind of material is acceptable—it says it will censor “non-conventional pornography”.

This equates to censorship of legal content – potentially affecting tens of thousands of websites and millions of people.

The policy is meant to enforce the use of “age verification” technology. Most websites won’t add these checks, or will choose to use simple but bad methods.

Age verification could itself lead to widespread credit card fraud, if publishers ask people to share their card details just to access random websites. Collection of porn browsing information would create risks of Ashley Maddison style data leaks. There no privacy safeguards in the Bill.

Once censorship is in place, politicians will think of plenty more things they can ban. We have heard discussions around this bill asking why more material is not being censored to make the Internet safe for families.

Blocking websites is a disproportionate, technical response to a complex, social issue. The UK’s children need education, not censorship, to keep them safe.

“Campaigners label bill targeted at online pornography a ‘prurient’ intervention that will take Britain’s censorship regime back to pre-internet era”.

Thanks to:

The Guardian
Pandora Blake
Open Rights Group


Christmas is Coming

I am completely behind with my Christmas preparations.   I have managed to get the Christmas tree up (despite Poppy the puppies determination to take it back down)  But I still have not written a card or ordered any food and I am pretty sure that if I do not get my finger out soon that it will be too late and I will be responsible for ruining Christmas!  Despite my very best efforts I tend to find myself in this situation every single year but so far I have always got everything done.    Hopefully this year will be no exception.  I am offering sessions up to and including the 21st December this year so if you want a pre Christmas session then please get in touch now.  I will be resuming spanking sessions on the Wednesday 3rd.   I will be at Slayers on Thursday and I think that there is one place left.  If you live in London and would like to see me check the site and you maybe lucky enough to secure the final place. 

 I didn’t get the chance to update the blog last week.  I was absolutely rushed off of my feet!  We had three spanking shoots and countless spanking sessions.  I will let you know about last weeks updates with the hope that I may have a chance to update the blog a little later in the week. 

Kodders is back at Sarah Spanks Men this week.  It seems that I am always having to discipline young Kodders but he just will not learn. I was supposed to be having an evening out with Mr. Stern but while we were out shopping Kodders ran into my legs with the supermarket trolley and left me badly bruised. Now I intend to give him some nasty bruises with the aid of my selection of very stingy nasty slippers. I am going to thrash his bare bottom till he can’t sit down and make him a very sorry man

Latest film at SarahSpanksMen

At Spanking Sarah we give Satine Spark a warm welcome back.  I love shooting with Satine and I don’t think she ever looks any older.  Hopefully we will continue shooting with her for many years to come.  Satine Spark is one of my favorite lady friends but in this film she takes things into her own hands, yes she is giving herself a really hard spanking. She is very good at this and manages to get into some very naughty and revealing positions as she whacks her bottom with a pretty pink leather paddle. She whacks herself so hard she leaves her bottom bruised. What will happen next.

Super self spanking at SpankingSarah

At English Spankers Kiki Vee makes a welcome return.   When Mr. Stern is let down by a spanking model Kiki Vee steps in at short notice. The thing is, he wants to try out his new spanking paddle made from bullet proof plastic, Kiki is not quite prepared for the amount of pain this will inflict but makes a good start as she goes over his knee for a warm up spanking. She then bends over so Mr. Stern can get a good swing in with the paddle at her bare bottom

Kiki Vee gets the bullet paddle at English Spankers

New Girl Loloani gets a really hard caning at RedStripe Films.  Lolani is a lifestyler but she is incredibly scared of the cane.  She was so proud when she was able to take the required amount of strokes.  Lolani has been to see Mr. Stern and she was severely spanked and paddled but she is back same day. This time however she tries to seduce him, her sexy clothes however do not work for Mr. Stern. This could have something to do with the return at that moment of Mrs. Stern who sums up the situation and give Lolani something she certainly did not want. A very hard caning on her bare bottom. Every stroke leaves its mark.

A hard caning film at RedStripe Films

Last but not least we are updating our HandySpankCam on a regular basis and you can join for only £10 per month.  It contains films from all of our premium sites and is well worth a look


Important post Please take a look

This is just a quick blog update but I really do want all spanking fans to take a look at the latest main post on Spanking News. This is something that effects everyone of us and is something we should not only be aware of but keep abreast of just what is happening in our country. No More for now but please take the time to read this post.


Carbon-Fibre & Plastic Paddles (by Kodders)

For those spanking fans who follow Sarah Stern at Spanking Sarah and Sarah Spanks Men, no doubt you will have seen Sarah using her carbon-fibre paddle in films with both willing female and male bottoms.

This paddle was custom made by one of her regular session chaps and to be honest I’ve never seen or heard of anything like this ever before. This paddle is hugely popular with a great deal of Sarah’s loyal followers who regularly session including myself. It’s difficult to describe the sensation when this paddle is being used, but it is a rather lovely sharp thwack which easily gets both buttocks at the same time. It makes a lovely high-pitch sound as the carbon is so thin unlike other thicker paddles.

Now you can imagine how devastated Sarah was when this paddle started to break up with normal thwacking use, hang on, is that fair to say the manner in which Sarah goes about thwacking bottoms? OK she certainly applies most implements with a certain gusto but nevertheless Sarah was told by the gent who custom made this paddle, “it’s indestructible, you will never break it”.

To date Sarah has broken it three times. She told me about this and asked if there was anything I could do, so I took the paddle away for serious on-table-open-paddle surgery. I had to totally rebuild the handle with resin, wire, wood and tape and glue some of the thwacking area too with resin. Fingers crossed it’s back in action thankfully to rapturous applause of those who are still enjoying the sensation of being thwacked with it (including myself – Kodders).

Of course the longer term was to look for something similar if not the same. Sarah had found a site in America called PaddleDaddy and showed me an item they had for sale called the ‘bullet-paddle‘. This paddle is plastic and made from the same bullet-proof plastic as American riot shields and other such items. Again it’s been sold as unbreakable, it’s also transparent which brings a whole new dimension when in use, being able to see through it as it strikes willing bottoms cheeks.

Two of these paddles were purchased from the States which ended up being quite an expensive endeavour from ordering to arriving what with International postage and custom chargers at this end, but to be honest I think they’re worth every penny, especially in the hands of someone like Sarah who has really taken to this new paddle and has introduced it to a number of folk both in film and session and apparently it’s going down a storm.

So I guess if you want to be thwacked by either Sarah’s carbon-fibre paddle, or this amazing bullet-paddle then drop her a line at her Email or contact details which can be found here, I’m sure she would be more than willing to give you a demonstration once you have submitted your bare bottom for her pleasure, oh and yours too of course.


A Spanking Round Up

It seems that Mr Stern and Kodders have both been using the blog which is great for you as I have (once again) been a bit rubbish updating it.   I always have great intentions of keeping the blog updated but unfortunately time seems to run away from me.  I can’t believe that we are in December already!  It will soon be Christmas and before we know it we will be heading into a New Year.  What will 2017 bring?  The UK Government seem hell bent on censoring the internet and I find this incredibly worrying.  I also feel quite powerless to do anything about it.  If you haven’t already then please, please, please register your opposition by taking just a few minutes to sign this petition. 

Anyway, let us enjoy watching spanking porn while we still can!   Henry came along to see me recently.  He is a relatively new comer to spanking but still did incredibly well.  Latest film at Sarah Spanks Men 

Henry has been to see a disciplinarian on an earlier occasion but I do not believe she was strict enough with him, the punishment he received did him no good whatsoever. I intend to remedy that. I get a selection of paddles and other instruments and taking it in turns I use them all on his bottom. Leather paddles large and small, a slipper paddle and a very nasty loopy. He now knows what a real punishment feels like 

Please join me in welcoming Isabella to Spanking Sarah this week.  I have been trying to arrange a shoot with this lovely young lady for over two years but we never seemed to be available at the same time.  I will say that Isabella was well worth the wait and hopefully I will be filming with her again soon.


Sex and Spanking

I don’t know about you but I have always thought that sex and spanking go together like, well peaches and cream or Abbot & Costello, (that shows my age) or like gin and tonic! Anyway, I guess you get what I am on about, I did recognise however that there are those in the spanking community who will run a mile from the slightest suggestion of sex and their sacred pastime of putting young ladies over their knees and spanking them.

OK, I take the point that it is very hard to find the right lady who is into spanking, let alone suggesting that sex should be a part of it and I know that at clubs and such meetings it would be frowned upon and for understandable reasons. But as far as my viewing of films goes I do love to find good, well made ones with both erotic elements. So it’s not easy and I always take the view that if you don’t like the sex but the spanking is good, go and pour the G&T whilst the sex is on and just come back and watch the spanking.

I do have quite a good collection of film from around the world which feature both, lots from France and Germany but I do always like to find good British content. So that brings me to the film Masie & Shell Hard-core Sex & Spanking (Strand) and I have just watched this brand new compilation. Basically it is four very good films stitched together, the first part of each featuring the sex and the second part the spanking except that gets a little complicated when in the second film the spanking or to be accurate the paddling is combined with the sex in quite an ingenious way.

The great thing for me about this film is that it features one of my all time favourite girls Masie Dee. What is not to like about this joyous bundle of naughtiness. I have no idea how she got to play in the Game Of Thrones film she is just to good and too bad at the same time, maybe that’s what they wanted. Anyway, Masie and her boyfriend made an amazing couple as they had total full on sex on the office floor and then the whacking administered by a real old time martinet of a spanker fair left me panting for breath.

This film for me has everything. Sex, a plot, sex and a good hard paddling scene. Also on this compilation was another great scene with a more mature lady called Shell, maybe that should be Michelle but anyway she is a real naughty lady. She obviously loves sex and is partnered by a great stud I have seen in quite a lot of films and they go to town on the sex before he in turn goes to town on her bottom. Now he is not the best spanker in the world but he gives her big bottom a thorough reddening and it looks to me to have been well administered and applied with meaning.

So, there you have it, a great film with loads of goodies. If you want to see a sample clip follow this link. If you want to download it follow this link. I will take a look around and see if I can find more films like this.


Follow your heart

So there I was going through some older scenes at one of my most favourite spanking Websites ( and when the scene came to a close these was a message posted after the end titles and a link. I read the message which said something along the lines of ladies, if you want to appear in a film get in touch, and a link to a Webpage. I followed the link and read the message.

It was describing a lady who had dreamt of being spanked, slippered, belted and caned but had never found anyone to do it to her in what she called the ‘real world’.

She knew her cravings were from deep within her heart and had to follow her instinct and that’s exactly what she did. She found someone who was happy to spank her and fulfill her dreams. As it happens the two of them fell for each other and lived happily ever after in spanking land.

When I read this message it kind of stopped me in my tracks, really made me think of someone I know who was, up until quite recently, in this exact situation / dilemma. I’m talking about ME.

I had the deepest craving for the same thing and started to hunt around to see if there was anybody that could give me what I was craving for so much, lovely sound punishments, someone to use me, beat me, cane me, to let me be their submissive for me to absolutely give myself to them, for me to be theirs for both our pleasures, feel the anticipation, humiliation of being controlled by someone else, the challenge to accept and take whatever punishments they deemed fit.

Well these are the things dreams are made of. Yes I followed my heart and the next two+ years that followed have been the most amazing years of my life. I have met those people, that person who has given me one of the most precious things, absolute fulfillment, satisfaction, gratification and of course the ultimate goal of finally giving me the answer that I have been searching for, for so long, what I am, what I really am inside….a submissive who  was asked by the most wonderful Domme if he’d like to be collard and owned, it was quite simply one of the most intense, scary, wonderful, fulfilling things I’d ever been asked to do, I couldn’t say YES quick enough although I was quite naive to what it really meant as I was so new in my subby journey, but I knew this wonderful lady would lead me and teach me in the most fulfilling way possible. My collar is a part of me and I adore it.

This lady had the courage to follow her heart, I pretty much did the same too. If you are out there craving for the same thing, please please please follow your heart. Whatever you do don’t ignore it.

Good luck



Behind the spanking scene

Before I got into spanking and making films I was always intrigued to know just what went on during and after the making of the films. Was it all planed out? Did everything go as smooth as it looked and most of all, was it fun to do? Now I can tell you that if you want the answer to these and other questions it is possible to take a peek into the private world of the spanking film maker and their models.

This site Handyspankcam not only features behind the scenes films but also a complete range of “hand held films“, these are quite different from the films shot with big cameras on tripods in that they manage to take you right into the heart of the real spanking action. I think it’s great and suggest you take a look.  The site is quite new but does have a great range of films in place already, ranging from hand spankings and paddling’s through slipperings and canings to men being punished and also some good hard sex connected with the spanking scenes. The range of behind the scenes films is small at the moment but it will be growing every week and at the ridiculously cheap membership price you can afford to join it.

Just looking at some of the hand held films made me think back to the real amateur days of film making but without the shaky camera syndrome. The technology employed today is quite overwhelming and the films are full size and crystal clear. It is though the immediacy of the action, the camera gets right up close to the business end and right into the faces of the actors. Coupled with the excellent stereo sound and you do get the feeling that you are actually there. I have chatted with the camera man and he tells me it is a continually evolving art, trying out new cameras and steady-cams and new formats and frame rates and all sorts of things I don’t understand, all to bring more realism to the action. With so many pirate web sites out there offering, along with the inevitable virus you catch from their sites and the multitude of rubbish films, so much material it is difficult to find something to give the new films that edge but, I think that the hand held and behind the scenes footage really does work. You may follow the link above direct to the site and take a look but if you want to see some samples then take a look at this site.



Compilation Films

We have some great new films out on our clips stores at the moment, we realize that lots of you would rather purchase just those films you really want to see and also that you do like to have compilations of the same subject matter or of the same person or even a particular series.
We now have over 60 Compilations available, all are in our clips stores and you can get a list of them from our main service site Strand Video. If you follow this link it will take you straight to the list of compilations. There are also some great sample films there you can watch just by clicking on the “Compilations” banner so do take a look.

Just to wet your appetite we have the amazing Ella Hughes in two different compilations, we have Niki Montford taking some really nasty hard punishments, there are Four volumes in our Sex & Punishment range there are six Schoolgirl compilations with some of your favorite girls and, well loads more so get along to our Strand Video site or you can go straight to the clips stores by following either of the these links.  Spanking Library . Clips4Sale..



Behind the scenes at Handy Spank Cam

So there we were Mr Stern and I (Kodders) trying to find a solution to improve the sound production quality during spanking shoots in the most easy and manageable way without having to have a recording device such as a ZOOM box too close to the spanking cast, and the other end of the scale having a mic on the end of a boom with a dedicated sound person. 

Hmmmmm sounds like quite a challenge. First suitable microphones had to be researched with the RODE NT3 coming out as an excellent contender, two in total one for left and right channels. My idea was to have the mic’s in different areas in the room but Mr Stern, who is a stickler for tidiness, didn’t want to be tripping over cables and coaxes around the floor. 

His suggestion was everything to go on the same stand which could be picked up and moved as one object – Brilliant !!! SternKod Sound Solutions was formed and the MK1 sound rig was soon ready. This was fine but limited in that it had only room for the ZOOM (H6) and two microphones so back to the drawing board. Not long after MK2 was ready which had a longer 4 bar fixing point. This could hold the ZOOM, two  mic’s and room for other devices. It was at this point Mr Stern had his eureka moment and thought about mounting a second camera similar to his GoPro on the stand next to the ZOOM and RODE mic’s to record a wide angle of view film. With the purchase of a ZOOM Q4n HD camera with amazing sound production, behind the scenes was born !!

The ‘behind the scenes’ idea is now firmly in place and well on the way. Behind the scenes footage will be exclusive to Handy Spank Cam where a couple of scenes have already been published. You get to see everything that was shot on the day nothing has been edited out so if this is something you enjoy watching then Behind The Scenes is definitely for you. In one scene already published with Jess being spanked by Sarah, there is quite a bit of giggling as well as wonderful spanking action which has not been edited in the slightest you really do get to see everything. 

Ah well, it’s back to the drawing board as a Mk3 sounds rig is well on the way to be used for similar purposes. 

We hope you enjoy this new idea at 


The Slipper for Daryl at Sarah Spanks Men

Daryl was sent to me in August by his long suffering Wife.  He had been taking another women out to lunch and although he claimed his attentions were innocent, he had also bought this lady some gifts and had lied.  His Wife therefore gave him an ultimatum.   He could come and see me and accept a filmed punishment or he could leave.

Daryl reluctantly came along and was soon shown the error of his ways.  He promised me that his behaviour would improve and for a short time it did.  He hasn’t been flirting with other women but his Wife did feel that his standards of behaviour were slipping so he was sent back this weekend for further punishment.

Daryl has been to see me previously, his wife needed to have his behavior improved. The treatment and punishment I gave him did work but she now considers he is in need of some maintenance. I have a good talk with him and he agrees he does need to come back into line. I get a selection of slippers I keep for just such occasions and use them all on his bare bottom. 

sarah-106-1036 sarah-106-1033 sarah-106-1031 sarah-106-1018 sarah-106-1017 sarah-106-1015 sarah-106-1007 sarah-106-1004



Happy Friday.

Another week is almost over.  Not quite sure where the time is going to.  I have had to buy a new diary for 2017 as some of my naughty boys are already making January and February bookings.   I have also had to buy an advent calendar.  Now, I am going to sound old now but ‘in my day’  an advent calendar had pictures in it and if you were really, really, really lucky it might have some chocolate.  Now days you can get allsorts and believe me, they sell out rather quickly.  The Seventeen year old Daughter wanted a make up one.  Her first choice was already out of stock …… This obviously was my fault for not sourcing this item in August.   The second choice fortunately was still available albeit in limited qualities.  Talking of youngsters,  I saw a lovely new guy today who wanted a smacked bottom.  He was really great but looked about 12!  Perhaps not to others of his age but he certainly looked like a baby to me.  I made sure I checked his age before I put him over my knee.

Anyway, filming in the morning for Sarah Spanks Men so new film will be online on Monday.   Until then let me tell you about films we have on other sites.

At English Spankers  Lolani has now done three jobs for the sexy cleaning company and she has been getting lots of spankings. Her next customer wants to give her a very hard paddling and she is not sure if she can do this. She has come back to the office to ask if Mr. Stern can help her, well of course he can! He recommends that she bend over his table and he gives her a good spanking, just to make sure the customer won’t be disappointed. This is what happens and she does get a hard bare bottom paddling.

hc364-01012 hc364-01014 hc364-01011 hc364-01010 hc364-01009 hc364-01005 hc364-01015


The lovely Lily May is at RedStripe Films  I really enjoyed meeting and filming with this lady.  She is usually a Top but had decided to try the submissive role for the very first time.  I have smacked a few bottoms over the years and I can honestly say I have never seen one get so red and bruised so very quickly!  It is no surprise that Lily has decided that she prefers to be the one dishing out the punishments so I am honoured that we have the only three films this wonderful woman will make as a bottom.

Housewife Lilly has been sent to Mr. Stern for severe punishment and whilst there she confessed to having sex with other men. Mr. Stern feels it is his duty to inform her husband of this and does so. He is not best pleased and asks Mr. Stern to give her further punishment. A heavy paddle is found and she is paddled in a number of different positions on her bare mature bottom.

hc368-01026 hc368-01025 hc368-01024 hc368-01022 hc368-01020 hc368-01015


We are at the moment in the process of trying something a little different.  Virtual reality spanking!  With the proper equipment you will soon be able to download these films from our sites.  This is very much a work in process at the moment but the initial experiments have been great and I expect the first of these films to be available via our Clips4Sale site in the next couple of weeks.

So at Spanking Sarah I was asked to help make a test film for a 3D spanking enthusiast, I had to find the right young lady and as luck would have it Jess was available. She agreed to be spanked in the progress of the spanking scene and to help out my friend and to see if he could produce a good quality 3D spanking film. This is the full behind the scenes story

hc378-01024 hc378-01007 hc378-01023hc378-01003


Last but by not at all means least our best value site ever Handy Spank Cam has been updated.   At only £10.00 a month it is well worth a look.




Prague and Poppy. Oh, and some spanking

So, I have been to Prague.  What a wonderful City.  I don’t think I have ever walked as much but I loved every moment.  I do love spending time in different places.  The weather was very kind to us and we even got to go to the Ballet.  Obviously we went along to the Hard Rock Café and got another glass to add to our collection.  Whilst I was away we had a very special delivery.  Poppy our rescue from Zante arrived.  Mr Stern and Kodders took very good care of her until I returned and I must say she is absolutely beautiful.  We love her to pieces.  Noah and Evie are not so keen but are slowly getting used to having her around.   If you would like to see some photos of her then there are plenty on Twitter.  Just ask to be my friend, the account is private but this is only to prevent any of my family finding it.  Anyway, enough of my news.  Let me tell you about last weeks spanking updates and you never know,  I may even find the time to tell you about this weeks as well.

At English Spankers Laura gets off to a bad start at the House Of Correction, she is found to have hard drugs in her luggage. She is called before the principle but has no explanation for her behavior and is therefore informed she will be punished there and then. She is made to strip naked and bent over the table. The heaviest punishment paddle is used on her very small bottom until it is judged she has regretted what she has donehc362-01041 hc362-01010 hc362-01018 hc362-01030 hc362-01037

At RedStripe Films Housewife Lilly has been sent to Mr. Stern for severe punishment and whilst there she confessed to having sex with other men. Mr. Stern feels it is his duty to inform her husband of this and does so. He is not best pleased and asks Mr. Stern to give her further punishment. A heavy paddle is found and she is paddled in a number of different positions on her bare mature bottom.hc368-01001 hc368-01015 hc368-01020 hc368-01022 hc368-01023 hc368-01024 hc368-01025 hc368-01026 hc368-01027

At SpankingSarah  Heather thought that she liked pain, she liked it so much she paddled her own bottom and then got Leo to paddle it for her. When I caught them at it I decided to really put her to the test. I must admit I did select a rather nasty cane and I did lay it on her lovely bottom rather hard but if she likes it she will take every stroke. What do you think?hc358-01003 hc358-01008 hc358-01011 hc358-01012 hc358-01017 hc358-01023 hc358-01024


Meet Louise, Lily and Lolani

I didn’t realise until I started to write this post that all our ladies this week have an ‘L’ at the start of their names!  What are the chances?  It is not the only thing they share either.  Although each of these lovely ladies are very different, they are all making their Spanking film debuts this week.  I hope you will join me in welcoming them our sites. 

At English Spankers We have Loloani.  This mature model is very much into the spanking scene but had never made a film before.   I missed most of the shoot as I had to take my Daughter to the hospital but I got back just in time to give her a caning.  Despite loving being spanked she was terrified of the cane as this was an implement she had not had much experience of.   We will be rebooking Lolani in the New Year so expect to see  lot of her on our sites in the future.

The Sexy Cleaning Company is recruiting again, looking for young ladies who love to show off their lovely bottoms and who don’t mind getting them spanked and paddled. We have a lady who is getting her first ever spanking meet Lolani, she is not too sure if she will be up to the standard demanded by our customers but we intend to put her through our usual trial. Does she look good in a short skirt, bent over doing some cleaning? Yes indeed. Does she mind bending over our knee to take a jolly hard spanking? No sir and she does get her very first spanking

hc363-01041 hc363-01013 hc363-01034 hc363-01036

Louise makes her first (and quite possibly her last) appearance at SpankingSarah.  Louise wanted to give spanking a go but really struggled yesterday during our shoot.  She managed to do it but ended up in real tears during the caning.  It is a real shame as she has an amazing bottom. 

Another first time this week, lovely glamour model Louise Burton has decided she would quite like to have a go at being spanked. In this in depth interview we will learn that she has never been spanked before today. This should make for a very interesting first film with this young lady. I just know you will love Louise.
hc374-01023 hc374-01020 hc374-01010 hc374-01037
Lastly Lily at RedStripe Films.  Lily is actually a Domme who has her own dungeon!  She regularly spanks her Husband and wanted to give subbing a try.  It was great fun to meet and shoot with Lily but my word, I have never ever seen anyone bruise so quickly and so badly.  Understandably, this will be the only spanking shoot that Lily will undertake.
Lilly is a more mature lady who really should know better than to play around with other men. She has been sent to see Mr. Stern by her husband for being lazy and not a very good wife around the home but whilst being questioned she admits to meeting other men to ‘suck their cocks’. This calls for the very hardest of punishments and as this is the first time she has been punished the spanking will certainly be felt by this very naughty lady.
hc367-01042 hc367-01005 hc367-01014 hc367-01025 hc367-01031

Playing Spanking Catch Up

I am off to Prague at the end of this week and before I go I have a mountain of work to do.  We have just completed our second spanking shoot of the week.  We have a third booked for Thursday.   We shot some more material with Heather and Leo yesterday and I spanked a brand new girl called Louise today.   Both shoots were great but I don’t think Louise will be back again.  She wanted to give spanking a go but I know she found it quite difficult.  She shed real tears when I caned her.  All this footage will be coming online within the next few months.  Jess is returning to film with us again on Thursday and I can’t wait to catch up with her.  I have a few minutes to spare and I have realised that I haven’t managed to update the blog with last weeks updates so I aim to address that now.

We usually have The House of Correction at Spanking Sarah but the latest update is at English-Spankers.  Katie DidIt is usually in charge but as she is taking a break from the spanking scene, then Mr Stern decided to take her place.  The good news for Katie fans is that she is thinking about resuming her spanking film career so watch this space for more news. 

Another young lady is sent for correction, this time for drug taking and dealing. As usual she has to strip naked and is subjected to the first of many punishment sessions. This time she has to bend over the spanking stool and get her first bare bottom spanking delivered and designed to cause the maximum pain to her. This series will now run on this site for all new episodes.

hc361-01008 hc361-01010 hc361-01027 hc361-01028 hc361-01003hc361-01020


At SpankingSarah Heather has just gotten into the spanking scene and thinks she may try a bit of self spanking. She has a nice new leather paddle and does give her bottom a good whacking. Her husband comes home to find her at it and she asks him to take over. Making allowances for the fact that he is totally inexperienced I think he gave her a real hard whacking

hc357-01039 hc357-01001 hc357-01007 hc357-01013 hc357-01036 hc357-01038


Last but by no means least at RedStripe Films Miss Bottomley is totally useless when it comes to doing what she was hired for, teaching music. It turns out she can hardly read music. She has now been demoted to secretary but she can’t get that right. Maybe a good hard strapping first on her hands and then on her bottom will help her get it together. She takes a severe beating but will it help?

npp979027 npp979040 npp979043 npp979056




Making Plans for Nigel

There is peace in the House of Stern.  Our Daughter has gone to London to see her idol in concert and will not be back until tomorrow.   After speaking to my Mother this morning I have decided that our woes are quite insignificant when placed next to those of my Sisters.  Perhaps politicians should take note of the fact the I have managed to raise three ‘normal’ children who have all gone onto or are in the process of going into higher education despite the fact that they have a Mother who not only hits people but films herself doing it!  My Sister who incidentally works in a school has two teenage children who drink, truant, smoke, swear, spit, hit and dabble in drugs.    I could count myself lucky that mine have all grown up ok but if I am really honest, luck has very little to do with it.   My ‘Life of Porn’ has had no impact on them and I’m pretty sure that it hasn’t affected any other children either.  Perhaps if our Government and Parents stopped blaming everyone else and looked a little closer to home we would all be a little happier.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, I am pretty sure you are here for the spankings.  I have updated Sarah Spanks Men this week with a film made with one of my favourite spankees.  A warm welcome back to Nigel. 

Nigel has come along to help me try out two lovely new canes. I just love caning a bare bottom and so people are always treating me to different canes. I like to be able to see the effect of the canes and Nigel has offered to take a cold caning from both my new canes and then to tell me just how each one felt. A good hard cold caning should really concentrate his mind

ssm-105-01030 ssm-105-01006 ssm-105-01017 ssm-105-01018 ssm-105-01027 ssm-105-01028


Laura gets the cane at Spanking Sarah

It has been a tough week at ‘The House of Stern’  Our wonderful teenage Daughter had her heart broken for the first time.  I think we all remember our first real love and how the World seemed to end when it was over.   The fact that he was a twat and had been for some time didn’t seem to matter to her and we have had a week of walking on egg shells.   Fortunately the twat is away at Uni and not within striking distance as I really would have loved to give him a smack and not the over the knee kind!   She will (of course) survive and so will we but blogging and any other activity had to take a back seat whilst we mopped up tears and tried our very best to make her feel better.

So, whilst all this has been going on Mr Stern was also very busy making sure that the sites were updated.  He also managed to do a shoot!  I came along at the very last moment to administer a caning.  We have quite a few shoots planned at the moment and some brand new girls coming along but I will tell you more about that in future posts.  Let me spend the time I have at the moment letting you know what we have on the sites at the moment.

At English Spankers  Heather has just had her first ever spanking and it seems she enjoyed it a lot. She has been out and purchased a leather paddle and now she wants Leo to use this on her. He is not too sure, he has never done anything like this before but he is willing to give it a go and so starts off a little slowly but does get Heather over his knees and is soon paddling her bottom. She persuades him to try different positions and it’s not long before he is giving her a real hard whacking. Genuine amateur first timers.hc356-01040 hc356-01004 hc356-01009 hc356-01011 hc356-01016 hc356-01035

At SpankingSarah This is Laura’s second film for me and I am going to cane her and I will be caning her hard. She was sent home from school for drinking and I also caught her with alcohol and gave her a good paddling. This next lesson will be to drive home the massage, do not drink! This is a real hard caning and young Laura did take it well but was left with a well striped bottom.

hc360-01011 hc360-01014 hc360-01018 hc360-01024 hc360-01001 hc360-01007

At RedStripe Films  I have a great schoolgirl film, Mr Stern the caretaker has had occasion to spank young Jackie but she has returned to see him with a strange request, she would like another spanking but this time with a leather paddle. She said she got so turned on with the spanking that she just needed to go further. He of course agreed to this and poor Jackie did I think get more than she had expected. She ended up in her school uniform with a very red and painful bottom

npp997065 npp997005 npp997028 npp997039 npp997054