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Sarah Spanks Men

I know that Sarah started life as a spankee, I also know that’s the way lots of us love to see her, bent over getting her delicious bottom well spanked and caned but, well times move on and so do people. Sarah is now a very well know and much loved spanker of young ladies and latterly of naughty men. Her site Sarah Spanks Men is her very own concept and the style is dictated by what she likes to see in her spanking films, she say it has to please her before she will let us see it. I have no problem with that. The punishments all usually centre around domestic situations, sometimes with the men being sent along to Sarah for genuine punishments and genuine filming of these!

The new film on her site is a little different, it links in to one on her Spanking Sarah site, there is a clip from this at the start just to set the scene. It shows what happens to Tony the hospital porter after he persuaded one of the trainee nurses to strip and let him paddle her bottom. Sarah shows him no mercy at all. He has to get his trousers down and bend over, she then gets two canes and gives one to the young trainee and instructs her in the art of caning a bottom. I have to say the young lady, Jess, learns very fast and whilst  she cant lay the cane on as hard as Sarah she soon gets the feel for it and makes poor Tony suffer. I really liked this film, once again its all good none stop action with Sarah at her nasty best.

Some great new movies

Well it’s arguably been a bad week for the people of the UK with a full strength conservative government, watch out for further restrictions on your civil liberties, and your freedom to watch sexy moves and much more, yes, they are out to get you and make no mistake by whatever it takes they will seek to control your lives in the most minute of detail. This week porn the next your freedom of speech. You have been warned!

While we still can I want to bring you a quick look at some of the great spanking movies out there, you know, I do look at films from all over the world and I do have to say that our UK producers are amongst the very best in the world. We have excellent films coming from Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking, great movies form the guys at Northern Spanking, and a real hard mix of styles from out friends over at AAA spanking. All in all a good selection but as you may be aware, most of these people have now moved out of the country to less repressive regimes, Russia looks quite tame compared with what’s going on here.

Spanking Sarah has sent me a good selection of pictures to go with her new movie, this is the second part of the audition of a brand spanking new young lady called Victoria. Their last film with her had her being spanked on the bare botty for the very first time, in this film she gets areal hard session with the leather strap handed out by Sarah herself. I have to say, some of the positions are very revealing and the leathering was really well laid on, no gentle introduction for this young lady. I do hope we get to see more of her.

One of my all time favourite sites is English Spankers. If for no other reason than the wide variety of subjects they manage to cover and the unfailing ability to get some of the very best models around. In this film they have the beautiful Ella Hughes as a naught schoolgirl, yes she is over 18 and she is an adult and she does know what she is doing but she does like to dress up, well we all go to fancy dress parties from time to time, must look out my afro wig and big glasses! Anyway, Ella has been fighting and the rules are that if she gets punished at school, which she was, she will then get punished at home, which she is. Over the knee and bent over in the chair she gets her lovely bare bottom really well beaten with Aunties hair brush. Boy does it turn red and I am sure I see real tears rolling down that beautiful face. A real good film so take a look.

A web site that is always coming up with some surprises is Redstripe Films I personally love their collection of classic films but this week they have a brand new one in the Hand Made Films series featuring one of the very naughtiest girls around skitty young Charlie. If you have never seen any films with this lady then you have mist a treat and you must take a look at this one, it’s out Thursday I think. This lady obviously does not like being spanked, strapped or getting dealt with in any other painful way but she does seem to keep coming back for more.

In this film her land lady has cause to sort out a problem with the eight cats she is keeping in her flat. This ends with Charlie being strapped on the hands, bottom and on the backs and front of her thighs, very painful and Charlie certainly lets us know that it is. This is a good fast moving film that owes a lot to the way it was shot, it looks like one continues scene so none of the action was lost and therefore none of the excitement. Love this one from my sneak preview.

Blog Roundup

It’s been another great week on the spanking film scene, so much good stuff out there for all us spank lovers. The general election later in the week for the UK, I think they all need a good spanking but then, maybe they are all going to get one when no one turns out to vote for all their lies and deceit! One day… Seems a strange policy to me, starve the poor and give more to the rich, I thought we had ended that mentality in Victorian times but it seems that in this country we progress forwards at an amazingly slow pace and backwards much faster. We have money for nuclear weapons, money for corrupt foreign states, money to pay thieving lying bankers and money men even more but we do not have enough to look after our elderly, educate our kids or feed the nation. I remember my ration card, just after the war, maybe I should have kept it.

Anyway, back to the reality of life, but remember also, if it’s left to your leaders they will be trying to stop you watching spanking films, it’s up to you, walk like sheep into the pile of crap they are putting out about protecting people from porn or tell them to keep out of your front room and let you watch what you want. It really is up to you.


At English Spankers we like to try and make sure we bring you a wide mix of spanked bottoms. We know that you like to see brand spanking new girls trying spanking for the very first time but we also know that you have your favourite spanking models. Aleesha Fox is one of these ladies, she has been making spanking movies for some years and still looks as fantastic now as she did when she made her very first one.

She took a break from spanking for a while recently, so we were very honoured when she agreed to do a spanking shoot as a sub with us. In fact, she enjoyed it so much that she has now started offering sub sessions once again. We had such a lot of fun spanking Aleesha, and in this film you will see her being paddled by both Mr and Mrs Stern!

Members of English Spankers have already seen the first part of this story. Mr and Mrs Stern run the Sexy Cleaning Company and Aleesha has been caught out before offering a few more services then just dusting! This little minx was trying to get the customers to pay her directly. Mrs Stern caught her and wanted to sack her. Mr Stern convinced her to have a change of heart and they are now employing her to clean in their own house. Aleesha did however get a good hard bare bottom spanking.

The arrangement had been working well until Mrs Stern decided to host a dinner party. Aleesha claimed to be able to cook as well as clean and has been put in charge of the arrangements. Imagine Mrs Sterns dismay when she finds out that Aleesha doesn’t actually have a clue! She berates her Husband and tells him he better deal with their lazy maid. He begins to spank her naughty bottom with a paddle.

Aleesha is not very happy at all. Mr Stern is rather cross that he gave her another chance and she let him down so he makes sure that each and every stroke is hard. The maid uniform is lifted up out of the way, her knickers are pulled down and the spanking is given on the bare. It is not long before Aleesha is rather red and sore.

Just as Aleesha does not think that things could get any worse Mrs Stern marches in and claims that the beating is not hard enough! She takes over and really gives the poor girl a fast and furious whacking. A red bum soon turns bright crimson and It looks like young Aleesha will have trouble sitting down for some time. A hard paddling film. Take a look at this and hundreds of other films at English Spankers


We are back with Zandia Lee this week. We love this naughty older lady and it seems our members do too! This sexy milf had been avoiding work so that she could stay in bed and play with her pussy. Her Boss had caught her at it and given her a good hard bare bottom spanking but would this make her change her ways?

It seems not. Zandia calls her Boss and asks him to come back and visit her at the house. He really cannot believe it when he walks in and finds her playing with herself with a huge dildo! What on earth is a man to do? Her bottom still bears the marks from her previous thrashing.

He asks for an explanation and is amazed when Zandia Lee states that she actually quite enjoyed the previous punishment. It had really turned her on, so much so that she wants to have another go! It is well known that some ladies do find being spanked and dominated quite sexy so it seems that the idea of punishing her for laying in bed all day and playing with her pussy has backfired.

Zandia begs Mr Stern to take the spanking paddle to her bare sore bottom. She gets up on all fours to allow him full access to her bouncy bum. He obviously does not need to be asked twice and is soon giving this dirty lady and real hard paddling safe in the knowledge that it is making her pussy soaking wet.

A great hard spanking and sex film. Take a look at this and many others at RedStripe Films


We have another brand spanking new model for you this week. Please join me in welcoming Victoria to the Spanking Sarah site. She had never ever been spanked before so deserves a huge amount of respect for coming along to make some spanking films. It is never possible to explain to someone just how a spanking is going to feel so there is always a risk that new girls will not be able to complete a shoot. This is why we always have a first shoot at home. Some of our ladies have only ever made one film, that was enough for them to realise that being a spanking model was just not for them.

I am always interested in just what makes a girl come along to be spanked. Those of you who have been members of the site for some time may recall that my first spanking was on film not that Mr Stern was aware of that at the time! I really wanted to try it but had been put off by some of the guys who had contacted me on spank sites on the internet. I felt that the safest thing to do was to go along to see a Producer, the rest is history! I have never met anyone yet with quite the same story as mine but I do think that someone must have at least a mild interest in spanking to come along to a shoot. In fact, many of our newbies have gone on to make several spanking films.

Victoria is a lovely bubbly girl who enjoys life and wants to get as much out of it as possible – this means that she wants to try as many different things as possible and spanking was one of the things on her bucket list. She came long a few weeks ago to make her first ever films. She was of course quite nervous but also excited and she soon felt at ease whilst we chatted on film.

It was soon time for her to take a trip over my knee and she very kindly put her bottom up high in the air. Victoria does have an incredibly spankable bottom, the size just perfect. Now, I do know that some Producers take it a bit easier on new girls who have not been spanked before, I do not agree with this as I want them to know exactly what a hard hand spanking feels like. I did warn Victoria that it was going to hurt but I am not sure she realised just how much.

It did not take me long to lift up her skirt and start smacking her knicker clad bum, I made sure I covered the whole of her bottom and that the tops of her legs also got some painful attention. Victoria is soon gasping and wriggling! I do love just how red a virgin bum turns and how quick it happens. By the time her knickers were pulled down she was incredibly red and rather sore!

This is a delightful prolonged spanking film for a complete spanking novice. How did Victoria do? Take a look at the film at Spanking Sarah


Well firstly my huge apologies for not getting this blog out sooner. I’ve been so busy of late. I’m sure my excuses won’t deter Sarah from whatever punishment she sees fit.

So without further ado, here is the new scene at Sarah Spanks Men

Just when you thought it was over, James is back for more punishment of course this is after he’s already had the tawse , strap, & hairbrush, but unfortunately for James, Sarah has lined up a caning with two of her favourite canes, all I can say is cripes James, you are one lucky chap !!

The first is a lovely long swishy straight-handled cane. I know how wonderful this cane feels, it has a real stinging sensation and the sound of the strokes being delivered is just wonderful, I say wonderful Sarah refers to it as ‘spiteful’ I would tend to agree with her. This ‘spiteful’ little cane is making the most wonderful stripes.

Sarah switches to her second cane and as she taps it on James bottom he mutters ‘that sounds big’ letting out quite a shriek when Sarah skillfully lands the first stroke. It does look like a pretty thick cane to me though !!

Several strokes later and you can see the lovely big welts this heavy cane is leaving, with a lovely shot of the stripes left by the earlier swishier cane. Sarah suggests the next caning should be a cold-caning, adding ‘can you imagine that’? I don’t need to imagine it as I’ve been cold –caned a number of times and I can tell you it hurts but it’s a wonderful experience if you can get through it, so good luck James should it happen to you.

The scene concludes with several very hard cane strokes and the final warning of the cold-caning. Only time will tell to see if James really has learnt his lesson or not.

A spanking life Part 3

Since starting out in the spanking business Sarah has gone on to make well over 500 spanking films both as a spankee and later as a spanker of renown. She now pretty much runs the whole business and has expanded the repertoire to include her own special site which reflects the direction she now sees her spanking life taking; sarahspanksmen.com

Here she has imprinted her own special love of spanking and her unique desire to keep the site looking friendly and as real as possible. Her choice of male spankee is wide but once again reflects her desire to see all walks of life portrayed there in a real domestic non threatening situation.

That she dishes out some of the harshest punishments is a fact, that this is what her spankees want is indisputable, they want to come back time after time not just for the pain that they know will be inflicted on them but because they are pleased to show off their love of spanking in her films.

Along with Remington Steel they have explored new ways to present films, being the first to bring real POV to the spanking screen, the sexy spank talking films featuring some of her friends and now her Hand Held Films an adventure into that desire to bring as much reality to the films as possible.

It is a fact that like lots of other spanking web sites business is not what it was, the heavy hand of censorship has in one way or another attempted to drive something which is after all a matter of freedom of choice, from being a pathway which some needed to tread, others wanted to tread and some feared to tread. That the British government should have the temerity to interfere in what we as adults watch on our TV or computer screens is in itself an affront to the freedom of the individual, when they then seek through totally undemocratic means, for their own nefarious reasons, to criminalise those who bring happiness to so many millions of people all over the world is itself a criminal act and should be resisted by all those who still cherish what bit of freedom we as ordinary individuals still have left in this country.

Remington Steel has for over 25 years been resident in Spain and that is where the business is based and managed from, would they like to have a UK based business? Yes but that is not possible. The path is wide open for criminals from every corner of the world to flood the internet with the vile porn they spew out, this is what will replace the self regulation of people such as Sarah and Pandora Blake.

If you want to see the continuation of the web sites featuring the kind of activity you want to see then please support them. Experience the world of Spanking Sarah, visit the sites and look at the range and variety of the films from the simple one offs to the epic Unladylike Manor now running its thirtieth episode which has featured almost every top British spanking star. You will find uniforms from School mistress to latex Nun, nurses and Christmas elves. All spanking life is there and is a testament to the work ethic and desire to bring her love of spanking to as many as possible that keep her happy and motivated.


Blog Roundup

Another spanking week has started and what a week it promises to be. Some real great new films coming out and loads of picture sets for those who still like to see them. I am going to start with Spanking Sarah and why not I say, a great site, top quality HD films all full length and always some new young ladies there to see getting their first spanking.


Poor Jess! She really does not know what has hit her. She thought she was going on a course which would ensure the continuation of her benefit payments and that it would be an easy ride. That impression was soon dashed when Sister Sarah took her over the knee and spanked her. She has been left with a pile of text books to study and they are so boring she has fallen asleep.

She is rudely shaken awake by one of the Doctors who is not impressed with finding her sleeping. In fact, he feels that this deserves even more punishment! The poor girl really does not know what to do. He claims to be in charge and has a horrible looking spanking paddle with him so she reluctantly agrees to allow him to spank her.

The Doctor tells her that she is an absolute disgrace to her uniform and that she should take it off immediately. Jess argues that this should not be necessary but in the end she gives up and takes all her clothes off. What Jess does not know is that her ‘Doctor’ is actually one of the porters and he cannot believe his luck in getting this vulnerable girl to do his bidding.

Not only is Tony the porter going to spank her but he makes sure he ogles her wonderful body as well. He really can’t believe his luck, it is not every day he wanders in on a gullible and naïve nurse. He takes her over the knee and starts to paddle her already sore bottom.

This is the worst day for Jess ever! first spanked and now paddled and to top it off in the nude. The paddle is hard and she gets a sound thrashing with it. Her bum is soon really marked and sore and still the spanking continues.

When Sister Stern walks in on the situation she cannot believe her eyes! What will happen to Jess and Tony? Take a look at this film and many more at Spanking Sarah Oh, I quite like the link that is coming to this story, at Sarah Spanks Men you will be able to see what happens to the naughty porter. All good fun


We haven’t had a pyjama spanking at English Spankers for quite some time.  I am not sure why as I know some of or members really love to see young ladies chastised wearing their skimpy pyjamas.  We also know that for some reason some of you really do not like to see our ladies wearing knickers under their PJ bottoms.   After the lovely Luna had taken a shower it seemed like common sense to have the next film with her in the bedroom in her nightwear.

Poor Luna has had a wet bottomed spanking in the shower from her angry Auntie.   She should have been at work but instead had bunked off and was going to sneak out and see her boyfriend.  Auntie has given her a sore red bottom and sent her off to get dressed.  You really think that she would have learnt her lesson wouldn’t you?  Unfortunately instead of getting dressed Luna gets on the phone to the boyfriend and starts to tell him what a bitch her Auntie is.

Now, obviously Auntie overhears this conversation and gets very cross.  If a smacked bottom has not worked then perhaps harsher measures must be used.  Luna is told in no uncertain terms that she is going to get the hardest thrashing of her young life.   Auntie Sarah fetches a really nasty looking leather paddle and instructs her young charge to bend over the bed.

Luna realises that she has been rather foolish and has little option other than take the spanking she deserves.  Her pyjama bottoms offer her very little protection and each and every stroke of the spanking paddle is designed to cause maximum pain.  She is forced to take stroke after painful stroke and soon regrets her actions.

When the pyjama bottoms are eventually you can see just how marked and sore this young ladies bare bottom is.  The punishment continues on her tender flesh.  A hard bare bottom strapping for Luna.  Take a look at this and hundreds of other films at English Spankers.



I do have to say this is my personal favourite film of the week. The lovely Leia Ann is naughtier than I have ever seen her in a film before, I have only had a quick look through the film but will give it more attention later.  A great girl and a real classy location including a good sex scene in the back seat of a car make this just about all I could want. Then of course she does get a good leathering. Another fantastic classic film for you this week at RedStripe Films.  I am very proud to be able to bring these films back.  Many of you have probably never ever seen them before and for those of you who have, you will notice just how well they have been re edited and re mastered and the quality is absolutely fantastic.  

Leia Ann Woods is one of our most loved spanking models and I can certainly see why.  She looks just as great today as she did when this was made about seven years ago.    Leia Ann played the part of a trophy wife caught cheating on her Husband with his driver.  Her Husband had had his suspicions so had put a camera into the car.  Faced with the evidence she has little choice but to accept the punishment he wishes to give her.

Leia Ann is left to contemplate exactly what will happen to her whilst Mr Stern fetches his paddle. This film shows this beautiful girl absolutely at her very best and shows just what a level of punishment she can take, oh, she is a pretty hot actress to!


This site is coming on by leaps and bounds, there are now a good few regular guys featuring, we are starting to see some new girls to help Sarah with the whacking and the story lines are developing.  It does take a long time to find out just what your customers want, I know from the blogs with the emails I get that it is just not possible to please everyone.

It’s becoming a bit of a habit writing about one’s self, but I guess that’s the price you pay when you appear in films on what must be the best male spanking website around of course Sarah Spanks Men.

I can honestly say I adore it when I am punished by Sarah, but just of late I’ve been taking more and more gorgeous punishments form the wonderful Princess PortiaRoux. She has really gotten to grips with this Topping malarkey and I have to say her confidence has grown so much since Christmas when she was one-half of the dirty bitches (well gorgeous vixens) in the Christmas film at Sarah Spanks Men alongside Sarah herself.

In this latest film Portia canes my bare bottom and I have to say on the day it was just the most wonderful experience. I know she was quite nervous about the whole thing but she delivered a beautiful caning to my bare bottom and every stroke she landed was pure bliss. I really loved the way we were able to ‘ad-lib’ too and have a bit of fun during the scene and to be frank having watch it back, Portia was taking absolutely none of the Doctors verbal nonsense, only when she was ready did the punishment end.

I’m shooting again soon for Sarah Spanks Men but I’m not sure of the plot or what’s going to happen as of yet. That’s the beautiful thing, being left in suspense, sometimes only finding out the plot when you are butt naked over a bench or whatever and then it’s a little late to try do much about it.

Oh and yes I did accidentally bring Sarah’s phone home and when I sent it back by next-day post, somehow it got damaged or didn’t work properly when Sarah received it. She is quite cross about it but I have a feeling she will forgive me for this misdemeanour, yeah, and if you believe that you’ll believe anything. I think there may be some ‘incoming’ flak to contend with shortly. Watch this space !!

I really hope all you loyal fans out there are enjoying this fabulous men’s site. Please keep your Emails coming to Sarah if you have any ideas, suggestions or anything else you’d like to say. We love hearing from you.

A spanking Life Part 2

This is the second part of my look at one of the leading ladies in the spanking world. Sarah Stern who started out in her spanking life as just a spankee, well she loves being spanked and so the films she made also reflected this. Now she had progressed to becoming a very accomplished spankee not only on films but also via her one to one service.

Sarah has gone to an inordinate amount of trouble and taken her time to find some of the prettiest girls around for her site and is keen to emphasise that she is not taking girls just from the very narrow spanking community, but because of her empathy with aspiring models she is able to talk to those who may have thought about spanking, much like she did, or those who may never have dreamt that they would ever submit their bottoms to a spanking, paddling or a session with Sara’s cane.

It has been through the sheer hard work and dedication of Sarah that Strand Media have been able to produce some of their most memorable spanking moments. Whilst Rem pays a great attention to all aspects of the filming and the production Sarah made it her business to find the right people to work with them and to fit the scripts, locations and story lines to the girls.

Looking through the catalogue of girls featured on her site, currently over 170 you will see some very well know faces; Pandora Blake, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Ludella Hahan, Wynter Sky, Kami Roberstson, Masie Dee, Clover Rock,  Nimue Allen, Leia Ann Woods, Molly Malone, Aleesha Fox plus loads of other lovely and much respected ladies. You will also find some of the new young beauties she has discovered and who are now well known in the spanking film world; Holly, Shannon, Paris, Scarlet, Katie Didit, Suzanne Smart, Satine Spark, Kiki Dee, Sophie Parker, Bow Jangles, Ashley, Ella Hughes.

One of the hardest things when running any web site is to keep the content fresh and new, never more so than on such a personal and intimate site such as a spanking site. Yes we all love to see our favourite girls featured in as many situations as possible but the life blood of any site is its ability to feature the newest and brightest talent around. Sarah says that maybe being a female running a spanking site the girls take to her more easily, they feel more at home with another girl and especially one who they know understands the way they feel from her own experiences. In any event, she does seem to be able to find the very best new girls around and not just from the spanking community.

We guys always seem to find it hard to find a willing lady to spank, that’s the reason why so many of us have to go to ladies who provide one to one services or use online advertising sites like Spankme. The truth maybe that there are a lot more ladies out there who do like to be spanked but just do not realise that they are not alone or that they can actually mention it to their boyfriends or husbands. Once again, we all fall down in the communications department. The next best thing is to be able to enjoy the amazing fantasy scenes created for us on the web sites, if you fancy something a little different then take a look at Redstripe Films  they feature alongside the great new and sometimes sexy material some of the best classic spanking films. I think it is always a pity that some films can be lost to us forever, the internet does eat up material and so I for one do like to be able to find some of my favourite older films out there. To see the larger pictures please click the thumb nails.

Blog Roundup

Oh dear I am a week behind with my look at the best of British blogs but as they say better late than never. The Bio about Spanking Sarah went down really well and there is more to come this week so don’t go away. Right onto the blogs.


I have to admit that the lady at English Spankers this week is one of my favourites so look at this. Aleesha Fox is at English Spankers this week.  Aleesha Fox is employed by the Sexy Cleaning Company and is supposed to be doing the cleaning house for the company boss Mr Stern. Her cleaning methods fall far short of what is expected and so it is up to Mrs Stern to sort her out, so she calls Mr Stern to come and deal with her.  He decides that a good hard spanking is called for and as she is bent over her bare bottom is exposed beneath the very short maids dress she is wearing. Mr Stern is soon well into spanking this firm and rather delightful bottom and he does have a very hard spank. Aleesha is none to impressed especially when he tells her she is to be paddled as well


Bemby gets her first ever dose of the cane this week at Spanking Sarah and to be honest, I think it may well be her last!  I do love caning people for the very first time.  You can always tell because their bottoms mark  up so fantastically.  Bemby struggled with this caning and I am pretty sure she was relieved when it was over.  This is the continuation of my much needed punishment of young Bemby. She has been telling me lies and you will have noticed her complete lack of remorse whilst I was slippering her. It is time for me to cane her, now she has never been caned before, ever! This will not stop me as I administer a full strength caning to her bottom. I really think that she needed to be taught a hard lesson and once you see this amazing film, another in our Hand Made Films series, you will I am sure agree with me.


I have been trying really hard to get a bit more sex back into Redstripe and this week I do have a very sexy lady playing with her vibrator when she should have been at work. Now we have filmed with Zandia previously and do really love her but she can be a bit annoying sometimes and that’s how it was on this particular day.

Now her husband was helping us to film and even he said that what she needed was a damn good thrashing, just to put her back into her place, well that’s what he said, I could not possibly comment. Well we started filming and she really did start playing up and being more than a little sassy and I cold tell that Mr Stern was at breaking point. So what to do, well he did it, he gave this young lady one hell of a spanking then he took his belt off to her, I have never seen him do that before not even when I have annoyed him. She was really for it now and boy did he give it to her, by the time he had finished her bottom was bright red and there were some tears in her eyes. Now what I wanted to know was, would this make her behave herself? If it were me I know what I would have done, yes, I would have played up some more just to get some more but what would the lovely and naughty Zandia do. Have a look at the full length film on the site where we now have extra Bonus Content for our members, we have special films coming and some very good footage taken behind the scenes and when the filming is over.

Spanking Life

It is always a privilege to talk to and even better to meet with the people behind our favourite films. I know that the popular view has it that they all make vast fortunes and live in mansions in the leafy suburbs, well that was the way I thought it would be, after all, they were catering to a very great need in people and they did have to spend a lot of money making their films, surely the returns would be vast. The reality is not quite that these days, I was able to spend a few hours with those nice folk at Strand Productions, they have been operating for well over 30 years in the adult film business but are now, due to punitive legislation in the UK and a desire for some warm weather based in Spain for the most part although they do have their productions taking place in England as well. This is just a look at the lady who is behind the business and at just how she got to where she is. This is not intended to be an eulogy but more an honest look at a side of the spanking business we do not often get to see.


What makes a perfectly normal, very bright and clever young lady decide that she wants to start out into the complex world of spanking and filming? What is the thought process that takes her outside her usual comfort zone and seek her first  spanking at the hands of a spanking film maker? When does she decide to face her long hidden desires and take a courageous step away from the humdrum world of the mother and home maker and enter a world she had only dreamt about? There is no simple answer to any of these questions and this is a journey that has been started upon by many young ladies and I am sure that all their motivations would be different but at the end is the desire to be spanked. For everyone starting out, taking their first tentative steps into the world of the spank fan the first contact can make or break that dream. It’s important to find the right person to give you that very first spanking. To trust that person enough to let them take down your panties, put you over their knee and give you your first painful spanking. As a spanker we might say, why would someone seriously want to be spanked, why would they want to suffer the pain inflicted by a hard hand a leather paddle or a swishy cane? Well the best thing to do is to look at someone who has taken that journey.

It was a typical English winters day in 2008 when Sarah decided to make her dreams reality and took that path and met up with film maker Remington Steel. She wanted to make spanking films, but more importantly she wanted to experience her first spanking pure and simple, nothing complex and that’s how it started. She wanted to be spanked and she reasoned that if someone is in the business of making spanking films they must know what they are doing and more, there was a better than average chance that they were sane and safe. Remington was more than ready to oblige, he had spoken to Sarah on the phone a couple of times but this was their first meeting. As with most first timers she was a little nervous but as is her style she masked it very well and gave out an air of confidence that maybe she wasn’t feeling.

What to do for the first film, that is always a bit of a dilemma, you don’t want to throw the new spankee in to the deep end but Rems reasoning is that if they want to be spanking models and if they have looked at the large body of spanking work he has undertaken then they will be fully cognisant of what would be expected. Sarah dressed as a naughty schoolgirl for the part she was to play in this her first film, this suited her personality exactly, cheeky, funny and certainly in need of being spanked. I understand there was a slight problem right at the beginning of filming as Sarah is almost six feet tall and Rem is…Well not quite six feet tall! After some laughter from the crew filming commenced. Rem the lucky guy spanked and filmed her. She seemed to enjoy the acting and the spanking and before the day ended they had made three films for his English Spankers web site.

These others called for her to be paddled and then caned, she did exactly what was required of her, seemingly loving every minute, It was not long before their relationship blossomed and they grew together as a couple, first of all  with just the interest in spanking and then they decided to work together in creating Sarah’s own spanking site Spanking Sarah they did not know then that not only was a new spanking star born but they would go on to marry.  To be continued.

Blog roundup

Right I have that off my chest now what’s happening in the real world of the spanking lover and film makers. Well loads it seems so take a few minutes out of your day and read on. Oh, If you have a web site or a blog and want a mention here please send details. It’s free and people really do want to know what you are doing.


I have been told that a spanking on a wet bottom hurts far more than on a dry one.  I must confess, I haven’t ever tried this but judging from the reactions of young Luna in this weeks film, I think it is most probably true.   I did mean to ask her but I was a bit afraid I might get dragged into the shower myself. Luna Rose made her debut at Spanking Sarah a few months ago.  Luna comes from a spanking family so we assumed (wrongly) that she had been spanked before.  When she came along on the day she admitted that it was not only her first time on film, but her first time being spanked ever!  Surprisingly she had tried knife and needle play (if you are like me you are having a little shudder at the thought) but never spanking.  Well, as you can see, she took to spanking rather well.  If I am honest, I don’t think she particularly likes it but do we want our young girls to enjoy their punishments?   Luna thinks she has the house to herself.  She should be at work but decides to take the day off and go and see her boyfriend instead but before she goes she feels a nice hot shower is in order.  She slowly peels off her clothes, jumps into the shower and begins to soap her naked body.  She is enjoying the hot spray so much that she does not notice her Aunt enter the house. Auntie Sarah is far from impressed to find her Niece at home.  Jobs are hard to come by and she knows that if she allows her young charge to get away with not going once then she will do it time and time again.  Luna doesn’t seem to bothered about what she has done wrong,  until Auntie drags her over and starts spanking her in the shower. Not only is this embarrassing but it is very painful for Luna.   She tries to get away but has nowhere to go!  Auntie holds her tight and carries on smacking her bottom.   It is soon really red and sore but the spanking continues.   Luna cannot believe what is happening to her and protests profusely.  She feels she is far to old to be spanked but Auntie disagrees. This film was made with our brand new camera and is part of a series we are calling HAND MADE FILMS which allows us to get right into action and I am sure you are going to love the angles we were able to film.  Take a look at this and many other great spanking films at English Spankers


Another larger lady at RedStripe Films this week.  We met Pixie a few weeks ago when she told us some fascinating details about her spanking life before going over the knee.  I do love these interviews, especially when they feature such ordinary ladies.   I really feel that RedStripe Films is the only site which brings you real girls and women.  I am a larger lady and I am very proud of that fact.  Let us be honest, my bottom is huge, when you smack it it wobbles and it smacks and I know that this appeals to a lot of men.  Of course there will always be those who want to see little tiny girls getting their teeny tiny bums getting smacked and good for you, you can see that almost everywhere on the net.   But if you want to see beautiful bigger or older ladies enjoying spanking then your options are limited.  We will continue to film these sexy ladies. Pixie is very much into the BDSM lifestyle but had never ever filmed before.  Like myself she is proud of her beautiful body and is not afraid to show off her wonderful curves.  She has an absolutely amazing bottom which can take a huge amount of punishment with the leather spanking paddle.  Mr Stern lays it on nice and hard. Pixie takes stroke after painful stroke and soon has a bright red, sore and marked tight firm backside.  A great spanking film.  Take a look at it at RedStripe


I will be in New York when you read this.  Unless of course, you read it days or weeks after it has been posted.  There is then a good chance I will be back home.  I am looking forward to my first trip to the USA.  I know I will miss Mr Stern terribly but I am sure he would rather be at home than traipsing around with our not so little daughter and I ….  We have some serious shopping to do.   This week we welcome Jess back to SpankingSarah.  I love shooting with Jess and try to make sure we arrange something every time she flies back into the Country.   Jess is better known for her bondage modelling.  This is something I have never tried but I have been told that it can be far more painful than spanking! We thought that Jess would look pretty fantastic in a little nurses uniform so decided that she would be perfect to star in our new careworker series.  The girls who come along obviously have no intention of wanting to care for anyone, they just don’t  want their  benefits stopped.   Jess is no exception to this rule.  She thinks that the course will be easy and that she will soon be back sitting at home watching daytime TV.  How wrong could she be? Sister Stern soon dissuades her of this notion.  Before she even gets to open a text book she finds herself over the knee getting her bare bottom smacked!  Jess cannot believe it!  It seems that the paperwork she signed allows Sister Stern to use corporal punishment as a way of ensuring good behaviour. Jess finds it rather embarrassing to be treated like a naughty little girl and is conscious of the fact that anyone could walk in and see her over the knee getting her bum reddened.  Not only is it painful, but humiliating as well. The spanking is prolonged and painful and leaves Jess with a red and sore bum.  Sister Stern instructs her to begin reading the coursework books and to await further instructions.  Take a look at this great film at Spanking Sarah


Lovely to read Sarah’s blog on the new scene featuring Tony – the cross-dresser back for more punishment. Of course site members will recognise Tony as a regular on Sarah Spanks Men. I’m sorry to say I’m not privileged to the nice comments, Emails and suggestions which are fired back to Sarah, but I do know she is hugely appreciative of them all so thank you and please keep them coming, by the way, if you were the person who suggested a doctor should get thoroughly beaten by two sexy nurses, then I thank you. In this series Tony has already had a very hard spanking and paddling in the first scene. This new scene is introduced with Sarah sat on the punishment stool explaining what is about to take place. Her words are very carefully chosen as she describes – Now it’s time for the ultimate punishment, the most fearsome of implements – the cane. Tony is asked if he has anything to say, he reminds Sarah he’s still very sore and can she be gentle. Sarah’s laugh in reply suggests she may have other plans for Tony’s bottom. Sarah boasts there must be a lot of pain with welts and a very sore bottom for Tony to take home with him in order to get the message across, he cannot take his wife’s undergarments in the future. Tony is bent over the spanking bench. Sarah lifts his lingerie, or should I say his wife’s lingerie and it’s very obvious Tony is still very sore and marked from his earlier spanking and paddling. The caning that follows is just wonderful, hard, precise, prolonged, beautifully delivered, Tony is shaking bent over the stool enjoying his punishment with some deliberately low aimed strokes announced by Sarah to be delivered on the upper thighs, now these really do sting a lot and a great deal of stokes are delivered in quick succession giving Tony no recovery time in-between, you can hear him at times struggling to get through these wonderful cane strokes. I luv the way Sarah turns to the camera at the end asking if she thinks Tony has learnt his lesson, she’s certain he’ll be back for more, which I know is a definite, I mean, who can blame him !! A word of warning from Sarah is that, if Tony should return, his next bout of punishment will be with stinging nettles !! I must add Sarah looks absolutely stunning as ever, enjoying herself as she usually does punishing male bottoms which I know is one of her favourite pleasures. This is a wonderful scene, a gorgeous hard caning, delivered by a beautiful lady Domme.

Advertising madness

Don’t worry, My blog roundup will follow this rant.

I sometimes think I must live in a different universe to those around me, how does the man in the street cope with the idiots who seem to be around these days wasting the time of serious people who want to do things on line.

I have some film equipment I want to sell so where to advertise it? Yes never having done this sort of thing before I chose Gumtree which it turns out is an offshoot of PayPal and EBay. So, I placed my adverts and set about waiting for the money to come to me. Oh what a poor initiated fool I am. I assumed that perfectly normal humans would see my advert, maybe ask a question or two and then send me a load of wonger… WRONG

The first taste of what was to come was a very earnest young man who wanted full details of the camera, well that is quite reasonable so I gave him what he wanted, he then wanted a discussion as to whether it would be OK for him in his business of making wedding films, perfect I said. He then wanted to explain just how he has to position himself and the camera to get the bride as she walks down whatever it is they walk down and would she be in focus when she got there. I told him exactly how to achieve this and then he wanted to know what sort of mike he would need , so I pointed him in the direction of my other advert for a mike, just what the doctor ordered. At the end of 65 mins I had to call a halt as I did have other things to d, slit my wrist being high on the agenda. Off he went with a promise to call me back. He did. This time he wanted to know if it would be OK for him to make live video recordings at his local amateur music society concerts, perfect I said. Then we got onto the sound, what sort of mike would he want, I pointed him towards…Yes you know.

Then he started out and told me all about the problems he gets when recording these concerts as the sound guy will not give him a live feed from the mixing desk, I really don’t blame him as by this time we were well into another hour.

Call me a bit slow and an idiot, I deserve it but as you will no doubt have realised that was the last I heard from him.

Later that day I get an email from someone who definitely wants the camera, he will transfer the money plus £100 to my PayPal account so that I may post the item he wants to his brother who is looking forward to receiving it as a surprise birthday present. OK, I am not up on all the internet scams but I did see that all may not be well when I got an email from PayPal telling me that the money had been deposited and that it would not show up in my account until I had posted the article and sent them the proof of posting and tracking details. I always thought that the people at PayPal could write grammatical English but this and subsequent emails promising dire consequences if I did not dispatch the goods at once, without delay and ROGHT NOW confirmed my worst thoughts that maybe someone was trying to scam me. Well I had already worked that out as soon as I read the address I was to post to, it was in Nigeria! So far I have had 12 emails from the scammer and about the same from ‘PayPal’, Oh dear will I never sell  my kit.

Hooray, at last a bit of sense, an sms message from Alice, (who she)? are the articles still for sale, if so can I reply to her e-mail address, yes I can and that is the last we hear from Alice. I know, I will message her and ask if she is still well and has not been struck down by some nasty ailment but no luck there, my sms is not delivered. How do they do it? Why do they do it? What is the object of this last little escapade? It used to be so easy to sell things, an advert in the exchange and mart and a week later you would get replies from real people who did want your goods. Have we brought this on ourselves, is it that people get brave because they can hide behind the anonymity of an email address or are there just more arseholes and idiots around, if so why are they all reading my adverts?

More to come but about spanking. Bah!

Stories from the blogs

Another week and another great crop of films to bring to you. I am particularly struck by the new Hand Made Films series, there is a film on English Spankers this week featuring Jess & Tony. This is a style of filming that was made popular in the sex film industry quite a few years ago, it is an off shoot of what they term ‘GONZO’ and done properly, as it is here it should take the viewer right into the action. The cutting and camera angel changes are kept to the absolute minimum and you just let the protagonists get on with giving a good performance. I have to say, this style is not for everyone, if you like to see a well cut and put together film then you may find the immediacy of this style a little irritating but I think that for certain spanking stories it does work really well. So, take a look at the blog reviews below and give the sites a visit.


We are well known at bringing you brand spanking new girls here at English Spankers but we thought you may want a break from seeing Mr and Mrs Stern smack them. I know they are both rather good Disciplinarians but a change every now and then cannot be a bad thing. Tony is a submissive guy and he has made quite a lot of films for SarahSpanksMen. He has on occasion admitting that he would like to try being the Spanker instead of the spanked so Sarah asked him to come along to their latest shoot with Jess.We obviously checked with Jess if she was ok with a relative newbie giving her a spanking, the lovely girl agreed straight away! I think poor Tony was more nervous than Jess. Jess is better known for her work as a bondage model but always comes along for a shoot with us when she is in the UK. We thought that it would be good to keep the storyline to the point. Jess comes along to see Tony as a spankee and goes over his knee for a good smacked bum. Jess looked rather lovely in her Japanese Maids outfit and I think Tony could not believe his luck! What a wonderful way to try spanking with a gorgeous spanking model at your disposal. I am sure many men would jump at the chance to spank this beautiful young lady. Tony soon has Jess over the knee for the spanking to begin. Now, this may have been the first time Tony had ever spanked anybody but he has certainly had quite a lot of experience of receiving and I am sure that this helped him be able to deliver a real hard hand spanking. Jess has wonderfully pale skin which was soon glowing like a beacon! Tony has a hard and heavy hand and he made sure he put it to good use. He certainly took Jess by surprise. A hot sore bottom for Jess. Members will notice that this film has been filmed in a different way to usual and that we have been able to get right into the action. We call it our Hand Made Films and we have new cameras which allow us to get into places a standard camera never could. Take a look at this and hundreds of other great spanking films at English Spankers


A great film starring Ella Hughes for you this week. This young lady has made quite an impression on the spanking and modelling world in quite a short space of time and I must confess to feeling very honoured to have been able to make so many fantastic films with her. She now alas cannot make films which leave her marked as she has so many other modelling commitments so she can no longer shoot with us. You may see the lovely Ella and other Spank Houses but you will never see her taking the type of punishments she loved to take at my hand. Ella has had a party and I have come home to find mess all over the house, the alcohol missing and a man in her bed! As you can imagine, I am far from impressed. I decide that if this silly girl wants to act like a child then she should be dressed like one for some punishment. A humiliated Ella is forced to strip and put on a school tunic before taking a trip over my knee. She is rather reluctant to tell the truth but those of you who have ever had the misfortune of being punished by me know that I always ensure that the full facts of any situation are given. Ella may think that she can pull the wool over my eyes but she is most sadly mistaken! She is going to get one of the hardest hand spankings of her young life. I do believe that a spanking should be conducted on the bare bottom so it does not take me long to lift up that tunic and pull down her knickers. I ensure that each and every part of her bottom gets spanked and I also make sure that the sensitive tops of her thighs get the same treatment. The poor girl is soon writhing around in pain but must be taught her lesson. My hand is quite a formidable implement when used at full force and I do not show this naughty girl any mercy. It does not take long for her to be very marked and sore but the punishment continues. Ella is soon telling the truth and is rather sorry for her silly actions. Take a look at the full film at Spanking Sarah


Another lovely BBW housewife for you this week at RedStripe Films. We know that beautiful comes in all shapes, ages and sizes and we know that many of our members really appreciate the fact that we do not employ stick thin spanking models to be in our fantastic films. A while back Tony came along to see Mr Stern to get some tips about how to discipline his Wife. Grace had not been behaving very well, the house was a mess, she was overspending on credit cards and sometimes she could not even be bothered to get out of bed in the morning. Her hard working Husband loved her but could not continue with the marriage without change so as a final act of desperation he had turned to Mr Stern. Mr Stern spoke to the couple and soon realised that Grace desperately needed to be taken in hand and that she really wanted to change her slovenly ways. She agreed to be disciplined and Mr Stern showed Tony how to spank and paddle his Wife. This week we come across Grace giving herself some much needed punishment. She knows that the pain helps focus her mind and that she needs to feel the sting of the wooden paddle. What is surprising is exactly where Grace is applying it. Grace is using the paddle to punish herself on her breasts! She applies it harshly and shows herself no mercy. This area is incredibly sensitive and I don’t know many women who would endure such a punishment, especially not when it is self inflicted! Not content with beating her tits, she also hits her ample bottom with the wooden paddle as well. As you can imagine, Tony is somewhat surprised when he sees what his Wife is doing to herself. when he questions it she tells him that she feels the need to be punished and asks him to continue! Aside from some reservations, Tony takes over and uses the paddle on both her big boobs and also her big bare bottom. An unusual domestic discipline film. To see this in full then visit RedStripe Films


There is a saying “When the Cat is away the Mouse will play” and I am sure that this is very true. But what happens when the cat is injured? The same. Now, I am not saying that Amanda is a cat nor James a mouse but when she recently hurt her hand and could not punish her Husband we certainly saw a decline in his behaviour! James is a nice man. A mild mannered one, a good father and a good provider. We are not suggesting for one moment that he drinks, gambles or abuses his Wife in anyway but he has started to be less considerate since she has found herself unable to keep on top of discipline. It has been little things like not offering to wash up, moaning about the noise the kids are making whilst he is watching TV and just really being less tolerant and not very helpful. Amanda has been really dismayed by this decline so felt that a further visit to me must be called for. James knew very well why he was sent but he still tried to justify his poor behaviour. All his excuses fell onto deaf ears. We both knew that he was missing the regular punishment sessions that he normally got at home and that this is why his attitude and general demeanour had altered. It was time to put James back in his place. I didn’t feel that his behaviour should be allowed to go unchecked and I certainly did not want to waste my time putting him over my knee for a spanking. A severe beating was long overdue and so I made sure that James got it! He was punished with a heavy wooden paddle and various nasty straps which I am sure will soon have this wayward Hubby changing his ways! I will leave Kodders to give a full review on this film. But will tell you that James was left knowing that if his behaviour did not improve rather quickly that there would be far worse to come. Take a look at this film at Sarah Spanks Men

A selection from some British blogs

I was just looking round the blogosphere and have chosen to illustrate a few different posts. I like these because they have loads of pictures and are interesting. If you have a blog and you want me to illustrate it here then please get in touch. The first post is the blog for one of the longest established of the English spanking sites and I think one of the most diverse. English Spankers features a very wide range of films covering all styles from the school time theme through to maids and nurses being spanked and just plain good looking housewives who come along because they just love spanking.

Here is the blog posted today

How can you ever know whether or not you like something? Only by trying it. Life is full of things we think we want to do but sometimes the fantasy does not live up to the reality. Lexi is a glamour model. She loves to shoot and has had a rather successful career but she had always wondered just what a spanking would feel like. She came along to see Mr and Mrs Stern as she was recommended by one of her friends who had tried spanking and rather liked it. Lexi was told that Sarah was one of the hardest spankers in the industry but also one of the safest. Lexi was told that she could make up to four films on her first day. The very first is always a hand spanking and then if she decided to continue then she could try the paddle, the strap and eventually the cane. Some girls manage all of these implements on their first shoot but it takes some a few shoots to pluck up the courage to be caned. Poor Lexi found a hand spanking to be too hard for her so only made the one film. To be honest, unless she films with some of the Producers who cup their hands or pretend to spank it is doubtful that she will ever make another spanking movie. Go to English Spankers to see Lexi struggle as each and every hard spank lands on her beautiful pert bottom. It is such a pity that she did not like it as she has a fantastic bum which is soon bright red and sore. 

Spanking Sarah features in lots of blogs and films these days, she is certainly one of the hardest working spanking site owners around and although she does not get many spankings herself these days she sure does give out some good ones. As well as giving some good spankings she also seems to come up with some of the very newest ladies, ones that I have never seen spanked before. This is her blog for this week. Mr Stern is another year older and we are both considerably poorer! We went to France for the weekend. We had rather a lovely time and the weather was really good to us. I am so pleased that at last the days are getting lighter and we have once more got some sunshine. The winter months do seem to drain me. Another fantastic film for you this week with one of my favourite spankees. I will let you into a secret, I love most of the spankees we film with so I do have quite a few favourites! But I do have quite a soft spot for Bonnie May. She made her spanking debut with us some months back and has done several shoots since. I also know that she is a favourite of many of our members too. In this film Bonnie May plays my errant step child. She has already had a spanking for trying to sell off my prize antiques. I had left her standing by the fireplace with her red bottom bared and that is exactly where I expected to find her upon my return. Imagine my surprise when I hear her on the telephone to one of her friends calling me lots of nasty names! You really would have thought that the spanking would have taught her a lesson wouldn’t you? As she hasn’t I decide that tougher measures are called for. As a bare bottom spanking has not had the desired effect I feel that a good hard beating with the spanking paddle is in order. Bonnie really does not want this and apologises profusely for her bad behaviour. It is however to no avail, she is going to get the hardest paddling of her young life. I decide not to bother spanking her over her knickers and jeans and instruct her to strip. Bonnie really cannot believe what is happening to her. She reluctantly takes off her clothes and stands with her hands on the mantle piece. Bonnie is given a good hard bare bottom paddling which leaves her very marked and sore. A sorry girl indeed. Take a look at this and many other great films at my SpankingSarah website

RedstripeFilms is run by a big bottomed lady called Sandy and once again she does not seem to be making as many spanking films as she used to and that is a real pity. This lady is a real housewife who just loves to be spanked and caned and has the perfect bottom for it. Her site is a real mixture of things, mostly more mature ladies but also a good selection of larger ladies and in very domestic situations. She also has a great range of films in her Spanking Mansion section, these are very different and I love to see them, they alone are worth joining this great site for. Her latest film is another classic film. She is now brining out films from way back published by other spanking sites and  she is making some amazing choices. This is her blog for this week. This week I have another real classic film for you, these are proving to be so popular, all made when the object of making a spanking film was to show good hard spankings onto the bottoms of very naughty young ladies. These days so many sites seem to want to turn the spankings into close up porno films, holding girls open and sticking things inside them. Not for me. When I have sex on my site it is real sex, I see no reason why there should not be sex and spanking together but not just cheap and nasty “bum hole” displays which no one in the spanking scene wants to see anyway. Now back to my film, this features the lovely Shanelle, one of our very best ever spanking models and she is with a lady who only made a very few spanking films but all of them very memorable, her name was Bettina. In this film they have been offered parts in an amateur play and the director has sent them the costumes. They decide to try on the very sexy dresses and underwear and he catches them as they are working their way through a bottle of wine. He decides they need to be punished and so gets them to spank each other. Now this gives us a great show of these lovely undies, long stockings and frilly knickers with real old fashioned suspender belts but there is also some damn good spanking action. I particularly like the way Bettina’s bottom quickly turns a lovely shade of red. So, this is a real classic film, there is a second but very different part to this film which will come maybe next week but you should see this one first and it’s out now at Redstripe Films 

Ouch that hurts!


Ouch that hurts!

I know it does, what you say, Sarah spanking  men is the answer. Now I know that young lady can really spank and now she has quite a new site and a new venture for her. Sarah Spanks Men is a smart looking, attractive site, well laid out with loads of films of Sarah getting laid into the bare bottoms of lots of naughty guys.

I am really keen on this site as she has not been tempted to go down the dark road towards BDSM and has kept to what she does best the “domestic Discipline situation”.  The site was started last year and there is a new video update every week and a new picture set every week. All the films are full length, I am pleased to see this, I am not a big fan of those sites who load two or three min clips every day. If I want to watch a film I do like to see the whole thing at once. There is also some bonus content on the site, some POV clips which I found very erotic and now, starting this week a new style of filming she calls Hand Held Films.

In truth it is a lot more than that and I went to have a look at a filming session taking place today. It looks easy, a very special little camera, very high quality but used in such a way that you really do get all the essence of the extremely hard paddling and caning action taking place. There was no lighting apart from that coming in through the widows and no rehearsal or script of any sort, this allows the camera to capture all the action and from some very unusual angles. I have yet to see the film edited, I will I suppose have to wait for that. There is a hand held film out this week so I will be taking a look at that one.

I love to see spanking in whatever form and I just think the more realism you can get into the production the better. Editing of films so that you have nice clean cuts from shot to shot is of course the usual way of doing things and for most films this will undoubtedly be the best method to use. If the subject calls for something a little different it’s really good to know that now it can be found.

I notice that with this site as with her main site Spanking Sarah, she has removed all the free clips from the front of the site. This she tells me is to protect those who may not be old enough to watch the very adult content she supplies and to make it as legal as she can in all areas. I for one don’t mind this, the internet is packed with free content for those who want it. I don’t mind paying the very modest fee it costs to join Sarah Spanks Men I understand that Sarah does have a blog connected with this site which will hopefully give you more news about just what is going on there. You can find the blog here.

A happy spanking Christmas

Free film at spanking sarahWith the world of British spanking in a bit of a turmoil at the moment I don’t know how some of the English spanking film producers can be having a very good Christmas. I will not go into it all here, if you want more info on that and want to help the situation then take a look at spanking news as this is just a short post to say it’s always nice when we get something for nothing. That’s what we get this week from spankingsarah A lovely full length film and it is FREE. It features the lovely Imogen D’Arcy and the ever spanking London Tanner. It is free for a limited time so you best get along there and download it while you can.

There is also a FREE FILM at sarah spanks men this one I really do recommend if you like to see what happens when you wish for something without thinking. Ouch! Have a good one And lets hope the forces of evil do not triumph and we as British people manage to retain the freedom to see and do just what we want among our consenting selves.

What does the spanking world want

It’s been just one of those weeks in our spanking world. No shoots on the agenda so lets get on and do some serious editing, maybe get a bit artistic, some slow mo, some fuzzy blurred images in soft lighting…But then again, this is spanking and we are not making 90 min movies so do people really want to see some of the things that can be done with the advanced technology these days. On our web sites we already try to have good quality story lines and to have some long running series featuring the very best of our British spanking models, and a couple of really great American ones, we take time and trouble with our lighting and sound and as any of the girls and guys who have worked with us will attest to we really do like to do the very best job we can with the money that is available for productions in these very straightened days. So, at the end what do you as the customer, the lover of spankings and discipline want to see. We have spankings and CP of all types and shades of severity, we have uniforms and sexy costumes from vicars and nuns to maids and police ladies. we have continuing soaps and almost every week new models and a variety of locations to film in. Have a look at the pictures below, these are just some of the new models we have featured this year.

Yes some great girls there and you can se them at our English Spankers site and at Redstripe Films and at Spanking Sarah

The Spanking Mansion

I want to take a look at Redstripe Films, this is a very well established site, I think it was the first British site to feature sex and spanking together and now they have made another new venture.

The Spanking Mansion is a site within Redstripe Films, as a member you get free access to it and I have found it quite interesting. Whereas Redstripe tends to concentrate on the spanking and CP scene as we know it The Mansion features some much more edgy subjects. It is not quite a BDSM scene they have going there but it does look more that way with some restrictions, some light bondage, the use of implements we don’t associate with the purest CP scene and some very naughty and dark story lines. The first story was written by the lady who features in it the lovely Suzanne Smart. Quite new in the business she has kept a pretty low profile, not doing a lot of films and keeping within the same group of sites to make all her films. Suzanne is slightly more mature than the run of models but has a glorious body and a bottom that just cry’s out to be punished.

In the film series she made for the mansion she does get the whole range of punishment’s when she comes on a journey of exploration, a journey she did not want to make but into which she was thrust. The scenes range from spanking and very hard strapping ands paddling through to breast punishment and naked whipping. I really enjoyed the whole series and these are a few stills from the various episodes.

I will take a look at the next story in my next post but you can check out this one at Redstripe Films

Spanking Sarah and her girls

I wanted to take a look at some of the lovely ladies around at the moment and where better to look than at Spanking Sarah. This lovely lady seems to find some of the very newest and the best girls around, not only that she has carefully worked her way through the very best of the established spanking models.

I do know that lots of the new girls Sarah shoots are not real spanking models in the way we think of them, they are for the most part just ordinary girls who have this urge to be spanked or girls who are sometimes in relationships where their partners have no interest in spanking but have a wish to be spanked or sometimes models who want to venture into the spanking scene. They get no easy ride with Sarah, first timers or established spankees they all get a real good hard meaningful spanking and caning. Sarah now runs other sites and is bringing her own special magic to them, I know that for her own site she is most demanding, not only with the girls but the stories and scripts have to be meaningful and have a stat, middle and end, yes I know that most of us just rush to the stat of the spanking but do take time to get into the story line a bit, it’s well worth it.


Just for your pleasure I have pictured just a few of the girls who worked with Sarah over the last few months, see how many you recognise, they will have appeared on either English Spankers, Redstripe Films or Spanking Sarah

It’s been a long time

Yes a long time since I had the time to blog a bit so I had better make a start. There have been so many things happening in the world of spanking over this last year, the main thing has been the demise of lots of good web sites and even more of loads of blogs and other sales medium.

Most web site owners encourage affiliates to their sites, this is someone who maybe has a dedicated site or someone who just wants to blog about the new videos and web sites that have caught their eye. In return for this they can signup to the web sites affiliate program and get a percentage of whatever their efforts  earn the site. In some instances  this can be as much as 50% of the membership sign up price so, you see it can be quite a good way to earn a bit of extra money whilst doing something you like, namely looking at spanking movies. Most web site owners who are on the ball will through their program provide you with pictures and video clips to be used to illustrate whatever  you may be writing about their product. Take a look when next you visit a site, there is usually a link somewhere or if you are interested in doing a bit of blogging then contact the individual site owners.

Lets now take a look at what’s around this week and I want to start with AAA spanking. I really like this site, it’s innovative and the spanking action is always good and the girls are amazing. I am sometimes not too convinced by the spanking but, that’s just a matter of whatever turns you on.

I have picked two updates and this is what the site say about them. The first features the ever popular Kami Robertson, my she is growing up now, I remember her when she looked just old enough to drink strong spirits! Thankfully the one thing that has not changes is her spankable bottom and in this film she does get a real good spanking and a dose of the strap.

“Kami Robertson has let down her school & the Girl Guide troupe that she belonged to by cheating in the final of the Annual Inter Schools & Guide 100m Race.    She had placed dried peas inside her fiercest competitor’s shoes to ensure that the other girl wouldn’t beat her & the 1st prize she had earnt was undeserved.   In a private meeting between Mr Osborne & Kami, only he knew what she had done from  the CCTV footage he had viewed which he had not disclosed to any third party! She accepted his offer to  punish her privately to avoid embarrassing the school & the Girl Guide troupe if this was ever to come out! He spanked her bare bottom then used a stinging leather strap before finally using the dreaded, nasty bath brush on her sore burning  bottom whilst she was still in her Guides uniform!  Enjoy this movie with  Kami, who wanted to be punished in our famous girl guide uniform to fulfil a dark fantasy of hers, making an addictive  punishment film for you to view! Fans of Miss Robertson & those seeing naughty madams spanked in Girl Guide uniforms will enjoy this very much”!  
The second sequence features Aleesha Fox and Zoe Page, now I love to see Allesha in her dome roll, but in this film she gets a real good slippering, here’s what they say about it :
Aleesha Fox didn’t care where she could find some peace and quiet, even if it was in someone else’s private garden. Zoe Page took offence to this trespasser on her propertyandAleesha’s rude replies earned her a spanking that this obnoxious young madame should have had years ago! Zoe took her over her lap and gave arrogant Aleesha a humiliatin bare bottom spanking to teach her some manners as well as using a nasty stinging slipper & leather strap across this impertinent madame’s sore bottom! Zoe played a delightfully bonkers and unhinged individual that you just would not want to come across if you were caught trespassing on her property… too bad Aleesha found out the hard way but it is fantastic for us to watch!  To see the free clips for these films just get along to AAASpanking

My Girls of the year. Oh there could be so many!

I have just taken a trawl through loads of spanking sites, sad I know and I should really get out more but the exercise was not without reason. I was looking at some of the great girls and some of the stories they were involved in. I was particularly looking at the different acting abilities of the ladies and had quite a surprise. Now call me biased but I found that the English girls were, in my humble opinion much more believable and seemed to be much more into the scene than some of their counterparts from other countries. I got to wondering why this is, spanking is a particularly English thing, something we gave to the rest of the world and it was free! That however did not explain just why our girls were that much more believable in their rolls and seem to play the parts quite naturally. Having over the years been on many hundreds of spanking shoots I can say that most of them, with very few exceptions start out without a script and sometimes with little idea what  the film will be about. Someone says Oh how about this and this idea, it’s agreed and everyone runs with it. The girls just make it up as they go along, improvise and play off each other in a manner any trained actress would be proud of. Quite a talent but where does it come from? I can only think it’s from inside the girls, from the enjoyment they get from their work. Most of the girls in the UK in the spanking film business are also into spanking as a life style, not all though. It maybe this involvement that gives them the roll play ability with the result that what hey are doing looks so believable. Yes I know that some will say that they just fgast forward through all the intro and story setting and only watch when the action starts but even these good folk I am sure at a later stage do go back and look at the films in there entirety. So, who are my top actresses?


Well, I don’t want to put the two most obvious at the top of this list. Pandora Blake and Amelia Jane Rutherford just stand out and I have written about them before and intend to, in more detail later. I want to give my vote to two of the nicest and most charming and obliging ladies I have met in this business, Aleesha Fox and Molly Malone. I have been on a number of shoots with these two ladies and I am always astounded by their professionalism. Not only are they real lookers and sexy before they even get spanked but they can carry a story, they act the part whatever it may be, they give everything and they do take a real hard whacking, which is a great part of what these films are all about. I want to look at two stories particularly, the first featured on Spanking Sarah and was about two nurses and their adventures at the school of nursing, this is what Sarah said about the films: Part 1 Serious goings on at the school of nursing run by Doctor  Bright. Pills and potions have gone missing and Sarah needs to get to the  bottom of things. She goes about this in her customary forthright way, tell me  who is doing it or I will thrash you both! Neither girl owns up and  so out come the very heaviest tools in Sarah’s armoury, nasty plastic rulers  and heavy leather paddles. The girls are bent over and in turn they are spanked  and paddled hard, whack after whack but they do not own up. Part 2  Molly Malone  turns on Aleesha and is determined to make her admit she stole some pills from  the dispensary. She bares Aleeshas bottom and sets about beating the truth out  of her with a number of very hasty implements. A wicked ruler and wooden backed  clothes brush amongst them. Some lovely shots close up and very sexy undies worn by Molly make this a hard hitting film in more ways than one. Oh, Sarah discovers what is going on! Part 3 At last the truth emerges. As Dr. Sarah Bright makes to cane  nurse Malone, Nurse Allesha confesses, to save her friend from a terrible  punishment. She in turn must bend over the bench to take a caning but this is  to be administered by Nurse Malone. She lifts the cane and starts what is maybe  the hardest caning she has ever administered, it leaves Nurses Foxe’s bottom  bruised and marked, she is shown no mercy and asks for none as stroke after stroke ads to her pain. Now these are three exceptional films and the two girls, aided by Sarah give a magnificent performance and take some real hard and prolonged beatings. Take a look at the clips on Sarah’s Site and I know you will agree.

. The next two films I want to highlight featuring these two lovely spankees are on Redstripe Films and are a part of their Strapped For Cash series. Part 1 Aleesha is the representative from Strapped For Cash, the  loan company.  Molly has sold her husband’s TV to pay off a gambling debt and  needs money to replace it. Aleesha can help but  first Molly has to take a real long hard beating with a long leather strap.  Stretched out on the dining table her  bare bottom is soon quivering under the relentless strapping she is receiving. Part 2 Molly Malone has borrowed money from the Strapped for cash  loan company and has not paid it back. Aleesha pays her a visit and  is determined to teach Molly a lesson she will not forget. No one takes  advantage of her good nature. Molly has to strip down to her undies and get  onto the table. There she is subjected to a very hard caning on her  well presented bare bottom. Great film of these two amazing ladies and you can see the trails at Redstripe Films  . Before I close this article I want to make reference to another lady who has knocked my socks off, she is I know she won’t mind me saying a little older than some of the ladies out there and is very new to the business. She has made a number of films but I particularly like her in the Unladylike Manor series run by Sarah on her site. There were over 20 episodes of this spanking soap, I just loved it and if you have not already watched it I suggest you join Sarah’s site just to watch this series if nothing else. Anyway, the lady I refer to is Suzanne Smart, she is simply adorable, lovely and so very sexy and so very much in need of a good hard spanking. I do know that she got into film making through Sarah and because she always new that she was meant to be spanked and punished and takes tremendous enjoyment from this. She also appeared in the very first episodes of the Spanking Mansion series of films over at Redstripe and let me tell you, these are extremely hard and right to the point films. Suzanne’s acting and roll play was first class and the punishment she took has to be seen. I hope to have an interview with her very soon so please do go and take a look at this very lovely lady. .

Mia joins the Sexy Cleaning Company

Well the summer is over, I am not sure if that is official but that’s just the way it seems. The pretty girls have changed from their lovely shorts and skirts back to thick blue denims, not sexy! OK that’s sexist but what the hell! The guy in the supermarket has a cold and was sneezing all over my cream cakes and a dog pissed on my leg.  So no more fun and frolics, no more sitting outside in the evening drinking a bottle of cold wine with my loved one and no more nice spanking sessions with said loved one in the local woods. They tell me it will soon be Christmas so I am going to pack a suitcase and go off somewhere hot till it’s all over. I think it is just a sign of getting older that the years seem to have three Christmases in them, that’s how it feels as they come round faster than the big wheel on Brighton sea front.

Talking about woods, have you noticed that whenever you go to the woods for a bit of sexy play you get there and it’s quiet, all you hear are the birds singing and some demented youth screaming around in the background on an out of tune mote cycle. You get out the car and after some trouble and tripping over hidden branches and falling down rabbit holes you find a nice spot where  loved one can be bent over a suitable tree trunk, you remove belt from trousers, and then you look around and half your local town has decided it is a great idea to take a perfectly innocent walk in the woods, their path just happens to take them through the brambles and obstacles you had to navigate to get to this hidden place and they seem to have an inordinate interest in ornithology. EXCEPT THEY DON’T. These pests are doggers, yes we have all suffered from them but I think I have a special transmitter on my car which tells the whole damn lot of them that I am going down to the woods.
What do you do? Carry on regardless and give that beautiful bottom the belting it so badly wants and deserves, tell them to fuck off or just pack up and go home. Just one of the dilemmas of modern life.

Anyway, that’s life at the moment so I had best get down to looking at a few web sites and take my mind off that bottom I so nearly got to whack.

At English Spankers The sexy cleaning company is really happy to extend the hand of friendship to a beautiful Russian lady, well they do extend a hand to one named Mia who is it seems the latest young beauty to join their great team of cleaners. She needs a job and what better than showing off her assets for the redoubtable Mr Stern and bending over as instructed. She knows the rules of the company and it is not long before she is bent over being spanked on her delectable bottom, a good,strong big bottom and it is made to take a real hard spanking and as you know at English Spankers they do dish out a good spanking. 

English Spankers

You may have gathered that I am not that enamoured by most of the American spanking sites, I always feel they just have not understood what it is all about and rarely manage to get it just right. Now I am not saying that is all of them but I do get a bit frustrated watching the films, but then I have to say they do find some pretty impressive ladies to feature. It was a surprise to find one of the prettiest American girls I have so far encountered in the spanking scene. Her name is Ludella Hahn and what a cracker she is. From her bio you will see she is not really a spanking model so how Spanking Sarah ever got her to star in some hard spanking films I will never know. Not only is she in the films but she does take a real spanking, yes, those of you who follow Sarah will know that when she spanks a young lady she does stay well spanked. In this film Ludella is a schoolgirl studying in the UK and has been spanked at school. She calls her Mom in the states who is none too sympathetic and when speaking to Sarah agrees that she should be spanked some more.

She is soon over Sarah’s knee being spanked first off on her panties and then on that beautiful bottom. It is a good long and hard spanking and I don’t know if Ludella was acting but those  screams seemed very real to me. The lovely bottom is soon turned a real rosy red and I for one was convinced that I need to see more of this girl. Knowing Sarah there will be more to come so I will keep watching. There is a great free clip right here 

Spanking Sarah

I have not been able to get many pictures for what is one of my favourite spanking site AAAspanking but I have taken the liberty of just lifting a couple of pictures from the current crop of uploads. Like wise I have taken the text description, well I don’t have a pass to the site so it’s the best I can do at the moment.

A good dose of the tawseOK the first film: This was a  short sharp shock spanking film with a kinky twist & hard tearful strappings. The girls thought it would be fun to embarrass John in his hotel suite  by showing off their delectable spanked butts from a previous film to  everyone below sunning themselves innocently by the pool,  flashing their asses to those who happened to look up at that window!  They hadn’t thought about the fact that this could be construed as public indecency or worse so when John caught them messing around he made sure they would get something to show for their troubles if that was how they wanted to behave! The girls were placed in awkward & embarrassing spanking positions under & over each other then each naughty madam was given the dreaded 3 tailed leather strap.  Joey found this rather hard to take as her tears welled up as she bravely took her punishment! Join in the fun, mayhem & spirit of what it’s sometimes like to film at a Spanking Party event… tears & shame turn to smiles & laughter again by the end… & some continued naughty flashing to Joe Public of their freshly tanned behinds!
OTK spanking at aaaspankingThe second film: Jenna & Taylor have been employed on a very generous contract as cleaners for an eccentric recluse, Mr Jackson, who pays them way over the odds as maids to do all the menial housework chores. However, there is a drawback to being so well paid for such easy work… if he is ever displeased with their cleaning  he has the right to “punish” them as he sees fit… the girls are quite worldly wise & well aware of his eccentricities & kinky nature so accept his spanking punishments as part of their job without question. Join us as we see yet another day in which these 2 lazy & rather naughty girls are caught out yet again & given a more humiliating spanking, this time in front of each other for the 1st time! Mr Jackson has his hands full with these 2 naughty maids, but we somehow don’t think he minds that much… do you? OTK lovers will enjoy this double girl M/F/F punishment film at AAASpanking